Henry Townshend

Age: 28
Not much is known about our hero, Henry Townshend, and he is evidently a quiet person. Henry lives in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights, and he has short-medium lengthed brown hair and green eyes. Henry's occupation is unknown and nothing indicates that he even has a job. Henry used to visit Silent Hill often when he was younger, and also enjoys photography – he has some personal photos of Silent Hill in his bedroom, which he comments on. During conversations with other people, it is revealed that Henry is somewhat of a shy person, but he is a serious guy. Henry is very confused at what's happening to him, and many times, the only thing he can come to say is, "What...the...hell...?".

Eileen Galvin

Age: Mid 20s
Eileen is Henry's nextdoor neighbour, the occupant of Room 303 of South Ashfield Heights. Eileen has brown hair and green eyes. Although Eileen is Henry's next door neighbour, she only knows has name and face, and vice versa. They know each other from passing acquaintances, and that's about it. Not much appears to be happening in Eileen's life and she spends most of her time at home in her apartment, watching TV and cleaning. Eileen tends to have bad luck often, and she also doesn't mind going to parties, so there may be a wild side to her.

Cynthia Velasquez

Age: 29
Cynthia is a an attractive woman who can get things done through her beauty. Her name is Spanish and she seems to have a Spanish accent. Henry meets Cynthia in the Subway, and she says she's having a dream. She is a sexy and wild woman who doesn't mind having some fun every once in a while. Henry's award for helping her escape the Subway is a "special favour", but the question is, will he be able to get that favour?

Jasper Gein

Age: Early 30s
Jasper is an impediment man whom Henry meets in the Forest. H-he-he seems t-to h-have t-trouble speaking c-c-clearly. Jasper is familiar with Silent Hill and enjoys going there sometimes. He writes in his diary that he tends to get thirsty when he visits cool places like Silent Hill, and he has a preference for chocolate. Jasper is evidently obsessed with occult activity and has interests in Wish House and some large stones in the Silent Hill woods, which seem to have lured him to Silent Hill.

Andrew DeSalvo

Age: Early 50s
This old man makes an acquaintance in the Water Prison, but is initially found locked up in a cell, screaming to be released. He states that a person by the name of Walter is going to kill him. Andrew is an alcoholic and used to work in the Wish House orphanage, monitoring the kids.

Richard Braintree

Age: Mid 40s
An unfriendly man whom is a resident of South Ashfield Heights, the occupant of Room 207. Richard is almost always in a bad mood and is widely known for his bad temper to the other residents of South Ashfield Heights. In the past, Richard has been involved in a few mishaps, and has been known to teach a few lessons.

Frank Sunderland

Age: 60s
Frank is the superintendent and owner of South Ashfield Heights in South Ashfield. He is an old man with white hair, and has heard of and seen some strange things in his times, many of them in Room 302 as superintendent of South Ashfield Heights. Henry remembers one time that Frank told him his son and daughter-in-law went to Silent Hill and haven't been seen since, but nothing is certain what happened to them.

Man in the Coat

Age: Unknown
This very strange man is encountered several times throughout Henry's journey and his identity is unknown. He has long blonde hair and wears a blue trenchcoat. Not much is known about this mystery man, however, Frank Sunderland, the superintendent of South Ashfield Heights, noticed that he had been inside Room 302 and moved a few things around. At one point, the man reveals that he met Eileen before and he carries a doll that was apparently obtained from her. Who could this man be, and why has he been seen in South Ashfield Heights several times?


Age: Unknown
Henry confronts this little boy several times on his journey, and the kid is a bit mysterious. Although his identity is unclear, he resembles a little boy who was always hanging around Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights in the past. The small boy reveals at one time that he doesn't really have a name, but many people call him Walter.


Joseph Schreiber

Age: Unknown
This character is never truly present anywhere in Henry's adventure, but he was the previous occupant of Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights. Henry finds several of his diaries through his journey and learns a lot of information from these diaries. Joseph was a journalist who was known for his investigation in Wish House and 4S, the Silent Hill Smile Society, but it is unknown what happened to him. Apparently, a while back Joseph locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out. He went missing six months before Henry moved in. Seems like a familiar situation...