Welcome to NightCry
You arrived at a Dead End.
Those who have seen the End
You have seen one ENDING.
Those who have gained Finality
You have seen 4 ENDINGs.
Those who have gained Eternity
You have seen all ENDINGs.
You have seen one HORROR.
Mystery Of The Year
You have seen 50% of HORROR content.
Mystery Of The Century
You have seen all HORROR content.
Suicidal Ideation
You experienced GAME OVER.
To Wish To Die
You unlocked 50% of GAME OVER content.
Deathwish Diva
You unlocked all GAME OVER content.
The Scissorwalker Appears
You encountered the Scissorwalker.
Face Your Fears
You succeeded in resisting the Scissorwalker.
Rock Paper Scissors
You succeeded in chasing off the Scissorwalker.
The Nightmare Begins
You found an item.
You were saved by Angie.
Passenger Victims
You have seen all three passenger lists.