Age: 17
Heather is a normal teenage girl who goes shopping one day and becomes trapped in a different world. She seems to know how to survive but isn't a professional because this has never happened to her before. She has greasy blonde hair that's not too long and has a short temper -- she gets mad pretty easily. She seems to be on the funny side of a person and loves her dad, and doesn't like to talk to strangers. Heather has no job but does chores at home and makes no money for it. She sometimes is a babysitter as well.

Claudia Wolf

Age: 29
Claudia seems to be a strange middle-aged woman. Heather first meets her in the mall and Heather wonders if she is the reason of this different world, but she claims it was the Hand of God. Claudia has a pale face with long blonde hair and doesn't seem like a normal person, so she might be the reason for the monsters. Claudia is a Priestess of a Cult Teachings Group and tells Heather she is the one who will lead "us" to paradise.

Douglas Cartland

Age: Late 50s
Douglas is an older man whom Heather meets in the mall. She doesn't really seem to like him. He has gray hair and a beard. He is a detective and wants to know about Heather's birth for some reason, and asks for a half-hour of her time. Douglas was hired by Claudia to track down Heather, but proves himself to be a nice person. He just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time in many cases and takes the blame from Heather.


Age: 24-26
Vincent seems very strange and claims he can be trusted, but Heather doesn't want to trust him. He also claims he's on your side and doesn't want to be mentioned with Claudia; he says he hates her. Heather meets Vincent in the Hilltop Center, specifically in the Mental Health Clinic area for some reason. He has brown hair and glasses and usually has a smirk on his face. Vincent is a Priest of a Cult Teachings Group and is known as "Father Vincent."