Harry's Scenario


[17-1] Chapter 17 "Nowhere"

第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
Heading toward the final door

Page 1 (Unknown corridor)
The pocket radio continues to make noise.
The raging of the unknown things around me rocks my eardrums.
Those monsters, which always approach shortly after I use my flashlight...
It was all I could do to intimidate them with the gun while running away.

Page 2
After running for a bit I realize that I am no longer in the
original hospital.
I have no way of knowing where here is.

Page 3
Bridging the gap of my faint consciousness, I move from place to place, I am
being moved by someone...
Maybe that is the best way to think about it.

Page 4
Or maybe I am just painfully wandering around inside my own nightmare?
I cannot tell at all.
I can only trust my senses and rely on my own judgment.

Page 5
And then I raise my head.
A straight corridor extends forward from where I am standing.
As I slowly walk forward one door seems to call out to me, and so I
approach it.
第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
The rapidly descending room
Page 6 (Black)

Suddenly the wall of the room creeks with a boom.
And then the floor I was standing on begins to rapidly descend along with
the rest of the room.
I felt like I would begin floating in the air, so I used my arms to brace
myself. And then I passed out...
第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
Someone is talking...
Page 7

Page 8
It hurts...

Page 9
My whole body hurts.
When I come to I find that I am lying on the floor of a classroom
in the elementary school. My body is spread out on the floor like the
Japanese character 大.
I can hear someone talking.
I cannot make out what they are saying very well.

Page 10
As I lie on my back I can see who is talking just by looking around.
I cannot believe my eyes.

Over there I see Dahlia and Alessa. They look like ghosts, and I can see
through their bodies.
Page 11 (Dahlia and Alessa in school)
(No! No! I don't want to!)

(Do what mommy tells you, now.)
(I just want you to lend me a teeny bit of your power. That's all.)

Page 12
(No! I don't want to do it!)

(It will make everyone happy...and it's for your own good, too.)

Page 13
(Oh, but mommy. I just want to be with you. Just two of us. Please understand.)

Page 14
(Oh, yes, I see... Maybe mommy has been wrong.)


(Why didn't I see this before?)
(There's no reason to wait...)

Page 15
(Herein lies the mother's womb, containing the power to create life.
(I could have done it all myself.)

第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
Page 16 (Black)
Finally, they suddenly disappear.
The classroom regains its stillness as if nothing had happened.
I got on my knees, stood up, and looked around my surroundings.
Chairs and desks were arranged in order.

Page 17
Using them as support, I unsteadily walk toward the exit.
At the moment I place my hand on the wooden sliding door it opens with great
force as if it had a mind of its own. Then the large flow of air coming
from beyond it thrusts me into a dark space.
Page 18 (Nightmare hospital room)
I was forced down. I found that I had been thrown into a room of the
hospital again.
My body had rubbed on the disgustingly dirty floor.

I picked my self up, and suppressed the urge to vomit while brushing off
my shirt several times.

Page 19
A videocassette recorder has been installed here, and it looks like
it can be used.

I insert the tape that I had picked up at some point into it, and timidly
press the play button.
Page 20 (Lisa's video, animated)
After a moment of static a picture appears.
On the screen Lisa appears. She is sitting alone with her elbows on a
desk and her head down.
I turn up the volume on the monitor and listen carefully.

Page 21
(What is it?
Still has an unusually high fever...
Eyes don't open...
Getting a pulse...
But just barely breathing

Page 22
Her skin is all charred!
Even when I change the bandages, the blood and puss just start oozing through!
What is keeping that child alive?

Page 23
I... can't stand it any longer...
I won't tell a soul
So please...)
Page 24 (Black)
And then the screen goes black.
The tape was ejected as if it were something dirty being spit out. It fell
to the floor and it broke with a crash.
第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
Magnetic tape
Page 25
There is no doubt, someone is eating away at my consciousness.

The magnetic tape extends out of the fallen video cassette and wraps
around my legs.
I try to get away, but the tentacles of tape get around my neck, and begin
to tighten.

Page 26
With both hands I try as hard as I can to tear the tape away that is
twisted around my neck, but I am halfway passing out and so my hands do not
have the strength to do so.

In the light that is reaching my pupils I can faintly detect what appears
to be human figures.
Page 27 (Cult members around Alessa's bed)
They are standing around a bed, with Dahlia on the left, Kaufmann on
the right, and just a bit away from him some people in white coats that
looks like a doctors. Each of them has troubled looks on their faces, and
they peer at the face of the person lying on the bed.

Page 28
(Everything is going according to plan.
Sheltered in the womb.) (Dahlia)

(But it's not done yet.
Half the soul is lost.
That is why the seed lies dormant.) (Man 1)

(And what soul remains captured in that husk, is buried deep down in
the subconscious) (Man 2)

Page 29
(Are you trying to say it won't work!? That wasn't our agreement!) (Kaufmann)

Page 30
(No, no. These are just stalling tactics.)
If we lend a hand, we will be able to get power.
Never fear. The promise shall not be broken.) (Dahlia)

Page 31
(But the power we can draw now will be very weak; almost nothing.
Unless we get the other half of the soul...) (Man 1)

Page 32
(We'll use a magical spell. Feeling this child's pain, it's sure to come.)

Page 33
(But that will take time...) (Man 2)
第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
The fading illusions
Page 34 (Black)
And then the illusions fade away.
I carefully observe the inside of the room.
This room is...
I have been here before, I think.
Page 35 (Alessa's hospital room)
The tape which should be tightly wrapped around my throat is gone, and
I realize that my own hands are wrapped around my throat.

Something is on top of the desk that has been placed in the center of the room.

"This isn't the first time I have been here."

Page 36
When I was here before I was certain that unlike other rooms I had sensed
the warmth and presence of a person in this room.
When I looked at the picture on the desk my belief changed.
Page 37 (Picture of Alessa)

I try calling out to her.
She is the instigator that created this otherworld.
However, it would be hard for anyone to forgive the experiment that was
carried out on her body under the pretext of a magical spell.
Page 38 (Alessa's hospital room)
This is where she lived.
Her hate spirals out in this cursed wing of the hospital.
However, there is no way to prove the reality of it.

As all I have is a vague sense of it.
第十七章 「不明」
Chapter 17 "Nowhere"
Child's room
Page 39
Reflecting in my blank eyes, the room I am standing in begins to change shape.
The bed and picture frame from before are gone, and the room transforms
into a completely different one.
Page 40 (Alessa's childhood room)
This is a child's room.
Stuffed animals and art supplies are scattered about all over.

I noticed something.

Page 41
Alessa probably collected these.
Butterfly specimens of many different colors are on display.

Page 42
I think I just saw something flash.
(Butterfly game)
Page 43 (Final door)
...I found a key...
This key invites me...

Had I not been very careful I would not have found it, as it
was hidden behind one of the butterflies.

Page 44
There is a door in front of me.
As I approach it, it seems to edge up to me.
As I extend my hand to the knob the door makes a light tapping sound, and
begins opening, as if inviting me into the heart of something evil.

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