Silent Hill 2: The Movie

Release date: 2010.09.04
Runtime: 1:34:11 (Director's Cut)
Website: Silent Hill Media
Created by: Fungo
Cover & posters: Julian Fisch

Silent Hill 2: The Movie is an edit of the second game into a feature length movie (about 94 minutes) produced by Fungo (Silent Hill Media).

"I've heard many people are actually too scared to pick up the controller to finish the videogame, but are also very intrigued with the story, also, some people love the story, but would rather sit back with a bowl of popcorn than a game controller from time to time. This film is for anyone to watch and enjoy, so now you can finally show your friends and family Silent Hill 2 without worry of them losing interest because of long loading screens, messy battles, or unfortunate deaths."


Download the movie in both SD and HD from Silent Hill Media
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