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Silent Hill: Alchemilla is released


The White Noise team lead by Alexander "Allien" Goriachev have released the long-awaited game Silent Hill: Alchemilla after six years of development. Alchemilla is a fan-made Half-Life 2 mod recreating the atmosphere of Silent Hill games using the Source Engine. Developers had to give up the idea of implementing monsters and combat system into the project, therefore the final version is an adventure game without any combat which will take you around 8 hours to complete. You can download the mod from Mod DB (1.2 GB). The game also requires Steam and Source SDK (around 7.9 GB, automatic download after the mod's installation). Developers are also planning to port the mod to Linux and Mac and add Oculus Rift support later.

We have a newly created section dedicated to the mod.

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne's Story #4 on sale now


The concluding issue of Anne's Story is out now. As usual, you have an option to purchase a digital copy via IDW Publishing site for $4 or visit your local comic store for the paper variant. By the way, IDW is currently offering to buy previous digital issues of the series for only $2 per issue. Trade paperback combining all four issues is expected to come out on 18 February.

Sources: IDW Publishing, Bloody Disgusting

Silent Hill: Cold Heart pitch document revealed


As you know, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was called Cold Heart in the beginning of its development. Last year, we wrote as Climax Studios were giving away several copies of the original pitch document with early concept of the game. Today we'd like to share photos of this interesting document with all the fans of Shattered Memories to celebrate the game's 5th anniversary (big thanks to Tom McCaren who provided the images). The document revealing original ideas and concept behind the story of a psychologically traumatised student Jessica Chambers is available here.

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne's Story #3 is released


Third and penultimate issue of Anne's Story has been released today. You can check the issue's preview in this post and purchase the full digital version for $4 on the IDW Publishing site. Paper variant has been released as well. Release of issue 4 has been moved to December. A trade paperback, for which Tristan Jones is planning to redraw several pages, should come out in January-February.

Sources: IDW Publishing, Bloody Disgusting

VCONCERT 2014 live on Twitch


VCONCERT 2014 event in Monterrey featuring Akira Yamaoka and other performers is going to begin today, Saturday at 4pm CST and you can watch it streaming live on Twitch. Akira Yamaoka and the White Noiz band are performing at 12am CST.

Update: You can watch the recording of their performance on Youtube: part 1, part 2.

Source: My Silent Hill

Robbie The Rabbit figure by Medicom Toy


More Silent Hill figures! A new fully articulated figure of Robbie the Rabbit has been announced by Medicom Toy as part of their Real Action Heroes series. The figure produced by Perfect-Studio is going to be quite big – 30 cm high. The package includes two weapons – a steel pipe and a chainsaw – the same as with the statue by Gecco. The first photos look very appealing, we hope the quality will stay the same for the final product which is slated for release in July 2015. You can already make the preorder on AmiAmi, although the price is pretty steep – 22,130 yen (~$205).

Sources: Medicom Toy, Silent Hill Collectors

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