Silent Hill: Play Novel

Other titles: プレイノベル サイレントヒル
Will Corporation
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release date: 2001.03.21 (Japan)

Silent Hill: Play Novel is an adaptation of the original Silent Hill for Game Boy Advance in the form of visual novel. A visual novel is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics with text. At certain moments the game asks a player to make a choice between two or more possible variants which affect the following walkthrough. Such kind of games is very popular in Japan, however totally unpopular in the west, therefore Silent Hill: Play Novel was never released outside this country.

The game offered two scenarios: for Harry and Cybil (available after completing Harry's Scenario). Also there were four additional scenarios available for download, the main hero of which was the boy named Andy. However Konami ended the download service after a short time. Besides the narration the game features a couple of puzzles and multiple endings. After reaching the ending a player is awarded with Digital Trading Cards – 32 in total for all scenarios.


Silent Hill: Play Novel

Original game's ROM for GBA.

Silent Hill: Play Novel (ROM) zip, 5.6 mb
VisualBoyAdvance 1.72 zip, 597 kb – GBA emulator for Windows (Official site)

Silent Hill: Genesis

Author: lupus (TAGteam)
A freeware fan-made adaptation of original Silent Hill: Play Novel for Sega MegaDrive/Genesis.

Silent Hill: Genesis (beta) English version
Gens 2.14 win32 binary Sega Genesis emulator (official site)

Silent Hill: Play Novel (PC Port)

Author: Giromancy
A freeware fan-made adaptation of the original Silent Hill: Play Novel game for the Game Boy Advance, developed in TyranoBuilder software.

Silent Hill: Play Novel (Indie DB)