Ashen Falls

Developer: Lost at Sea
Release date: the project is put on hold
Platform: PC
Official site:
Links: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Ashen Falls is a psychological survival horror game set in the deserted industrial town of Ashen Falls. A group of urban explorers descend to explore the area, only to find it is not as abandoned as they once thought.

You play as Lucy "Haze" Williams, the game's main protagonist. It's been more than a year after she lost her girlfriend in a fire and is taking the first steps to continue life without her. Lucy feels that a part of herself died in that fire, she struggles with her own identity and place in the world. In an attempt to leave her comfort zone and follow her passion for photography she embarks on a trip with a group of urban explorers to Ashen Falls.

Drawing inspiration from games like the early Silent Hill series and motion picture settings such as Twin Peaks, Ashen Falls is going to be a 3rd person survival horror game that concentrates on storytelling, atmosphere and strong cinematic direction.