Silent Hill 2

Developer: Konami (Team Silent), Creature Labs (PC)
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PS2, X-Box, PC
Rating: BBFC - 15, ESRB - M, CERO - 15/C
Official sites: (Japan) (Europe)
2001.09.24 2001.09.27 2001.11.23

James Sunderland is a broken man. Having lost his wife Mary to illness three years ago, he is both distraught yet uplifted on receipt of a letter which is apparently from her. The letter is asking him to return to a place special to both: the ominous town of Silent Hill. Silent Hill was a special place to the couple, yet when James arrives in his car he finds the tunnel that leads into the town blocked. Proceeding on foot and finally entering the town, it transpires that a lot has changed in Silent Hill. its once busy streets are now empty and the entire town is shrouded in a dense fog. It becomes apparent that something evil is stalking Silent Hill, and as James battles to uncover the mystery of the letter from his wife, he finds himself face to face with an exact double of the departed Mary, a mysterious runaway and a little girl who may hold the key to the mystery.

Press Releases
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2001.09.20 Silent Hill 2
2001.10.05 Extra chills with Silent Hill 2 as exclusive box set is confirmed
2002.06.19 The Anxieties Continue This October in Silent Hill 2 Inner Fears for Xbox
Silent Hill 2 Patch (rar, 1.5 mb) – this patch for the PC version of Silent Hill 2 will fix some sound looping problems while playing the game
Silent Hill 2 Nvidia GeForce FX Fix (rar, 3.3 kb) – this update is used to address missing text and/or missing videos on nVIDIA GeForce FX cards