The chart below shows how good each weapon is on each enemy. Refer to the legend below the chart to see what things mean. As you can see, the Shotgun and the Submachine Gun are the best weapons.

Weapons Chart K HG SP SG M KA STG SMG
K - Knife
HG - Handgun
SP - Steel Pipe
SG - Shotgun
M - Maul
KA - Katana
STG - Stun Gun
SMG - Submachine Gun
VE - Very Effective
E - Effective
NE - Not Effective
N/A - Not Applicable
Numb Body E VE VE VE E VE N/A N/A
Double Head NE VE E VE E VE VE VE
Insane Cancer NE NE NE VE E E E VE
Nurse Demon NE E NE VE E NE NE VE
Scraper NE E NE VE E NE E VE


Location: Heather has this weapon for the whole game and starts off with it.
Description: It's a switchblade for self-defense. I've never used it, but just incase.
Notes: Not a good weapon but can be good when you have nothing else. Only usable at very close range.

The Knife easily earns the worst weapon of the game award, but if you know how to use it, it can be a pretty good weapon. However, it can only be used at extremely close range, and you're risking being attacked by enemies when you try to use it on them. Use the strafing buttons to move out of the way when you think the enemy might attack. The Knife is only pretty good on Numb Bodies. Basically for any other enemy, it's not good at all. The good thing about the Knife is that you'll never have to fight you when only have it -- you shortly get the Handgun, and then the Steel Pipe later. To use the Knife, hold R2 and press X to deliver a swing. To perform a thrust attack, hold X instead of pressing it. You can also do this attack while moving forward, and it might come in handy. Don't expect to kill many enemies with this pathetic weapon; you should be happy if you kill one with it. This weapon is owned from the start of the game, so the only place where you can find it is in your inventory.


Location: Heather picks this weapon off the floor after you enter the Women's Clothing Store on 1F, Central Square.
Description: Holds 10 rounds of ammunition. Small and not powerful, but easy to use.
Notes: Holds 10 bullets in one clip. Low stopping power but good range. Requires Handgun ammo.

The Handgun is the gun you should use for the most part of the game. It was also in the other Silent Hill games so you should be familiar with it. It holds 10 bullets in each clip and has moderate stopping power. It has good range and can kill enemies usually with around 5-10 bullets. Plenty of ammo is lying around in the game so it shouldn't be too hard to find some. Don't waste it though, only use it when you feel you have to or when you want to kill an enemy with it. The Handgun is found in the women's clothing store in Central Square on 1F.

Steel Pipe

Location: On the wall with the smoke and other pipes, Café Turn Mill restaurant, Nightmare Mall, 2F.
Description: A steel pipe, about 3 feet long. Not very powerful, but not hard to use.
Notes: Long pipe, 3 feet long. Fair stopping power for stronger enemies but very effective on small or weaker enemies.

If you have played any of the other Silent Hill games, you should be familiar with this weapon. It can be swiped downward and across. It's not an amazing weapon, but can work very well. The range is a lot better than the Knife, so it comes in handy when you're conserving ammo and don't want to die. The Steel Pipe works great with small enemies like Numb Bodies and Double Heads. When fighting in groups, let the enemies come to you one by one. To use the Steel Pipe, hold R2 and press X to perform an over shoulder swing, and hold X to deliver an overhead attack. Another attack is a thrust -- hold both R2 and X while moving forward to perform this. You can find the Steel Pipe in the Café Turn Mill Restaurant on 2F of the Nightmare Mall, by the steam pipes.


Location: In the gift box in the abandoned Subway car on Platform 2, B3, Hazel Street Subway Station.
Description: Holds 6 rounds of ammunition. It's hard to handle, but has great range.
Notes: Holds 6 shells. Great stopping power but lacks in firing rate. Wide range; great for bosses and large enemies.

Also in the past Silent Hill games, this Shotgun is great to be in the series. Without it, you'd have a much more difficult time in all the Silent Hill games. It holds 6 shells and is very effective. Because of its widespread range, it's great for multiple enemies. The Shotgun is very powerful and can kill many enemies fairly easily. Try to let the enemy come close to you, and then blast it. Usually the enemy will fall to the floor after the very first shot. To use the Shotgun, hold R2 and press X. Because of its massive recoil, the Shotgun can't shoot fast, however, its power makes up for that. The Shotgun is found in the abandoned subway car on a seat of Hazel Street Subway Station on floor B3.


Location: In the Employee Locker Room, the first actual room you can enter in the Underpass, by the Underpass Map, upper level.
Description: Like a big round pointy hammer. It's super heavy, but at least it's got some oomph.
Notes: A large pole with a spiky ball on the end. Knocks down most enemies with a single swing. Great stopping power but awkward to handle.

A very powerful weapon but awkward to use. The Maul can be great on Closers if you use it right. For smaller enemies, don't even bother with this -- this is for the big guys. Hold R2 and press X to swing it across. Press X and hold it and Heather will perform a downward swing, which is very powerful. The Maul is on the locker on the ground in the first actual room in the Underpass, on the upper level.


Location: In the Art Storage Room by the Gallery of Fine Arts on 2F, Nightmare Hilltop Center.
Description: This is a short katana, about 2 ft. long. Pretty powerful and easy to handle.
Notes: Has a blade of about 2 feet long. Strong melee weapon and is a well-known Japanese sword.

Now this is a great melee weapon. These Japanese swords usually come in pairs but Heather will only take one because of weight consumption. This is the best average melee weapon in Silent Hill 3 and you should use it on the last two bosses in the game. It works pretty well on normal enemies and has a fine range. This weapon is not a secret like in the first Silent Hill but you get around halfway through the game. Hold R2 and press X to do an over shoulder swing -- hold X after pressing it (press it, let go, hold) and Heather should do three swings. Hold R2 and hold X for Heather to do an overhead swing attack. To perform a thrust attack, hold both R2 and X while moving forward. You can get the Katana on the shelf in the art storage room in the northeast corridor on 5F, Hilltop Center.

Stun Gun

Location: On Heather's dresser in her room in Room 102, Daisy Villa Apartments.
Description: High voltage to zap the bad guys. It has to touch 'em, though, so it's very short-range.
Notes: Holds 4 high-voltage electric current shocks in 1 battery. Only usable at close range but powerful.

This weapon was given to Heather from her father for self defense. It's a powerful weapon that can only be used at extremely short range. Stun Gun Batteries are required to use the Stun Gun. A battery produces only 4 shocks, but they are fairly powerful. Stand on the spot and let the enemy approach you. When it gets close, shock the sucker. To use the Stun Gun, hold R2 and press X to shoot the high-voltage electric current (it won't fly anywhere, it has to make contact with the enemy). Since the Stun Gun requires batteries, you must reload when it runs out to continue using it. This is considered a melee weapon because of its short range and it's not really a firearm. You can find the Stun Gun on Heather's dresser in her room in Daisy Villa Apartments.

Submachine Gun

Location: On the bloody floor by the elevator, Brookhaven Hospital, BF.
Description: Holds 32 rounds of ammunition. Great for its continuous firing.
Notes: Holds 32 bullets per magazine. Great for killing enemies quickly, but uses a lot of ammo too fast.

The first fully automatic gun ever to appear in the Silent Hill series. One bullet from the Submachine Gun isn't too powerful and only has half the power of one Handgun bullet. However, its continuous fire makes it deadly. Each clip holds 32 bullets. You won't get too much ammo for this weapon, and when you do use it, it runs out really fast. I would recommend the Submachine Gun only for bosses, although it probably won't do much. The Submachine Gun isn't an important weapon, so you can go ahead and use it on any enemy you wish. To use this fully automatic firearm, hold R2 and hold X to continuously fire. Use the left analog stick to aim up, down, left or right while shooting. It's pretty cool how you can free aim while shooting, but you can't move while the Submachine Gun is ready to fire. The Submachine Gun is located on the floor by the BF elevator in Brookhaven Hospital.

Extra Weapons

Gold Pipe

Location: Drop your Steel Pipe in the water with the monster in the Underpass and answer the questions honestly. Only in a replay game.
Description: It looks snazzy, but it's not strong at all. Well, maybe I can sell it.
Notes: Just like the Steel Pipe, but gold.

Silver Pipe

Location: Drop your Steel Pipe in the water with the monster in the Underpass and answer the questions honestly. Only in a replay game.
Description: How gorgeous! No stronger than the steel pipe, though. Good against vampires and werewolves.
Notes: Just like the Steel Pipe, but silver.

Beam Saber

Location: On the door handle of the northwest door in the north 2F corridor, Central Square Shopping Center.
Description: A sword shining with a strange force. A switch turns the blade on and off.
Notes: A very powerful laser blade that extends if you get a 10 star ranking.


Location: On the counter of Helen's Bakery on 2F, Central Square Shopping Center.
Description: This thing will roast the bad guys, and I don't have to worry about fuel, either.
Notes: Shoots out fire with infinite fuel. Very weak but gets much stronger with a 10 star ranking. Unlocked after beating the game killing more enemies by shooting than fighting. If not unlocked the first time, it will be the next.

Unlimited Submachine Gun

Location: On the boxes to the left when you're outside the window of the Central Square washroom at the beginning of the game.
Description: Fires unlimited rounds. No submachine gun bullets necessary.
Notes: Infinite ammo, no reload necessary. Unlocked after you beat the final boss with a melee weapon.

Heather Beam/Sexy Beam

Location: Always equipped when no other weapon is equipped, after it is unlocked.
Description: None.
Notes: Unlocked after killing a total of 333 or more enemies in your save file, over as many times through the game it takes. When the Transform Costume is equipped, it becomes more powerful.