Harry's Scenario


[1-1] Chapter 1 "Arrival"

第一章  「到着」
Chapter 1 "Arrival"
Harry wakes up in his jeep

Page 1 (Black)
The silence pierces my ears.

As the wind blew, it was accompanied by piercing cold.
Where am I? I can feel light faintly passing through my

Page 2
I don't seem to be hurt.
That much is clear to me because I don't feel any pain in my body.
No, perhaps I've suffered an injury that doesn't cause any pain?

Page 3
I...slowly try opening my heavy eyelids.
第一章  「到着」
Chapter 1 "Arrival"
Out of season snow
Page 4 (Harry in wrecked jeep)
Out of season snow is pouring into the town.
Other than the sound of droplets of ice hitting the ground, there is nothing
else to be heard.

"Silent Hill"
That is what is assuredly written on the sign by the side of the road. Without
realizing it, Cheryl and I have reached our destination.

Page 5
All my memories up to that point are gone.
The wind is blowing in...
When I take a look next to me, I am shocked.
Page 6 (Empty seat of jeep)
The passenger door has been left open.
Cheryl is nowhere to be seen.
第一章  「到着」
Chapter 1 "Arrival"
Ghost Town
Page 7
"Silent Hill."
This town, which should just be a resort area, appears to have become just
like a ghost town for some reason, or maybe it was waiting for us to
arrive, or perhaps the town just nestled up to us...

Page 8
So now I am alone.
Cheryl is not here.
While I was sleeping, no, while I was knocked out Cheryl opened the
passenger door and stepped out "alone" into this tourist spot that is
ruled by an unsettling silence.

Page 9
And then she left me to head somewhere...
Page 10 (Harry in front of wrecked jeep)
I tightly close my jacket around my neck and set off on foot in
search of Cheryl.
I wonder what in the world happened here?
Nothing makes any sense.
The silence, the out of season snow...
And strangest of all, the entire town is wrapped in a thick fog.

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[1-2] Chapter 1 "The Deserted Town"

第一章  「無人の街」
Chapter 1 "The Deserted Town"
In search of anyone

Page 1 (Harry in front of wrecked jeep)
"What is going on..."

A) Cheryl's destination is...
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B) Is there no one in the town...
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[1-3] Chapter 1 "Cheryl's Whereabouts"

第一章  「シェリルの行方」
Chapter 1 "Cheryl's Whereabouts"
Beginning the search for Cheryl

Page 1 (Street corner, heavy fog)
I begin to run.
Only the sounds of my footsteps echo in the surroundings.
Just where in the world has Cheryl gone?
Did someone lead her away?
Various concerns run through my mind.
Page 2 (Cheryl appears)
(Ta ta ta ta...) (Onomatopoeia for footsteps)

I suddenly get the feeling that I heard footsteps other than my own, so I stop
moving right away to check it out.

Page 3
Through the thick fog I can see a figure that is about the size of a child.
Without a thought I cry out.
The figure doesn't move at all.
Page 4 (Cheryl disappears)
At the moment I begin to move slowly towards the figure it starts to run.
I fiercely chase after the figure.
That's definitely Cheryl.
Even though it is faint, I would not mistake someone else for Cheryl.

Page 5
However, no matter how much I run I cannot catch up.
Instead the figure is gradually getting farther away from me.
The figure puts on speed as if it is gliding through the air.
Page 6 (Middle of street, heavy fog)
The figure appears to be absorbed by the fog as it begins to disappear.
In order not to lose it, I run with all my strength while keeping my vision
centered on the figure.

Page 7
I then notice that I have come to an alley surrounded by buildings.
Page 8 (Dark alley)
I don't know how, but it is like a cover was placed over the sky, which had
provided light until now, and the area has become engulfed in darkness.

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[1-4] Chapter 1 "The Presence of Townspeople"

第一章  「住人の存在」
Chapter 1 "The Presence of Townspeople"
Is there no one else here?

Page 1 (Street corner, heavy fog)
I thought, I must find out if there is anyone other than myself here.
This is definitely Silent Hill.
I recognize the signboard on that store.
A long time ago, when I was young I visited here once.

Page 2
All the doors on the shops and houses are tightly shut.
Among them there is one shop with its door open, but there is no sign of
anyone inside.

Page 3
It feels like just the people here suddenly vanished.

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[1-5] Chapter 1 "Multiple Footsteps"

第一章  「複数の足音」
"Multiple Footsteps"
The eerie alley

Page 1 (Dark alley)
From the darkness I can hear multiple footsteps coming this way...

A ) I don't know who it is. I will take a look.
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B ) I am going to get out of here...
I don't have anything with me that can be used as a weapon.
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[1-6] Chapter 1 "Listen Carefully"

第一章  「耳を澄まして」
Chapter 1 "Listen Carefully"
Harry looks around

Page 1 (Dark alley)
I stood ready.

"What the... What are they..."

With beast-like rage, they have closed in to right where I am.
Page 2 (Mumblers appear, then fade)

And then my vitality is sucked away by these strangely shaped monsters until I
finally lose consciousness............

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[1-7] Chapter 1 "Escape into the Darkness"

第一章  「闇への逃亡」
Chapter 1 "Escape into the Darkness"
Harry runs away

Page 1 (Dark alley)
I've got to get away.
But I can't go back the way I came...because that eerie presence
is back there...

Page 2
So I move further in.
I can only move gradually through the narrowing pitch-black alley by
feeling around with my hands.

Page 3
But I only end up reaching a dead end.
Metal fences surround the area, and they are so high that I don't think that
I can climb over them.

Page 4
They are coming from behind...

Page 5
I stood ready.

"What the... What are they..."

With beast-like rage, they have closed in to right where I am.
Page 6 (Creatures appear, then fade)

And then my vitality is sucked away by these strangely shaped monsters until I
finally lose consciousness............

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