Speed Walkthrough


01. Lakeside Amusement Park
02. Central Square Shopping Center
03. Nightmare Mall
04. Hazel Street Subway Station
05. Underpass
06. Construction Site
07. Hilltop Center
08. Nightmare Hilltop Center
09. Daisy Villa Apartments
10. Silent Hill
11. Brookhaven Hospital
12. Nightmare Hospital
13. Lakeside Amusement Park Revisited
14. The Church


The following speed walkthrough is intended for people who have beaten the game at least once, but I recommend that you play through another or a few more times so you know what to do pretty well.

You are expected to know where to go when something is said. For example:
-Enter the Storage Room on 3F

Use your map if you need to, but you shouldn't always have to use it.

You are also expected to know where items are, for the most part. For example:
-Enter the southernmost room in the corridor and get the Walnut

You should already know where all items are beforehand -- this is why you should play the game a few times first, before going for speed.

Don't waste time killing too many enemies. Especially when they're are groups of enemies, just run past them. However, enemies that may pose a real threat should be taken out.

Supplies aren't mentioned in this speed walkthrough, however, you are expected to get some on your own. Try not to go out of your way just to get a supply, unless you really need it. Always get supplies that you go past and are close to (supplies near an item should always be picked up, obviously).

Collecting Extra Weapons add to a better ranking, so pick them up if playing an Extra New Game.

Note: Cutscenes do not count towards your time. You can watch them if you want but to stay on track, you might want to skip them.

Note: Although the Lakeside Amusement Park nightmare is in here, you should go for speed in an Extra New Game so you'll get a faster time. But if you want, you can start a New Game for speed.

Color legend
Tongs - items
Handgun - weapons
Shopping Mall Map - maps

01. Lakeside Amusement Park

-Actually finish the stage on the roller coaster rails, or just fall down a hole or let an enemy kill you

02. Central Square Shopping Center

-Exit the washroom through the window and go through the open door in the alley
-Go through the double doors at the end of the hallway to the right
-Enter the women's clothing shop and you'll get the Handgun
-Exit the room through the other door and get the Shopping Mall Map by the stairs door
-Go up to 2F via the stars and enter Helen's Bakery to get the Tongs
-Enter the northwest storage room in the corridor you just came from and use the Tongs to get the Key taken with Tongs under the skid
-Enter the "My Bestsellers" bookstore and collect the Shakespeare Anthology books by the shelf

Shakespeare Anthology Puzzle

-Put the books on the shelf to reveal a code; arrange them out of order
-If on Hard Riddle Level, the code is 8352 (don't pick up the books)

-Use the code to get past the locked door and meet Claudia
-Find the elevator and enter it
-Get the Radio when it falls down and exit the elevator

03. Nightmare Mall

-Enter the storage room beside the women's washroom and get the Flashlight between the boxes
-Get the Bleach from the women's washroom (if not playing Easy Riddle Level) and go past the shutter to the east and enter the women's clothing shop
-Get the Hanger on the coat rack near you and the Bulletproof Vest on the far one
-Go back to the west corridor and enter the southwest shop on the north side
-Use the Hanger to bring down the ladder and go up it to 2F
-Go up the escalators to 3F and go through the double doors on your right
-Get the Cooked Key from inside the ready-to-eat dog
-Go back down to 2F and enter southernmost room and get the Walnut
-Go through the other door and enter Café Turn Mill, using the Cooked Key, and get the Steel Pipe
-Exit through the other door and enter what's left of Helen's Bakery through the southeast double doors
-Get the Detergent (if not playing Easy Riddle Level) on the cart in the room and exit through the other door
-Turn off the fan at the other end of the hallway and go through the door there
-Combine the Bleach and Detergent and use the combination on the bucket by the door (if playing Easy Riddle Level, forget this and just continue)
-Back by the fan, turn it back on and reenter the corridor
-Now enter the northeast shop in the corridor and pass through it to the other corridor
-Enter the northwest shop and break open the Walnut with the vise to get the Moonstone
-Head west all the way to the escalator corridor and go up to 3F again
-Use the Moonstone on the locked door and go down the long ladder in the area to the first boss

Boss 1: Split Worm

-Use the Handgun to kill the Split Worm and make sure to dodge its attacks
-Hold L2 to see which hole it's coming from next and shoot it when it opens its protective cover for its head
-It shouldn't take too long to beat this easy boss fight

-Head west through the nearby doors and through the next doors

04. Hazel Street Subway Station

-Follow the hallway and head right when the hallway diverts, and go through the door
-Follow the left wall around the corner until you get to the turnstiles, and go past them
-Get the Subway Map on the wall of the room by you and go downstairs via the closest stairs
-Head east to Platform 1 and go down the stairs
-Go down the east stairs and get the Nutcracker
-Go up the stairs and go up the other stairs you came from
-Go to the Platform 2 Gate and use the Nutcracker to open it
-Go down the stairs and get the Shotgun in the abandoned train
-Go down the north stairs and find and go down the Platform 3 stairs
-Go east, fall on the track and try to open the far red light door, and run back to climb back up on the platform
-Head west through the gate, up the far stairs, down the stairs in front of you and enter the subway train
-Make your way through each of the nine cars and then enter the Underpass through the blue door on the platform when the train stops

05. Underpass

-Make your way to the first actual room through the first four corridors, and get the Maul and the Underpass Map
-Get the Wine Bottle from the southwest hall, through the door
-Make your way to the east section of this floor and enter the room with the heater
-Use the Wine Bottle on the heater to get the Oil-Filled Bottle
-Enter the other room (just north of it) and use the Oil-Filled Bottle to fill the gas tank and use the machine
-Go downstairs via the ladder and use the stairs to go through the door at the top
-Enter the garbage room south from where you are and get the Dryer
-Head east through some doors until you get to the monster in the water area, and use the Dryer on the outlet by the door
-Go across the bridge and through the door
-Go south through the next door and go through the door to the stairs south of where you are
-Go down the stairs and up the next set, and go through the door
-Go up the stairs and up the ladder
-Enter the construction site

06. Construction Site

-Enter the stairwell and go through the 5F door
-Enter the large room and drop the bed down the hole, then jump down to 3F
-Go outside through the hole in the wall and go through the window to the Hilltop Center

07. Hilltop Center

-Find the door exiting to the main 3F corridor and go through it
-Enter the emergency staircase and go up to 5F
-Head down the hall and turn left, then enter the gallery on the left
-Exit the gallery through the far door and get the Screwdriver on the boxes (if not playing Easy Riddle Level)
-Get the Katana from the other end right room in this corridor, and go back to the main corridor
-After exiting the gallery, go through the door in front of you and go right around two corners and enter the first room on your left
-Get the Jack from the back of the room and head back down to 3F
-Head left past the elevators and through the left door
-Go through the door in front of you to the right and get the Office Building Map, then use the Screwdriver on the desk drawer to get the Rope (if playing Easy Riddle Level, just grab the Rope)
-Go to the west elevator -- with the doors slightly open -- on this floor and use the Jack, and then the Rope
-Go down to 2F with the rope and enter the west room
-Go through two doors north and turn on the bathtub in the last room

08. Nightmare Hilltop Center

-Exit to the main corridor and go north to the Green Ridge area and enter the northernmost room with Vincent in it
-Get the Oxydol on the desk and exit through the other door
-Enter the east elevator and go down to 1F
-Ignore the beginning of the fairy tale on the ground near the Glutton and enter the Last Drop Café
-Get the Pork Liver in the small fridge and then go up to 5F via the elevator
-Enter the west corridor and enter the southwest room
-Get the Matchbook on the table and enter the gallery by going east and then north (and through two sets of doors)
-Go up to the bucket by the painting and combine and use the Oxydol, Pork Liver and the Matchbook
-Go through the small doors and go down the stairs, ignoring the middle section of the fairy tale, and go through the door there
-Make your way to the end of this corridor and the next one, and enter the room there
-Get a Silver Coin from the desk and use it on the vending machine to get the Life Insurance Key
-Go down to 1F and enter the west corridor, using the Life Insurance Key, and enter the room as far southeast as you can go
-Read the end of the fairy tale and exit to the main corridor
-Exit the building to outside
-Find and enter Daisy Villa Apartments

09. Daisy Villa Apartments

-Find and enter your apartment

Boss 2: Missionary

-Use the Shotgun to kill the Missionary
-Go for shots from behind, which will inflict a lot of damage
-Run and let the Missionary try to attack you and get behind it for a shot
-When the Missionary is on the ground, keep shooting it
-Strafe out of the way when the Missionary runs towards you, and blast it after it passes you
-This fight shouldn't be too hard

-Get the Stun Gun from Heather's room if you want, and then exit the apartments from the front door

10. Silent Hill

-Make your way to Brookhaven Hospital and enter it

11. Brookhaven Hospital

-Enter the Reception and get the Hospital Map
-Enter the elevator in the main corridor and go up to 2F
-Get the Nail Polish Remover from the Women's Locker Room

Second Floor Key Code Puzzle

-Solve the puzzle to open the patient wing double doors with the following codes for each Riddle Level:
-Easy: 4639
-Normal: 8634
-Hard: 4896

-Enter the patient wing and enter room M4

M4 Briefcase Puzzle

-Examine the clock for the time (or number if on Easy Riddle Level) and use that to open the briefcase (if on hard, use 24 hour time)

-Get the Instant Camera from the briefcase
-Go down to 1F via the east elevator and enter the patient wing
-Enter room C4 and use the Nail Polish Remover to get the Stairwell Key
-Use the Stairwell Key to enter the east stairwell and go down to BF
-Get the Submachine Gun by the elevator and enter the Store Room
-Use the Instant Camera to see the code behind the shelf
-Go up to 3F and use that code to enter the patient wing
-Enter Room S12 and get the phone
-Go down to the 2F patient wing and go through the door marked "M" at the end of the hallway
-Use these directions whenever you reach a place where the hallway turns (so at every corner, use these directions, even if there's only one way):
-Right, right, left, right, right, left, through the door
-Left, right, right, left, through door
-Left, left
-When you reach the large red crest (Metatron crest), go through the door ahead, up the ladder, and through the door up there

12. Nightmare Hospital

-Go through the Day Room (first, you may want to unlock the patient wing double doors for later) to the east corridor and enter the elevator
-Go down to 2F and get the Plastic Bag from the garbage in the Women's Locker Room, and go back up to 3F
-Use the Plastic Bag to get the Plastic bag (with Blood) in Examining Room 3 from the blood bucket (pass through the Day Room if you didn't unlock the patient wing from the other side before)
-Enter the east elevator and go down to B3

B3 Crematorium Puzzle

-Solve the puzzle if not on Easy Riddle Level, for the appropriate Riddle Level
-Normal: Use the roman numerals on the oven and match them with the numbers on the gurneys with corpses
-Hard: The code is 9271

-Get the Cremated Key from the oven and go up to 1F
-Use the Cremated Key to pass through the Day Room and enter room C4
-Use the Plastic Bag (with Blood) on the altar and then go down the ladder

Boss 3: Leonard

-Defeat Leonard with the Shotgun
-Try to go for shots from behind
-Stay away from Leonard while he's getting up
-Continuously shoot Leonard while he's on the ground
-It may take long, but just keep shooting him

-Heather will pick up the Talisman from the ground
-Exit the room and exit the hospital through the front doors
-Go back to the motel room and enter it
-After the conversation, head northwest on Nathan Avenue to reach the park

13. Lakeside Amusement Park Revisited

-Find and enter the souvenir shop and run to the back left of the shop, and then run to the back right to make the shelf fall
-Get the Roller Coaster Key in the cookie case
-Exit and continue around the area and go through the closest door
-Keep going and make your way to the Mountain Coaster and up the stairs
-Use the Roller Coaster Key to enter the control room and switch the ride off
-Go on the rails to the end for the cutscene
-Go through the left door and enter the Borley Haunted Mansion
-Make your way through the house -- you won't have to wait for the narrator to finish talking before you can go through the doors in the first rooms, if playing an Extra New Game
-For the red glow hallways, just keep running to the end and exit the house
-Find the gate and go through it to the next area
-Head forward and through the two gates to the left
-Get the Chain on some bleachers and the Red Shoe on the stage, and go back to the Swing Rocket ride
-Attach the Chain to the gate door and the bar on the column on the ride, and start the ride from the control room
-Go through the now opened gate door
-After meeting Douglas, go through the gate in front of you and enter the Fortune House
-Grab Douglas's Notebook and the Doll Head in this area and enter the Morchen Travel place nearby
-Place the Doll head in the left doll's hand, and the Red Shoe by the right doll
-Take the left path through the wooden door, and then through the green door after it
-Enter the carousel area ahead and aboard the carousel
-Kill all the horses with a melee weapon

Boss 4: Memory of Alessa

-Defeat the Memory of Alessa with the Katana
-When Alessa has a firearm, stay close to her
-Use the method where you swing three times and knock Alessa back each time
-Repeat this and she shouldn't be able to hit you
-If you're having trouble, use a firearm (Shotgun)

-After the boss, go through the door off the carousel
-Enter the Church through the next door

14. The Church

-Get the "Eye of Night" Tarot Card behind the altar and enter the first corridor
-Get the Church Map on the wall and make your way to the hallway with the moveable painting
-After the blood footprints are done, move the painting and go through the door
-Go all the way to the library and get the "Moon" Tarot Card on the table
-Vincent will hand you the Book: Otherworld Laws in a cutscene
-Enter the elevator to go down to the lower level
-Get the "Hanged Man" Tarot Card from the morgue in the west and go south all the way to the long hallway
-Enter the Alessa hospital room past the moveable wall (once the blood footprints are finished) and get the "Fool" Tarot Card in the Aglaophotis book
-Go back north to the middle hallway on the lower level and enter Alessa's room to the west, and get the Brass Key
-Go back up to the upper level and go to the locked door in the first corridor, using the brass Key
-Enter the southernmost room on the west side and get the "High Priestess" Tarot Card
-Go back down to the lower level and enter Alessa's room again

Tarot Card Puzzle

-Here are the solutions for each Riddle Level:


"Fool" Empty "Moon"
Empty "Eye of Night" Empty
"Hanged Man" Empty "High


"Eye of
Empty "Moon"
Empty "Fool"
Empty "Hanged Man" Empty


"Eye of Night" Empty
Empty "Fool" "Moon"
"Hanged Man" Empty Empty

-Go through the door, down the stairs and enter the last area
-After the cutscene, use the Pendant
-Jump down the hole to the final boss fight

Final Boss: The God

-Use the Handgun to defeat the god
-Stay just outside of the semi-circle on the ground and fire the Handgun until the god shoots fire -- sidestep to the left or right, appropriately, when this happens
-Repeat this process until the god dies
-It may take a while, but it's pretty easy

Congratulations! If your time is less than two hours, that's really good. If less than three hours, that's okay, but you can do better. You must know what you're doing to get a really good time.