Trainers are small programs that alter the way the game works and allow you to enable various cheats. Using trainers you can affect various in-game parameters and get, for example, unlimited health or ammo. The number in a trainer's description means how many cheats this trainer has, meaning that +5 trainer has 5 different cheat options.

To use a trainer, run the program first and then run the game. While in the game you can enable cheat options by pressing the corresponding keys.

Silent Hill: Homecoming +3 Trainer (H4x0r)

Game version: 1.0

NumPad 1 - Unlimited Health
NumPad 2 - Mk23 Unlimited Ammo
NumPad 3 - Unlimited Ammo for All Weapons


Silent Hill: Homecoming +6 Trainer (RADiANCE)

Game version: 1.0

NumPad 0 - God Mode
NumPad 1 - Infinite Ammo
NumPad 2 - 1 Hit Kill
NumPad 3 - Freeze Enemies
NumPad 4 - Super Speed
NumPad - - Save Position
NumPad + - Restore Position



PC Saves

Copy and overwrite save files to this directory (remember to backup your save file first, if you want to use it later):
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Silent Hill Homecoming (Windows XP)
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Silent Hill Homecoming (Windows Vista)

Unlocker Save (Team aSx) - Unlocks all bonuses (all extra costumes and weapons available). You can also watch all 5 game endings. Read the nfo file for more information.

Save (Bradley) - Saves at each save point in the game.