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Year of the Ladybug


Year of the Ladybug is a pitch for a third-person survival horror game currently in development.

The game is set in 2022 in the fictional Canadian city of Oakwood where the player takes on the role of James Hsieh, an interior designer, as he fights his way out of Glenrose Hospital.

YOTL fascinates us with an amazing art, emphasis on a good story and a fresh approach to the genre. We really hope this wonderful project develops into a playable game one day.

Year of the Ladybug on

Silent Hill gets exlusive posters and vinyl soundtracks


American art gallery Mondo has just announced a new collaboration with Konami which starts with a series of limited posters dedicated to popular company's titles including Silent Hill. The Silent Hill poster comes in two variants: normal (125 prints) and red-tinted (75 prints). The posters will be available exclusively at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle on April 7. 

Also, Mondo has shared their plans to release various Silent Hill soundtracks on vinyl later this year. More information to follow at a later date.

Source: Mashable

Project Scissors: NightCry is Out


NightCry has been released today on Steam. In addition to the game, 3 DLC are available: Original Soundtrack by Nobuko Toda and Michiru Yamane, artbook with Masahiro Ito's and Kiyoshi Arai's works and storyboards for Shimizu Takashi's live action short film. Also, we've updated the screenshots section & art gallery with backers' forum data.

NightCry Trailer and Release Date


NightCry is set to release on March 29. Check out the latest trailer:

SH3 & SH4 statues by Hellpainter


Yesterday at Wonder Festival 2016 Winter in the Japanese city of Chiba, studio Hellpainter, which produced a number of SH statues in the past, presented two new excellent statues of Slurper and Twin Victim. Visitors of the event could buy those figures for 15,000 and 18,000 yen accordingly. Alas, after the festival you can only purchase these from the auction sites as in Japan it's a common practice to grant a one-day licence for selling such products. At least, we can enjoy the beautiful photos.

Sources: Hellpainter, ナ が Twitter


Pyramid Head's Great Knife by Man at Arms


While Konami is silent about the series' future, professional swordsmiths from the web show Man at Arms: ReForged due to numerous requests from the viewers have crafted an almost authentic steel copy of Pyramid Head's Blade from SH Homecoming. Enjoy the work of the masters in this video.

Source: AWE me

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