James Sunderland

Age: 29
James is the main character in Silent Hill 2. He has brown eyes and blonde hair. He works as a clerk for a small company. James is quiet and doesn't like talking too much. He was a proud and loving husband until his wife, Mary, was stricken with a rare and fatal disease, and there was no chance. He hasn't been the same since.

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland

Age: 25
James' dearly departed wife. She was originally cheerful and kind. In bed, she cried that she didn't want to die, yet she hoped for death at the same time, during her agony. She told James to abandon her because she was ugly and useless, but she also said that she wanted James to be by her side until she died. Silent Hill was James and Mary's "special place" because of their many great memories there. Mary was ill and died three years ago, but James received a letter that was from Mary. James decides to come to Silent Hill to find her. But could she still be alive?


Age: 25
A strange woman who James meets in Silent Hill. She could be the twin sister of Mary, except for a few physical and behavioral characteristics. It appears that Maria used to work at Heaven's Night before Silent Hill went insane. She is cheerful, positive, and can be very emotional in certain situations. She talks looking straight into the other person's eyes and she does the same when listening. Maria seems a little strange and she knows James' name without him telling her.

Angela Orosco

Age: 19
James first meets this woman in the graveyard in East South Vale. She has dark hair and brown eyes. She's apparently looking for her mother, who she very dearly misses. She appears to be a regular girl but she isn't. She hesitates and doesn't answer some of James' questions. After Angela graduated from high school, she ran away from home. But her father found her and brought her back. Once again she ran away, but this time she wandered off to Silent Hill.

Eddie Dombrowski

Age: 23
James meets Eddie in the apartments when he's puking in a toilet. He has blonde hair and gray eyes. He worked part-time at a gas station. He is pretty much like the average guy but he seems to be defensive all of a sudden. Eddie seems awfully concerned with exonerating himself for the murders that keep cropping his wake. He seems like a murderer but denies everything. Eddie is no resident of Silent Hill, so why is he in this town?


Age: 8
This young little girl seems to have a sharp grudge against James, although he has no idea who she is. She somehow knows things about James, including him and Mary. Laura has blonde hair and blue eyes. She creates problems for James when he already has other things on his mind. Laura has neither parents nor siblings; she lived in an orphanage. She is restless and doesn't stay put. Does she know who James is or is she just a little brat?