After the dialogue exit the room. Go forward and to the left. Take the Map of the mansion from the wall at the end of the hall. You can check your position with the map anytime. Turn back and head for the dining area. Notice the clock by the door to the dining room - you'll need to use that later in the game. Go to the kitchen nearby. Check the fridge to get Ice block. If you examine it from your inventory, you'll see that there's a key trapped inside. Put the Ice block on the hot plates at the top of the oven here and you'll receive Gold key. Exit the kitchen. Move across the hall, then to the right and again to the right. Enter the first bedroom on the 1st floor. Check the lamp between two beds to find writings: A=2 S=7. Exit the bedroom and move to the next one.

This bedroom's door is locked and has a phone booth beside it. Use the phone booth. There's a writing "I AM GOD" on the phone keypad. You need to enter a code to unlock the door. Now you have to remember that lamp's writing which is a cipher representing a typical 12 key telephone keypad in which all letters are attached to digits from 2 to 9. So you need to present the phrase on the phone as digits. I=4, A=2, M=6, G=4, O=6, D=3. The code is 426463. Input that number and you'll enter the bedroom. Pick a Fragment of paper from the bed and exit the room. After the conversation proceed down the hallway and enter the bathroom to the left at the end of it. Take the Chain from the bath. Exit and go upstairs.

Move to the end of the hall and use the Gold key to enter the last room to the right. Get a Health pack from the chest of drawers and the second Fragment of paper. Exit the room and go to the room at the end of this hall. Take the Lighter from the table and Gun bullets from the wooden bench. Examine pieces of paper on the wall. You have the two missing fragments now so you can make the picture whole. Move all pieces so that people figures would make a closed circle with their hands. Take a note that you can rotate pieces.

After the flashback you will appear in the nightmare world. You can now use the red seal on the wall to switch between the worlds. Exit the room and you'll run into the first monster which apparently is transformed Ben from the first mobile game. Kill the monster. Use the elevator to get to the 1st floor.

Enter the shower room just in front of you. Get the Old key from the cocoon here. Exit the room and fight with a monster. Enter the bedroom to the left. Examine the cocoon to learn that there's some shining object inside. But you can't get it with your bare hands. Use the chain in your inventory which has a magnet attached to it to receive Red pearl. Now move to the bedroom to the  right of the elevator. Check the chest of drawers to get Beretta. Return to the 2nd floor and move to the normal world via the seal in the room.

Go to the 3rd floor. Unlock the last door to the right with the Old key. Check the box under the right bed - it has fuel for the lighter. Use it to get Lighter ammo. Also take the Blue pearl from the little doll on the bed. Before you go examine the clock on the wall which stopped at 3:45. Memorize that time. Exit the room and go to the last room on this floor. Light the candles with the lighter and you'll have a chat with Alessa. She tells Karen is waiting for him in the dining room on the 1st floor. That's the room with a clock by the door.

Go there, check the clock and turn the handles so that the time would be 3:45 and confirm it. After the conversation between Vincent and Karen the game will move to the next hero.


You start in the mansion's kitchen. Get out of the room and kill the first monster. Alessa will tell there are four of them left which you have to find. Go upstairs to the 2nd floor. Check the toilet to the left to get Gun bullets in the sink. Upon the exit you'll run into another monster. Nothing to do on this floor so get to the 3rd floor. Check the sink in the toilet on this floor to get another Gun bullets. Go to the shower room next and get Shotgun bullets from the cocoon on the wall. Exit the room and get rid of the third monster. Use the elevator to get to the 1st floor.

Move to the refrigerator room at the end of the hallway and examine the hanging cocoon to receive Shotgun. Get out of the room and kill the fourth creature. Go to the bedroom to the left and get Shotgun bullets from the left bed. Check various rooms here and you'll eventually run into the last monster. Kill it and Alessa will tell you to get to the real world. Go to the 2nd floor and use the red seal in the last room to switch worlds.

Alessa tells Emilie to find a relic in some piece of furniture, but she doesn't remember in which one... Go outside the room and turn to the bedroom to the right. Check the wardrobe and you'll find Holy knife inside. Now go the dining room on the 1st floor. Alessa tells Emilie to sacrifice herself so use the Holy knife to do it.


You return to Vincent. Check the dead girl on the floor and take the Shotgun from her. Also take a Health pack by clicking on the curtain. Go to the toilet room on the 1st floor. Check the toilet to see there's something shiny inside. Use the chain to get a Rusty key. Upon the exit you'll meet a new monster which can be real tough, so you may want to equip the Shotgun before going out.

Go to the 2nd floor and unlock the first room to the left with the Rusty key. Check the strongbox on the wall to the left. Use the hand on it to read the puzzle tale. The answer would be 1, because only you're going to the hospital. Enter 001 and take Black pearl from the safe. Kill the monster in the hall. Go to the room with the seal and move to the nightmare world.

Go to the first floor by the elevator. Check the last door to see there are three bottles here and a button on the floor. You need to get a bottle with 4 gallons of sand in it. To do it make these exchanges between bottles: from 8 to 3, from 3 to 5, from 8 to 3, from 3 to 5, from 5 to 8, from 3 to 5, from 8 to 3 and then put the 8 gallons bottle on the button. Get Yellow pearl from the hanging cocoon.

Now you have four pearls, so go to the last room on the 3rd floor. You better save the game now. Try to enter the door. You'll get a puzzle with a message. You need to insert pearls according to the expressions mentioned in the message. If you examine pearls in your inventory, you'll get their descriptions (for some reason you can read them only in the real world): red - concentrated rage, blue - so beautiful that makes you cry, yellow - happy, black - frightening and cold. So put the pearls in certain order clockwise starting from the left slot: blue (sad), yellow (joyful), red (angry), black (dead). Enter the room for the final battle with Karen. Aim for the head with your shotgun. After the battle the game is finished.