Extra New Game

This is the base of every single extra in the game (things like Beginner mode and the Silencer aren't exactly extras, and don't necessarily involve Extra New Game). Extra New Game is unlocked upon completion of the game. To continue to get all the other endings and extras, you must start an Extra New Game. Unlike the normal New Game option, Extra New Game starts from the beginning of the mall, not the Amusement Park, which is just a nightmare.

Extra Weapons

There are six extra weapons in Silent Hill 3 and they are all only available in an Extra New Game. You must do what is required to unlock them, and then they will be in the game the next time you play. How you unlock these extra weapons and where they locate are different.

Unlimited Submachine Gun
"Fires unlimited rounds. No submachine gun bullets necessary."

Unlocked after you beat the last boss with a melee weapon. You can use guns, but the last hit has to be made by a melee weapon. Make sure you don't use guns for too long or you may beat it with one. This is a great weapon and never has to reload. You have infinite bullets so don't worry at all about the ammo. Other than that, it's just like the normal Submachine Gun. Hold R2 and X to fire, and use the left analog stick to aim up, down, left or right while you're shooting. Once unlocked, this weapon will be on some boxes to the left after you exit through the window of the women's washroom, Central Square Shopping Center, 1F.

Beam Saber
"A sword shining with a strange force. A switch turns the blade on and off."

Unlocked after beating the game killing more enemies by fighting than shooting. If you don't get it the first time, you automatically will the next. The Beam Saber is a light saber sword like the ones in Star Wars. Let the force be with you and use it to kill enemies, and you'll find that it's rather powerful for a melee weapon. It's a short handle and the beam comes out when you hold R2. Hold R2 and press X to swing. Hold X if you want to swing three times. If you get a perfect ranking, the Beam Saber will extend and will have better range. Once unlocked, it is the door handle of the northwest door in the north corridor on 2F, Central Square Shopping Center.

"This thing will roast the bad guys, and I don't have to worry about fuel, either."

Unlocked after beating the game killing more enemies by shooting than fighting. If you don't get it the first time, you automatically will the next. Similar to the Unlimited Submachine Gun, but it shoots fire instead of bullets. It has unlimited fuel so you can use it for as long you want to. It works just like the Submachine Gun -- hold R2 and X to fire (note the pun} and use the left analog stick to aim up, down, left or right while you're emitting flames. The Flamethrower is awfully weak but gets much more powerful if you get a perfect ranking. Once unlocked, it's on the counter of Helen's Bakery on 2F, along with a slightly different memo under it, Central Square Shopping Center.

Gold and Silver Pipes
"It looks snazzy, but it's not strong at all. Well, maybe I can sell it."

"How gorgeous! No stronger than the steel pipe, though. Good against vampires and werewolves."

Unlocked after you beat the game once. You must get the Steel Pipe if you wish to get these items. When you're in the water area with the monster in the Underpass, move to an edge by the water and press X -- you will be asked if you want to drop your Steel Pipe in the water. Select "Yes". A princess will come up and ask you three questions.

Be honest and answer No, No, Yes, and you'll get both pipes, along with your normal "filthy" Steel Pipe. If you lie, you won't get anything back. The Gold and Silver Steel Pipes aren't any more powerful than the normal Steel Pipe -- they only look different. Use them just like the Steel Pipe. Hold R2 and press X to swing.

Heather Beam/Sexy Beam
Unlocked after you kill a total of at least 333 enemies in your save file. It can and will take more than one time through the game. The Heather Beam can be a great weapon, but you should keep your distance. The Heather Beam is shot from Heather's eyes and her stamina is what keeps her using the weapon. If you have the Life Bar unlocked you can see how much stamina you have (for more details, check out the Life Bar below) so you know how long you can keep using the weapon until you have to rest or go through a door.

The Heather Beam has two types of attacks. One is where Heather shoots cell-type things around and they can bounce off walls. Hold R2 and press X do this attack. The other is where she shoots heat-seeking beams in groups and you hold both R2 and X to do this.

Once you have the Heather Beam and the Transform Costume, equip the Transform Costume to turn into Princess Heart, and a new weapon called the Sexy Beam will be produced. All other weapons must be unequipped though. This Sexy Beam is pretty much just like the Heather Beam, but faster and better. It also has two types of attacks. One is where Heather fires a beam (it will be continuous if you hold X after that) and you can direct it with the left analog stick or the D-Pad. Hold R2 and press X to do this. The other attack is where several heat-seeking beams and cell-type things are shot out of Heather's eyes -- to do this, hold both R2 and X.

When the Heather Beam is unlocked, unequip all weapons and you will be ready to use it. You will need to use the Heather Beam/Sexy Beam to kill at least 30 enemies before you reach the apartments to receive the Revenge ending.

Secret Item - Silencer

Yes, there is actually a silencer in this game. The Silencer is not an extra item because it can be obtained the first time through the game. However, you must be very observant to find it yourself -- if you've played the first Metal Gear Solid, you'll probably have a better chance of finding it yourself. The Silencer is located in the newly plastered wall in the room with the hole on 5F of the Construction Site. Use a weapon to break it open (the Maul is quick and easy) and you can pick it up. A pair of legs can be seen in the wall -- it looks like Solid Snake was doing some business here and forgot his silencer.

The Silencer can be equipped with the Handgun or Submachine Gun. It silences the shots and covers the muzzle flash at the end of the gun when a bullet is fired. Enemies won't be able to find you as easily while you're shooting. However, the power of each shot is weakened and it is noticeable. It's not that much of a difference though.

Bloody Underpass

In an Extra New Game, certain parts of the Underpass will be all bloody, somewhat like the Nightmare Hospital and near the end of the Church. Unfortunately, this effect will drain your health on Hard or Extreme Action Levels. Only certain areas will it be like this, and sometimes if you go the wrong way (an area that isn't necessary), the area will turn all bloody, depending on where you go.

Extra Options

Extra Options
Just like previous Silent Hill games, there is an Extra Options menu. Press either L1 or R1 to access this extra menu. There are a few things in the menu that you can change right away, and you need to beat the game to get more, like Bullet Adjust, which you can multiply each ammo pick-up by 2 up to 5. The options you can change right away are: Blood Color, Blood Volume, Walk/Run Control, Map, Noise Effect and Display Mode. If you want to experience the best of Silent Hill 3, change the Blood Volume to Much, switch the Walk/Run Control to Reverse, and take off the Noise Effect for Silent Hill 3's best graphics.

Beginner Action Level
In order to unlock Beginner Mode, you must die three times on Easy Action Level. The game will let you know when you've unlocked it and then you can change to Beginner Action Level. In the middle of a game on Normal or Easy Action Level, you can change it to Beginner, but not on Hard Action Level because it's too much of a difference. When you use Beginner Mode, you'll lose 15 stars out of a total of 100 stars at the end of the game. You shouldn't need to use this option anyway, or you need some real training, junior.

Life Bar
After you beat the game on Hard Action Level, you'll unlock the Life Bar. It displays the amount of health and stamina you have. The yellow bar is your health, and the green bar is your stamina. When you get knocked down or grabbed by an enemy, a thin purple line appears on the screen and shows how long it will take for you to get up or get out of the enemy's attack. Wiggle the movement controls and the shoulder buttons the make this process quicker. You can turn the Life Bar on and off in the extra options menu.

Extreme Action Levels

Once you beat the game on Hard Action Level, you'll unlock Extreme 1 Action Level. Once you beat that, you'll unlock Extreme 2. You can get all the way up to Extreme X, which is 10. This should be a real challenge for you. Item locations are the same as Hard Action Level. Once you beat Extreme X, you'll unlock a code for a new costume. But you have to beat the Action Level because it replaces the "zipper" shirt.

Douglas in Underwear

This is just hilarious. Especially in the first scene, and with the music. Once you complete the game at least once and unlock the "Extra New Game" option, highlight it by moving on it, and enter the following code:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X (PS2)
W, W, S, S, Q, E, Q, E, ESC, ENTER (PC)

Then select your Action Level and Riddle Level and Heather will moan, if you've entered the code correctly, because she seems to like the idea of Douglas in his boxers. Now in all cutscenes with Douglas, he'll only be wearing boxers, a trench coat, shoes, a tie and a hat.

Silent Hill 2 References

If you have a Silent Hill 2 save file on you memory card with the game beaten at least one, you can experience four extra features in the game that are references to Silent Hill 2. Here's how to see them:

-Examine the women's washroom toilet with the "blockage" in it, Nightmare Mall, 1F
-Examine the mailboxes in Daisy Villa Apartments by the front door
-Examine the poster on the Heaven's Night stage in Silent Hill
-Examine the fence by the Elevator Control Room on the Brookhaven Hospital rooftop

These can be experienced the first time through the game with a Silent Hill 2 save. Apparently you can experience these things in an Extra New game without a Silent Hill 2 save.

Jacob's Ladder References

Jacob's Ladder is a movie that was directed by Adrian Lyne in 1990. It was said by Konami that it was one of the movies that inspired them to make the Silent Hill franchise. It can be safe to assume that Jacob's Ladder was one of the mostly inspired by works. Konami perhaps acknowledges this by adding references to the film in the Silent Hill games. There are several references in Silent Hill 3, mostly in the Subway.

Bergen Street
This is the name of the subway platform that is supposed to lead Heather home. It is the same name as Jacob's station in Jacob's Ladder -- he asks the woman in the subway car ahead of him if they've passed Bergen Street yet, because he was sleeping.

Platform 4 Lock
The gate of Platform 4 is locked with a chain and a bolt, exactly like in Jacob's Ladder. Jacob tries to open the gate but he can't, of course, because the chain and the bolt are what is keeping the gate from opening. However, Jacob does not find a conveniently placed Nutcracker like Heather.

Hospital Basement Wheelchair
When you head down to the basement of Brookhaven Hospital, you'll notice a tipped over wheelchair with one wheel still turning. Perhaps this is a reference to Jacob's Ladder when Jacob is on the stretcher leading to the insane asylum. However, Jacob doesn't see a wheelchair, he sees the bike of his son, Gabe, smashed from the accident that happened, and the wheel is

Head Twitching
Also seen in Silent Hill, the head twitching is similar to Jacob's Ladder. Closers, and especially Valtiel, twitch their heads a lot and is notable homage to Jacob's Ladder.

Session 9 References

Session 9 is a movie that was directed by Brad Anderson in 2001. Like Jacob's Ladder, there are references of the film in the game. It can be said that Session 9 might've had some inspiration for making Silent Hill 3. Once again, Konami perhaps acknowledges this by adding references to the film in Silent Hill 3.

Wheelchair Behind Glass
In the Nightmare Hilltop Center you'll come across a sheet of glass with a wheelchair behind it, with light coming from a doorway visible. This is a reference to the wheelchair in Session 9 -- which is a similar view to the one in this game. Heather says that the world behind the glass is calling her, just like it's doing to Gordon in Session 9.

"Thus one's life turns to riches"
The memo on the wall by the vending machine in the Nightmare Hilltop Center is perhaps a reference to Hank in Session 9.

"Thus one's life turns to riches:

What was a bag of silver coins is
now the number in a book.

Yet fate hath no price...
Ah, but do people know this?"

Hank found all those coins in the wall and his life turned to riches. But fate has no price -- the coins are what caused his fate.

Hospital Basement Wheelchair
In the basement of Brookhaven Hospital you'll come across a tipped over wheelchair with one wheel still turning. This is a reference to Session 9. Before the power goes out in the movie, Gordon is seen running past a tipped over wheelchair with one wheel still turning.

Red Glow Hallways
In the Haunted House in the Amusement Park, you'll have to run two hallways with red glow following you. Perhaps this is reference to Session 9 -- when Jeff ("mullet head") is in the hallway where the lights turn off behind him as he runs towards the exit. There is similar sound to Silent Hill 3 while Jeff runs the hallway as well.