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Silent Hill Memories is unofficial Silent Hill series fan site. It was first created by a group of Lithuanian fans of the game including me (knwlss) in 2005 and featured Russian and Lithuanian versions back then. English version of the site was introduced later in 2008 when the site already gained some popularity. The main aim of the site is to provide full coverage of the series and be one of the most comprehensive Silent Hill sites on the internet. So here you will find a lot of various information, latest news and media materials for all the Silent Hill series games, movies, music, publications, dvd releases and more. With this site I show my deep passion with Silent Hill and I hope you enjoy your visit to it.

If you wish to contact me for any reason (contribution wish, affiliation request, notice about site's work or some error and etc), please send me an email.

If you like this website and would like to contribute to its maintenance or express your gratitude, you may donate an amount of your choice via a button below.

Site Staff

Current team
knwlss - owner, administrator

Past members
7fac7or - designer
Alex Heidern - Spanish translator
Bim Whiteley - editor
Fedor Markiev - design & graphics
ifirit - news, writer
umbrasano - news writer, editor
st-MK - writer, editor and additional support
Yahzee Skywalker - writer
Zorkiy - updates


I would like to thank all the people who contributed to Silent Hill Memories in one way or another.

  • Anders Leirvik - for information from the Lost Releases site
  • Andrew Haffenden aka Conquerer - for his SH1-4 guides used on the site
  • Aoki Yami aka Midnight - for translations of interviews
  • Aviathas - for game scripts
  • Burning Man - for translations of Silent Hill: The Arcade descriptions
  • Felix M.C. Li - for the great site ZOG
  • Gorch - for scans of OSTs
  • ifirit - for various contributions and help with editing
  • Jam6i - for various works
  • Klimat - for SHH diaries and SHSM map
  • Kellexx - for letting use his SHSM guide
  • Pasya - for biographies of Silent Hill music creators
  • Ratiocinator - for images from his SH collection
  • Roden - for Japanese translations
  • Shezi - for images from his SH collection
  • Silent Pyramid - for the comprehensive Silent Hill Plot Analysis
  • SHAMA_N - for the numerous translations for the Lithuanian branch
  • st-MK - for the articles, help with editing and being a good friend
  • Wialenove - for the Silent Hill Music Guide
  • Whitney - for the help with SHSM topics including collecting game's messages and the walkthrough as well as images from her SH collection
  • witness 8 - for images of SHSM variations
  • Xrust - for images of SHSM variations and scans of magazine articles
  • Георгий Старков - for the SH3 guide

Everyone else who's not on the list, but whose minor contribution was still very helpful.

Thank you, guys!

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