A Brand-new Fear

After completing the game once, this special mode will be unlocked, and it is the basis for all extra in Silent Hill 4. In order to collect and use extras, or unlock more extras, A Brand-new Fear must be played. New Game is only used the first time, and subsequent games after that are meant to be all "A Brand-new Fear" mode, although for some reason the player might decide to start a completely new game with the New Game function. Once items are unlocked, play a A Brand-new Fear mode in the same file to find those items.

Extra Weapons

There's only one extra item in the game available for use to the player, although there's another weapon, but only for Eileen. Once an extra weapon is unlocked, it can only be found in A Brand-new Fear game, and not a standard New Game.

Unlocked after completing the game once. The Chainsaw works somewhat similarly to the Chainsaw in Silent Hill 2, although it is quite different at the same time. It is much more simple to use but is also much more weaker and is somewhat depressing. Hold R2 to ready the Chainsaw and press X to perform a standard downward arc attack, which is quite weak. The charge up attack is actually pretty powerful, however, and is a slow forward arc. Once the Chainsaw is unlocked, it can be found stabbed into the ground by the tree stump in the northeast forest pathway with the running car in the Forest World, only in A Brand-new Fear.

Submachine Gun [Eileen-only weapon]
Unlocked after receiving a ranking of 9 stars or higher (9.0/10 or 90/100). This is quite the interesting weapon, although only Eileen can use it. The Submachine Gun has infinite ammo and is a great weapon, especially for Eileen, however, the recoil does damage to her and increases her state of possession. If you don't care about Eileen's condition, this is the perfect weapon for her, and she'll contribute quite a fair bit when dealing with enemies. Once unlocked, the Submachine Gun can be found on the counter in Room 101 1F of the Apartment World, only in A Brand-new Fear.


There are two extra costumes in Silent Hill 4, however, none for Henry. There are extra costumes for both Eileen and Cynthia, the two women of Silent Hill 4. These costumes not only change the clothes of these two characters, but adds a very interesting new feature when in motion. Although they are well worth the time and effort, they take quite a while to actually see.

Nurse Eileen
This costume is obviously a nurse uniform for Eileen. What's better than a sexy nurse? Well, other than an even sexier nurse, nothing! Eileen doesn't wear this costume the entire game, unfortunately enough, and it replaces her purple party dress that she wear from the halfway point in the game all the way to the end. One of the very interesting things about this costume is the excellent jiggle effect, which I'm sure you know what I mean. When Eileen is in motion, you can notice some serious jiggle, and the animation is quite impressive. Feel free to bump into Eileen accidentally and excuse yourself. Don't make it obvious, though.

The sad thing about this costume is that it takes a long time to actually see -- at least on your third time through the game. It is unlocked after completing the game with one of the two endings where Eileen lives (Escape, Mother), and can be found as an item the next time through the game where you must keep it in your invetory and receive an ending where Eileen survives again (Escape, Mother), and can finally be seen the next time through the game. Once unlocked, the "Nurse's Uniform" item can be found on the chair in the living room of Room 301 3F, Eileen's apartment, Outside Room 302. You must keep it in your inventory and beat the game with Eileen alive in the Walter battle. Then, when starting the next game, you will be prompted which Eileen costume you would like to use; select "Nurse".

Sexy Cynthia
This costume is worn by Cynthia, the woman Henry meets in the Subway World, and only by that character -- her Ghost does not wear it. When you meet Cythia in the Subway World at the beginning of the game, she will be waiting for you wearing it. Also stop and take a look at Cynthia's special "dance" before you meet her in the subway. Similarly to Eileen's costume, character motion will induce noticeable jiggle, although you can't really push Cynthia around like Eileen.

Just like Eileen's costume, however multiplied, Cynthia's extra costume takes a while to unlock, although it's worth it. In order to unlock her costume, you must complete the game at least four times. You need to have all four endings received in one save file, and you also need to have gotten Eileen's "Nurse's Uniform" in her apartment at the end of the game and beaten the game with it in your inventory. Once you start another "A Brand-new Fear", you will be prompted which Eileen costume to use, and this also affects which Cynthia costume will be used. Therefore, select "Nurse" and Cynthia, as well as Eileen, will be wearing her extra costume. And so, Cynthia's costume works in uniform (no pun intended) with Eileen's costume, and they will both be wearing their extra costumes or both will not be wearing them. No problem there.

One Weapon Mode

This is an extra mode of play unlocked once you achieve a 10 star ranking. Once you unlock this mode, you will notice ">" arrow when you look at your "A Brand-new" Fear" save file, which will also turn red in colour, instead of white or yellow. Press right as the arrows suggest and select the newly unlocked "One Weapon Mode" to play it. This mode is quite self-explanatory by its name, and you'll be able to choose and have one weapon to use during the entire game, with the exception of the Pistol, because it causes a key event when you pick it up, the Torch, which is a key item and not only a weapon, and all golf clubs.

When playing a One Weapon Mode game, after the introdcution escalator scene in the Subway World, every weapon in the game, except for the breakable golf clubs, the Pistol, and the Torch, are laid out on the ground in front of you. You must select one, and only one item to take with you for the entire game. Upon making your choice and picking up one weapon, the rest will disappear.

Other than the golf clubs, Torch, Pistol, and Eileen's weapons (minus the Submachine Gun, even if it's unlocked, for some reason), no weapons will be found in their actual locations throughout the game, since this is a special mode. Ammo and health supplies are found as normal, and a funny thing is that you can find Revolver Bullets even if you don't select it as your single weapon, so don't bother picking those up in this mode. Once you receive a 10 star ranking in One Weapon Mode, you'll unlock All Weapons Mode, which is quite explanatory as well.

For One Weapon Mode, it is very important that you make a good solid choice for your single weapon. The Rusty Axe is the best weapon in the game, so you can never go wrong taking it, but it's nice to go for a challenge and take an item like the Paper-Cutting Knife, or something else like the Steel Pipe or Aluminum Bat. Taking the Revolver is a completely stupid thing to do since you'll barely ever find any ammo for it and it's not that great, anyway, leaving you only with golf clubs and the Pistol, really. Not a smart choice.

All Weapons Mode

This is another extra mode of play, with the same idea as One Weapon Mode but of course different for a specific reason. In order to unlock All Weapons Mode, you must receive a 10 star ranking in One Weapon Mode. Once this mode is unlocked, you'll notice a "<" arrow mark as well as the ">" that you should be familiar with, and you can also notice that the save file will turn green, after being red in One Weapon Mode. Press left as the new arrow suggests and select "All Weapons Mode" to play it. For this mode, you can take every single weapon in the game at the beginning of the game and so you can use any item and any point in the game, other than certain golf clubs, the Pistol, and the Torch, which are found in their normal locations (same with Eileen's weapons).

Exactly like One Weapon Mode, every weapon in the game, other than those listed above, will be laid out on the ground at the beginning of the Subway World. But instead of one weapon, you can take them all. Therefore you'll have all these weapons at all times and don't have to worry about looking for them in the other worlds. Not only that, every time you visit your apartment, ten Health Drinks will spawn in the fridge and six clips of Pistol Bullets will spawn on the shelf in the laundry room.

Just like One Weapon Mode, all supplies and other weapons not laid out can be found in their normal locations. Once you beat All Weapons Mode with a 10 star ranking, you don't unlock anything, but you'll still have bragging rights.

Secret Weapon - Stun Gun

The Stun Gun is not an extra item and can be found the first time through the game, however, it is somewhat of a secret because it is hard to find and there are no clues in the game as to where it is. The Stun Gun is similar to the Stun Gun is Silent Hill 3, except that it requires no batteries. It is powerful but is obviously for very close range use only. Hold R2 to ready to weapon and press X to strike. Since it's really somewhat of a firearm, the Stun Gun has no charge up attack. The Stun Gun locates in the Water Prison World in one of the cells that can't be opened, however that has a hole.

The Stun Gun is found on the stand in the initial lower east cell (4 o'clock cell) on 2F, before you do any rearranging in the surveillance room. You must arrange the cells on each floor so that there's a cell with a hole in the Stun Gun cell position on each floor. Floors one and two are intially aligned together at the 4 o'clock position which is great, but the 3F cells must be aligned one over to the right -- turn the 3F sureillance room handle once to the right. Then head up to 3F and jump down the hole in the 4 o'clock position to the 2F cell and get the Stun Gun. Jump down two more floors to the kitchen of the basement to continue. And if you're wondering, if you try to continue on without doing the bloody bed cells puzzle, the next room is to dark to enter the secret code.

Eileen Glitch

It can be a real hassle to drag Eileen along with you during the latter half of the game, and for one section of the game there is a glitch that can make things a little easier. During the Building World 2nd time, Eileen can't use ladders and won't be able to follow you everywhere. You must find and perform the four reminisces describes in the Reminisces memo in order to unlock the clock door near the pet shop for an alternate route, allowing you to continue on with Eileen and complete the area. Without completing this mini-puzzle, there is no other way to complete this section of the game, with the exception of this glitch.

After entering the elevator on B10 at the beginning of the world and arriving at B12, there is a small area through the south elevator doors. Exit through the south doors to this small lot to set up the glitch. The idea is to keep Eileen at the farthest away point from the elevator (west elevator), and then quickly run for the elevator without her following you and enter it. To do this, bring Eileen to the southeast corner of the lot. Make her face you and bump into her, briefly stunning her and preventing her from moving for a second, and then sprint for the elevator and enter it. This should be very easy to do.

From here, everything is all good. Back in the elevator alone, head down the ladder on the northside and use the shower room to access the west pathway up the far ladder in the hallway. Once you reach the fence, you'll see Eileen on the other side, but she can't accompany you just yet. Continue to the south area on B12, and stand still after entering the area. You should hear some footsteps and Eileen will walk up to you. Since you're not in the previous pathway, the game does the detect the fence in front of Eileen, and so she just walks right through it and meets up with you again. Mission Accomplished.

By doing this glitch, you don't have to do the reminisces mini-puzzle, and therefore you don't need to pick up any of those four items. Just continue on to the Wheel Chair room down to Bar Southfield and move on.

Silent Hill 2 Reference

After completing the Building World, you'll be able to see a short Silent Hill 2 reference in the washroom of Room 302. When you check the toilet, Henry notices something in there, and you'll be asked if you want to check it out. Even if you select "Yes", Henry will wimp out, just like Heather in Silent Hill 3, and so James is still the man in the world of Silent Hill.