Harry Mason

Age: 32
The main character in the game, Harry is a widowed writer with a seven year old child. His wife died four years ago from a disease, leaving him to take care of his now seven year old girl, Cheryl. Harry has brown hair and brown eyes and seems to be a friendly guy. With just himself and his daughter, Cheryl begged him to go on a vacation to the town of Silent Hill and he agrees. Due to car problems, Harry arrives at the outskirts of Silent Hill at night time. In the dark night, Harry spots a shadow in front of his Jeep in the middle of the road and swerves to avoid it, resulting in a bad wreck. After waking up, Cheryl is missing and it is daytime.

Cheryl Mason

Age: 7
The daughter of Harry Mason, Cheryl is a young girl of seven years of age. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is a quiet little girl. After the tragic loss of her mother at around the age of three, Cheryl was left alone with her father. After begging Harry to go on a vacation to Silent Hill for unknown specific reasons, Cheryl is missing after the car crash.

Cybil Bennet

Age: 28
Cybil is a police officer from Brahms, an adjacent town to Silent Hill, and Harry's first acquaintance with her is in the Cafe, after waking up. Being a police officer, Cybil is awfully concerned about what happened to Harry and why he's in Silent Hill, and also why the two of them together are the only ones in Silent Hill. Cybil has blonde hair and green eyes and is a generous person. The phones in the town and her radio are dead, so she decides to leave the town for reinforcements, after handing her Handgun to Harry for his protection.

Dahlia Gillespie

Age: 46
This crazy old woman is first found inside a church, supposedly ringing a bell earlier to lure Harry to her. Dahlia has brown hair and blue eyes and wears a lot of eye shadow. Her appearance is quite bizarre, and her clothes are quite strange. In their first acquaintance, Dahlia feeds Harry crazy talk but mentions a girl, whom Harry obviously thinks to be Cheryl. The woman does not talk for long and leaves after telling Harry to head to the hospital. As told by Lisa, apparently Dahlia lost her child in a fire and has been crazy ever since.

Michael Kaufmann

Age: 50
Harry first meets this man in the hospital, after a rather rough introduction with Harry being shot at. Kaufmann has brown hair and blue eyes, and is a Doctor who works at Alchemilla Hospital. Some relief for Harry is that Kaufmann seems to be a normal person and is just as concerned and in question about what's going on in the town, but that doesn't help his situation with Cheryl. Doctor Kaufmann never finds enough time to talk to Harry, although he's always wondering if Harry has found anything new, and isn't a very polite man.

Lisa Garland

Age: 23
A Nurse who works at Alchemilla Hospital, Harry finds Lisa hiding under a table and she stands up and hugs him in relief. Lisa has blonde hair with green eyes and is a very caring and friendly person. Lisa tells Harry that she woke up in the hospital the way it was, and that she was probably knocked out. Lisa has a lot of knowledge of the town and is Harry's source for a lot of information. Lisa feels very scared in the hospital, yet she feels she can't leave.


Age: 14
A mysterious young girl, Alessa is the girl who stepped in front of Harry's Jeep, causing the car crash that seems to have started this whole mess. Later in the school, Harry spots this woman but she soon appears, and Harry also has a few flashbacks and encounterings with her. Although it is not certain, it is quite clear that Alessa may be involved in why the town is currently the way it is.