Silent Hill 3

Developer: Konami (Team Silent)
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PS2, PC
Rating: BBFC - 15, ESRB - M, CERO - 15/C
Official sites: (Japan) (Europe) (USA)
2003.05.23 2003.07.03 2003.08.05

Heather is at the mall on a normal Sunday and she falls asleep in a restaurant called "Happy Burger". She wakes up from a horrible nightmare to find herself sleeping at a table. She gets up and leaves the restaurant and finds a phone to call her father. While she's on the phone, a man wearing a brown overcoat in his 50s seems to be waiting near her, possibly for the phone. After she's done on the phone, she gives the man a weird look to tell him he can use the phone now. He shakes his head.

Heather starts to walk away and the man approaches her and tells her he'd like to speak with her. He says his name is Douglas Cartland and he's a detective. He claims someone wants to meet her and wants a half-hour of her time. Heather declines and walks away. Douglas doesn't give up and mentions it being very important and about her birth. Heather is annoyed and heads into the nearby Women's washroom.

Press Releases
2002.05.22 Revisit Unspeakable Horror in Konami's Silent Hill 3
2003.01.16 Konami announces Silent Hill 3 to be bundled with original Music Soundtrack
2003.02.21 Europe first for Silent Hill 3
2003.04.30 Silent Hill 3 to terrorize PC DVD-ROM