Interview with Donna Burke (Angela) (Central Silent Hill)

Date published: 2002
Source: Central Silent Hill

Recently Central Silent Hill had the time to have a talk with none other than Donna Burke, voice actress for Angela Orosco from Konami's second installment in the Silent Hill series. Below you will find Central Silent Hill's questions to her and then Donna's responce but please keep in mind some of the responces are confidential or just can't be answered for one reason or another.

We at Central Silent Hill would first off like to thank you for taking time out of your shedule to answer some qurestions and we also hope your holiday season was merry.

I guess the first question has to be how did you land a role on the Silent Hill 2 cast, I mean was it like one of those at the right place, at the right time kinda things?

Yes- living in Tokyo means that you have opportunities that arise just out of living here. I work mainly as a singer and voice actor-but usually my work is just for commercials and company videos. I sometimes do the odd game software job where I have to do the voices for volleyball games and skiing games- lots of oomphs and ahhhs!

Before you started work on Silent Hill 2 had you ever heard of this game series, even if it was just a small little thing or was this game and its story completely new to you? Whether you were furmilure with the story of Silent Hill or just learned about it when you were cast, can you tell us your own opinion on the story of this foggy town?

I don't own a video game- except Nanasour which came with an iMac I once bought. I find games too scary- I never ride rollercoasters-(too scary) even ferris wheels are freaky for me. I only just recently heard that Silent Hill 2 was really successful- but when I went to buy a copy they'd sold out!

When you started work on Silent Hill 2 did you know that this game was going to be as big or even bigger the the original? This question is asked by a fan of the Silent Hill series. When going for the role as Angela in Silent Hill 2 did you have any kinda competition for the job?

No- it's been a pleasant surprise to find out how successful it is. It's the first time a game has been created using western actors instead of Japanese actors that are then dubbed. I had to audition for the role with about 40 other actors who live in Tokyo so I was really excited to get the role!

Did the rest of the cast and the story create an atmosphere that made you feel comfortable with your character?

Yes all the Konami guys know exactly what they want and give good directions- Jeremy Blaustein also was a really good director for the actors.

Often times, actors prepare themselves metally for a role, how did you prepare for such a twisted/ strange role?

Nothing- I'm from the Mel Gibson school of acting- when the director says Action- that's when I do all the work.

Once production of the game had ended were you able to play the game? and if so did you enjoy what you saw/played?

Not yet- I'll try to look at it soon!

There has been rumors going about that Konami has given the go ahead with Silent Hill 3, and we have also heard that you again have been casted, is this true?

I can't answer that!!

If thats true is there anything you can tell us of the developing story or If any other actors/actress from the SH2 game will come back and finally will you be playing the same character? lips are sealed!

As some of us know you also sing, Is singing your major focus right now or do you hope to get into more things and possibly newer things?

Yes - I love singing as it involves the whole body and mind and emotion. This February a movie version of Gandamu is coming out and I sing a beautiful song as the credits roll up called After All. I also did the main character (using my natural Aussie accent for once) of a TBS animation called Strange Dawn that has been sold to the US and sing the title song for that. I also did some voices for Shenmue 2

How do you see yourself evolving in upcoming projects, such as games and or songs?

I love animation music and want to become known in Japan as a singer and performer. I get called out of the blue all the time for fun stuff like this. please visit my website for more info about what I do.

What would be a personal message to anyone that wants to become a voice actor/actress or even a professional singer?

First of all- you HAVE to have talent- which alot of people have. Get training but make sure you get a good teacher as a bad one can really stuff you up. Even though I trained as a drama teacher and had voice training for 10 years as a singer in Perth Australia..i didn't have the guts until I reached the age of 30 to really make a go of it as I realised I only had one I'm 37 and really enjoying having a career out of my hobbie...

We were also wondering if you will be visiting our little site?

I just did and I'm shocked at how much information you have- the graphics and everything is very cool. I'm honoured!

Thank you so much for the interview and we at Central Silent Hill wish you much luck with what ever projects you are working on at this time and in the future.