Extra Weapons


The Chainsaw is unlocked after you beat the game once (or playing on Beginner or Easy mode). You can find it on some logs across from the Silent Hill Ranch in the East South Vale nature trail. It's powerful but awkward to use. You may want to use the Hyper Spray first. To use the Chainsaw, hold R2 and press X. This will perform a swipe at head level. To do a poke attack, hold R2 and hold X tightly. If you just stand with the Chainsaw for a while, doing nothing, James will perform a battle cry, which is quite amusing.

Hyper Spray

To unlock the Hyper Spray, you must beat the game on Normal or Hard Action Level. Then it will be in the motorhome near the west end of Saul Street in East South Vale. The Hyper Spray comes in four colours, depending on your ranking. More information about this is in the Ranking section. The normal and most common Hyper Spray has white spray. This will immobilize certain enemies for a brief amount of time. The best Hyper Spray you can get is the green spray. Instead of freezing enemies, it will kill them. If used on bosses, it will kill them or make them run away faster in certain situations. To use the Hyper Spray, hold R2 and press X to spray for about two seconds. You can hold X to continuously spray and even walk with it. You can even run while spraying on the streets. If you use it a lot, you'll have to shake the can every once in a while, but it has unlimited spray.

Extra Items

White Chrism

One of four secret items needed in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth Ending. Located on the counter in the kitchenette of Room 105 1F of Blue Creek Apartments.

Book: "Lost Memories"

One of four secret items needed in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth Ending. Inside the newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station, West South Vale.

Obsidian Goblet

One of four secret items needed in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth Ending. You can find it in the smashed display case in the second room of the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Book: "Crimson Ceremony"

One of four secret items needed in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth Ending. On the shelf behind the headphones in the Reading Room on 2F after you view the videotape, Nightmare Hotel.

Dog Key

Unlocked after you receive the Leave, In Water, and Maria endings, or just the Rebirth Ending. Once you have the ending(s) in the same file, load it and start a new game. When exiting Rosewater Park for the first time, the Dog Key is in the Dog House in the open yard, West South Vale.

Blue Gem

Expanded versions only. Unlocked after you beat both the Main and Sub Scenarios with James and Maria. Then it's on the floor by one of the stalls in the beginning washroom in the Main Scenario. Use it in the following three locations and you'll receive the UFO Ending:

  • Nightmare Hospital in the Garden 1F, after you've beaten the Hangers Boss
  • Right in front of the boat on the Labyrinth dock of Toluca Lake, after you've beaten the Eddie Boss
  • Room 312 3F Lake View Hotel, near the window the TV before you watch the videotape

Unlockable Game Options and Modes

Extra Options / Bullet Adjust

To access Extra Options on PS2 or Xbox press L1 or R1 in the options menu. In PC version the same options are available under Game Options. These options allow you to change some gameplay settings. Once you beat the game at least once, you'll also be able to modify how many bullets you get in the game by changing the Bullet Adjust setting. The maxium value is x3 meaning you'll get 30 pistol bullets instead of 10 on a single pickup.

Extra Riddle Level

An additional Riddle Level that is a lot harder than Hard. If you enjoy solving the hard puzzles, you'll enjoy this. It requires a lot of thinking and may cause frustration. To unlock it, beat the game on Easy, Normal, and Hard Riddle Levels. Then to play it you have to play on Hard Action Level and Hard Riddle Level. You will select hard but when you save it will say "Extra" and the puzzles are different. When you beat the game on Extra Riddle Level and select Hard Riddle level the next time, it will be just Hard. So you have to beat the game again to play Extra Riddle Level.

Clues of Other Endings

Searching for Another Conclusion

Upon completion of the game for the first time, the next time you play there will be a clue for another ending. There's a book titled "Searching for Another Conclusion" in Room 205 2F of Wood Side Apartments, next to the sewing machine on the table. It will describe what to do to get one of the three regular endings that you haven't received. If you've gotten one ending, the memo will be about one of the two other endings. If you've received two of the regular endings, the memo will be about the last regular ending. It will only describe the Leave, In Water, and Maria endings.

"The Road to Tomorrow"

Note: Clue for the "Leave" ending.

The first step to a healthy
life is to avoid illness. That
may sound obvious, but it's
also very important.
Instead of working to heal
yourself after you're sick,
it's better to avoid getting
sick in the first place.

Also you have to maintain a
positive, optimistic outlook on
life. It's no use worrying over
things that have happened in
the past.

You've got to get outside and
play in the fresh air once in a
while, instead of just sitting
inside reading difficult books.

"How to be a Happy Couple"

Note: Clue for the "Maria" ending.

Do you really love her?
In sickness and in health?
If you truly love her, then you
must act. It all depends on how
hard you fight for her.

Whatever happens, don't give up.
Always try just one more time.
Even though there may be hard
times, never turn to another

And if it comes to it, you must
be willing to protect her with your
very life. After all, true love means
a willingness to sacrifice.

Be true to your heart and with
luck, things will work out in the

"Choosing Death"

Note: Clue for the "In Water" ending.

When life is filled with nothing
but despair, some people choose
to end it all.
I once chose that path for
myself as well.
At the time I felt that I had no
other choices.

After I made my decision, it
became the only thing binding
me into this world.
Sometimes I would cry to myself
while thinking of the past, but
mostly all I did was plan over and
over again how and when I was
going to kill myself.

I did stupid, dangerous things.
I figured it didn't matter since
I was going to die anyway, so
I went out of my way to invite
I stopped taking to people and
it didn't bother me even when
friendships grew distant.

Save Game Files

PC Saves

Copy and overwrite "save" folder to this directory (remember to backup your save folder first, if you want to use it later):
...Silent Hill 2\data\

All extras unlocked save unlocks all bonuses in new games (all extra items and weapons) / by Silent Rain
Saves at all locations difficulty levels – normal / normal
Extra riddle level save allows to play on extra riddle difficulty level / by Ratiocinator

Ending saves (action difficulty level for the last boss battle):
Leave (Easy)
Maria (Normal)
In Water (Hard)
Rebirth (Normal)
Born from a Wish