Silent Hill: Mobile DX

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: FOMA 900i/901i/902i/903 3G mobile phones, phones with Java
Release date: 2006.07.05 (Japan – i-mode), 2007.01.17 (Japan – Yahoo! Mobile), 2007 (Taiwan – Java)
Official site: (Japan)

Silent Hill Mobile (also titled as Silent Hill DX) is the first Silent Hill series installment's conversion for FOMA90X series 3G mobile phones and which is available only in Japan at the moment. The game process resembles Silent Hill: Play Novel which was a text adventure although it's not its remake.

The game consists of 3 chapters. In the end of each chapter the player is given a password, which is needed to go on to the next chapter. Each chapter's actions take place in different locations, which Harry visits in his search for his daughter Cheryl. Those are: Elementary School, Hospital and a Strange World (in order of appearance). The Game shares the same 5 endings and the same conditions to get them as the original Playstation version. However, you should look forward to get the GOOD+ ending, which is the best one, on your 2nd walkthrough, so you can retrieve the item required for fulfillment of the UFO ending's conditions. The battle is based on random encounters - Harry and his enemies take actions according to the turn-based system which highly resembles the one which is often used in RPG.

Thanks to Lovecraft Lover