Harry's Scenario



This is a full translation of Harry's Scenario accompanied with backgrounds from the game. Translation from Japanese used here was accomplished by Toby Normoyle (loc182). His original guide is available at GameFAQs.

The flowchart below will help you to orientate yourself during the game (click for the full size image).

Introduction "The Beginning of the Nightmare"

序章  「悪夢の始まり」
Introduction "The Beginning of the Nightmare"
A first vacation in a while

Page 1 (Long shot of jeep)
It's been a while since I have taken a vacation.
I am driving my jeep.
Heading towards the quiet resort town of Silent Hill, the sound of the engine
reverberates in the darkness.
Due to some slight car trouble earlier, it has become this late.
Page 2 (Harry in jeep)
I am Harry Mason.
I am a run of the mill writer.
Page 3 (Cheryl in jeep)
Her eyes closed, Cheryl sleeps peacefully in the passenger seat.

Cheryl is my daughter.

She is cheerful and lively, and the occasional carefree smiles she shows me
make me feel happy.

Page 4
I don't have very many relationships with people because of what I do for a
living, so Cheryl's existence has become irreplaceable to me.
Cheryl was very much looking forward to this trip.
Page 5 (Harry in jeep)
Although paved, this is still very much a mountain road.
At this hour there is little reason for any other drivers to be about.
I push in the accelerator.
There is no light off in the darkness.
I can depend only on my headlights.
Page 6 (Cybil on motorcycle)
Light reflects off the rear view mirror.
It's a motorcycle.
There is a motorcycle headed toward the same destination as we are at terrific
speed at this late hour.
With a roar the motorcycle effortlessly passes by the side of my jeep.

Page 7
The seal of the police...
Perhaps there has been an accident or something?
But I don't recall hearing about an accident or anything on the radio.
Page 8 (Cheryl in jeep)
Cheryl is sleeping.
A child should not be awake at this hour.
I wonder if she is dreaming about something?
Tomorrow I have planned to take her to the amusement park.
Maybe she is dreaming about riding the merry-go-round?
Page 9 (Harry in jeep)
I glance over at Cheryl's sleeping face and then return my eyes forward.
The lighted area of the road almost appears to be belched out from the
darkness as it moves toward me.
Huh? Something enters my field of view.
Page 10 (Fallen motorcycle)
It's the motorcycle from just before.
It is lying on its side on the shoulder of the road.
No doubt about it, it's the same motorcycle that just passed me.
There is no sign of the driver. It looks like the driver smashed into the
surface of the rocks by the side of the road while trying to avoid some kind
of obstacle, and thus that part of the motorcycle has been destroyed.
Page 11 (Road)
I carefully check the way in which my vehicle is headed.
However, I don't see anything that could be an obstacle to my advance in the
area illuminated by the headlights. A strange atmosphere creeps in around me.
The radio reception begins to become erratic.
Page 12 (Harry in jeep)
Perhaps I should turn back? But my foot persistently pushes down the
accelerator with no intention of letting off.

"You can no longer turn back now..."
Something murmurs within me.

"Please increase your speed some more..."
Someone murmurs within me.
Page 13 (Cheryl in jeep)
Cheryl's eyes are closed.
She is dreaming.
I know that I should be awake.
But what is this uneasy feeling?
I feel as if my body is not totally my own.
It's like someone, some strange being that is not me, is controlling
me...like I am floating.

Page 14
My eyelids are heavy. As the steering wheel leaves my hand it creates the
illusion of setting the course on its own.
Freezing cold...
Almost like being ready to fall asleep, I am just barely conscious, and now at
my limit to maintain even that.
Page 15 (Harry with his hand off the steering wheel)
Page 16 (Girl-like figure in front of the jeep)
When I saw the human figure on the road I cut the wheel hard, and then there
was nowhere else for my jeep and I to go but down into the darkness below the

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