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Alchemilla Hospital (formerly Valtiel's Silent Hill Site) (ENG)
Silent Hill site that covers the entire series including a large section dedicated to game hacking and modding.
Letter from Silent Heaven (ENG)
Very comprehensive site dedicated to Silent Hill 2.
Silent Hill Collection (ENG)
Whitney's site about her Silent Hill merchandise collection.
Silent Hill Historical Society (formerly Always on My Mind) (ENG)
Started as a Silent Hill: Shattered Memories fan site, it now also covers a new Silent Hill game.
Ratio's Silent Hill Collection (ENG)
Extensive Silent Hill 2 merchandise collection of John aka Ratiocinator.


Alternate Silent Hill (RUS)
Steam group.
Darkness Town (RUS)
Silent Hill fan site for mobile phones.
Inner Fear (ENG)
Silent Hill blog.
Lost Releases (ENG)
Information about Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Dino Crisis products.
My Silent Hill (ENG)
General Silent Hill fan site with constant updates.
Nightmarish Dream (RUS)
Russian Silent Hill fan site covering the entire series.
Rely on Horror (ENG)
Site dedicated to thriller and survival horror video games offering latest news, reviews and articles.
Shezi's Collection (ENG)
Silent Hill and Resident Evil collector's site.
Silent Archives (ESP)
Mexican Silent Hill fan site with latest news.
Silent Hill Apocalypse (ITA/ENG)
Italian Silent Hill fan site. English version is also available.
Silent Hill Haven (ENG)
Silent Hill blog on tumblr.
Silent Hill Heaven (ENG)
One of the oldest and most respected Silent Hill portals with a largest English Silent Hill forum.
Silent Hill Hometown (RUS)
Russian Silent Hill fan site covering the entire series.
Silent Hill Lost Memories (ESP)
Spanish translation of the Silent Hill Lost Memories book.
Silent Hill Media (ENG)
Well known Silent Hill site covering all kind of media from Silent Hill games, mainly from the original series (SH1-4).
Silent Hill Office of Tourism (ENG)
Silent Hill fan site focused on cosplay, props and other fan-made stuff.
Silent Hill Paradise (ENG)
General Silent Hill site.
Silent Hill В Контакте (RUS)
Russian Silent Hill Vkontakte group.
Silent Hill Wiki (ENG)
Silent Hill wikipedia style fan site.
Silent Nerd (ENG)
Silent Nerd's site about SiIlent Hill.
Silent Town (RUS)
Horror games fan site featuring Silent Hill.
Translated Memories (ENG)
Site providing English translations of Silent Hill Lost Memories, Victim Files and Another Crimson Tome.
Gamewise (ENG)
A place for people to explore, share and contribute to the games they love.
Zelda Dungeon (ENG)
Zelda video game series fan site. (RUS)
Russian video game online store.

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