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Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Update #6


Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition team has just released update #6. The update includes:

  • Upscaled full screen images (maps, memos, inventory, puzzle screens)
  • Integrated audio “click/pop” fix
  • DSOAL (enables 3D positional audio)
  • Integrated shaders (brightness, color temperature, anti-aliasing)
  • Take in-game screenshots
  • Increased fog texture resolution
  • Various fixes and adjustments
  • Reworked autoupdater for SH2 enhancements module

Find instructions in the latest video and download files from

Silent Hill 4: The Room is released in GOG


Konami has finally remembered that none of Silent Hill games previously released on PC are available these days on digital platforms (except Silent Hill Homecoming available on Steam in selected regions) while physical copies are hard to get. Today it releases classic Silent Hill 4: The Room, originally published in 2004, in for $9.99 / € 9.99. Let's see if Silent Hill 2 and 3 are to follow this good trend.

Christophe Gans is working on a new Silent Hill


Christophe Gans, original 2006 Silent Hill adaptation's director, has spilled the beans about a new Silent Hill movie in the works when interviewed recently by a french site AlloCiné:

"I have two horror film projects with Victor Hadida. I am working on the adaptation of the video game Project Zero (known as Fatal  Frame in the United States, editor’s note )The film will take place in Japan. I especially don’t want to uproot the game from its Japanese haunted house setting. And we’re also working on a new Silent HillThe project will always be anchored in this atmosphere of a small American town, ravaged by Puritanism. I think it’s time to make a new one."

Roger Avary, writer of the first Silent Hill movie has already confirmed he's not participating in this new project.

Source: AlloCiné via Rely on Horror

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