Harry's Scenario


[13-1] Chapter 13 "Lakeside"

第十三章 「レイクサイド」
Chapter 13 "Lakeside"
On the small boat

Page 1 (Lakeside intersection 2, night)
I check the map, and then head to the greatest part of this sightseeing area,
the Lakeside.
My visible breath brushes by my cheeks, drifting in the air as if to mark my
trail, and then finally becoming one with the air around it.
Page 2 (Nightmare street, Lakeside)
And then the area gradually began turning into that nightmarish world.
I abruptly come to stop.
This time the change is not instant like before. This town, this
world seems like it is being dumped into a demon's body. And I am
filled with a feeling that there is no going back.

Page 3
Something has changed.
In a way that cannot be undone.
第十三章 「レイクサイド」
Chapter 13 "Lakeside"
Page 4 (Background is Black when this block is loaded)
There is a road before me.
So I run along on it.
That is all I can do.
Is there any hope? Is Cheryl alive? In this situation in which I cannot be
sure of anything, I frequently have to fight off the urge to get sick.

Page 5 (Background is Black when this block is loaded)
However, I believe that I will find something if I continue forward on this
I run across a pier, and without thinking about it I wrench the door of
a small boat stopped midway along the pier open, and then rush inside it.
第十三章 「船内」
Chapter 13 "Inside the boat"
A familiar smile
Page 6 (Inside of boat) (Cybil appears)
There was already a passenger inside the boat.



Our voices revealed that we were both relieved.

Page 7
"How did you get back here?"

"I followed the sewer. Were you the one who cut the fence?"

I'm glad you made it.
I was worried about you."

Page 8
"You were worried!?
Where did you disappear to?
Never mind.
I want to know what's going on here.
What is with this town?"

Page 9
I condensed all the things that had happened to me into one, somewhat unclear
I look at Cybil and begin to speak.

Page 10
"This may sound really off the wall, but listen to me.
You've got to believe me.
I haven't gone crazy and I'm not fooling around.

Page 11
At first, I thought I was losing my mind.
But now I know I'm not.
It's not me.
This whole town...
It's being invaded by the otherworld.
By a world of someone's nightmarish delusions come to life...

Page 12
Little by little, the invasion is spreading...
Trying to swallow up everything in darkness.
I think I'm finally beginning to understand what that lady was talking

Page 13
"Harry. Hold on a minute. I don't get it?"

"Look, I don't understand it all myself.
I guess I can't explain it."
I honestly revealed how I felt.

Page 14
"Well, what's making this happen?"

I don't know that either.
But, I do know Cheryl is "there"."


Page 15
"Under whoever created this darkness.
Cheryl is somewhere. And she needs my help."

Once I finished explaining everything Cybil faintly smiled, and looked
at me as if she was worried.

Page 16
"Harry. This whole thing's been a major blow to you.
You need to rest."

I was let down.
This world, its state, and the reason it became like this... I understood, and
I wanted Cybil to understand as well.

Page 17
Even though I am a writer, I am cursed by a limited vocabulary.
This is something that upsets me about myself.

Page 18
"Cybil, I..."
As I was speaking the door slowly opened and I could see someone enter the
It was not a monster, but a human.
第十三章 「船内」
Chapter 13 "Inside the Boat"
Dahlia's warning
Page 19 (Close up of boat window) (Dahlia appears)
"The demon is awakening!
Spreading those wings."

"Dahlia Gillespie..."

"Was it not as I said?
I see it all, now.
Yes, everything.
Page 20 (Background fades to black, Dahlia remains)
Hungry for sacrifice, the demon will swallow up the land. I knew this
day would come.
And what's more, the task is almost finished.
Page 21 (Dahlia fades, the Mark of Samael appears)
There's only two left. To seal this town to the abyss, the mark of Samael.
When it is completed, all is lost.

Page 22
Even in daytime, darkness will cover the sun. The dead will walk, and
martyrs will burn in the fires of hell.
Everyone will die."

Page 23
"So what am I supposed to do?
I've got to save Cheryl."
Page 24 (Close up of boat window) (Dahlia appears)
"It is simple.
Stop the demon.
The demon, the demon taking that child's form.
Stop it before your daughter becomes a sacrifice. Before it is too late.
Stop it. Stop it."

Page 25
"What do I do?"

"Go to the lighthouse on the lake, and to the center of the amusement park.
Make haste.
You are the only hope."
Page 26 (Dahlia disappears) (Cybil appears)
"Look Harry. I really don't get what's going on. But if there's a chance we
can save your daughter, I'm in.
I'll check out the amusement park. You go to the lighthouse."

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[13-2] Chapter 13 "Lakeside"

第十三章 「レイクサイド」
Chapter 13 "Lakeside"
Cybil and Harry split up

Page 1 (Close up of boat window) (Cybil appears)

A ) I will go to the lighthouse.
Go to 13-3
(This choice will result in automatic branching if you reach 15-5.
From 15-5 you will then automatically go to 16-1. You must make this
choice if you wish to have a chance to reach endings A, B, D-1 or D-2.)

B ) I will go to the amusement park.
Go to 13-4
(This choice will result in automatic branching once you reach 15-5.
From 15-5 you will then automatically go to 16-6. You must make this
choice if you wish to reach endings C-1 or C-2.)

[13-3] Chapter 13 "Lakeside"

第十三章 「レイクサイド」
Chapter 13 "Lakeside"
Harry heads to the lighthouse

Page 1 (Black)
"Cybil... Thanks."
Gripping her handgun, Cybil left the boat and disappeared into the darkness.

"You will need to use it."

"Use what?"

"The Flauros.
Only with that can you stop it."

Page 2
Wait...the Flauros.
I check inside my pockets.
That four sided object.

However, does Cybil have such an object as well?

Page 3
No, that is not likely.
If she did, then she probably would have been able to understand my story a
little better.

Page 4
"What about Cybil?"
I consider chasing after Cybil.
However, my true goal is rescuing my daughter.
And Cybil, with the same goal, is risking her life as she heads to
the amusement park.

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[13-4] Chapter 13 "Lakeside"

第十三章 「レイクサイド」
Chapter 13 "Lakeside"
Harry heads to the amusement park

Page 1 (Close up of boat window) (Cybil appears)
As usual I pretended to go along with what Cybil is saying and nodded.
Page 2 (Black)
I cannot let Cybil go alone.
Even if she is a cop, it would be terrible if something were to happen
to her while she is trying to help my daughter.

Page 3
I waited for a little bit and then headed after Cybil.
I decided that I could always go to the lighthouse later.

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[13-5] Chapter 13 "Truth"

第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
The small right hand holding the gun

Page 1 (Black)
With my eyes closed I prayed hard, and wished for that.
And then the girl came.
The low sound of a motor...
And a chime announce her arrival.
The doors slowly open and close.
After stepping off the elevator the girl walked over to me and stood there.

Page 2
I was able to tell who the girl was without even raising my head.

Page 3

Page 4
I could not hold back my overflowing tears.
I placed my palms on my face and cried out.
Why are you doing this...

My unintelligible voice resonated with the walls of the hall.
Page 5 (Cheryl with gun from waist down)

I looked at Cheryl through the spaces between my fingers.
In her small right hand she held a black, solemn handgun, which was
disproportionate to her size.

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[13-6] Chapter 13 "Truth"

第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
Last request

Page 1 (Cheryl with gun from waist down)
I said.

A ) "If you are going to kill me then do it..."
Go to 13-7 (Ending E-1)

B ) "Give me that handgun...!"
Go to 13-8 (Ending E-2)

[13-7: Ending E-1] Chapter 13 "Truth"

第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
If you are going to kill me then do it

Page 1 (Cheryl with gun from waist down)
Your daddy doesn't understand, but...
If you are going to kill me then do it...
I am in agony...
To finally be reunited with you...with you like this..."

Page 2
With an expressionless face Cheryl points the barrel of the gun at me.

Page 3
"Hand it over to him now, Cheryl."

That voice woke me up.
A particularly hoarse voice.
I could faintly see her standing in the darkness behind Cheryl.
第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
Dahlia looking down at Harry
Page 4 (Dahlia in hall)

Dahlia did not move. She looked down on me and began to speak.
"...It's terrible.
The gods have passed judgment on you...
Under the pretext of searching for your missing daughter you were unable
to get her back."

Page 5
What...what are you saying...
Dahlia taps Cheryl's shoulder and Cheryl holds out the handgun.
"Daddy, isn't this yours?
It was dropped here."

I remained seated, and then I reached out and took the handgun without
knowing why.

Page 6
I hurriedly checked my pockets.
The handgun was definitely missing.

"It doesn't appear that you have realized it yet."

I carefully studied the gun I was holding.
This is definitely the gun I received from Cybil.

Page 7
One round is chambered in the gun.

Page 8
There is one round in the gun...

One round?

Page 9
第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
Daydream recollection
Page 10 (Cybil, dead on the floor)
This is...the antique shop...
Cybil heads to the altar at the end of the passage...

I follow her...
Without making any footstep sounds...

Page 11
Cybil doesn't notice me...
I strangle her from behind...
I push her down to the floor...

I press the gun I am holding to the base of her neck...
And forcefully pull the trigger...
Page 12 (Lisa dead on examination room floor)
.........Where is this...............
...Hospital...? I leave the examination room...
Yes, to get the oil heater...
I return to the room...
Lisa was surprised...

I grab her long blond hair...
Her scream and the gun shot occur at the same time...

Page 13
A terrible headache...
I cannot take it and run out into the corridor...
I run into a man that was surprised by the gun shot and has come out of
a room...
He sees what I have in my right hand...
He sees the red stain on my clothes.......
Page 14 (Kaufmann dead against wall)
I persistently chase him...
I look at his back as he runs away...
He is a fool...that Kaufmann...
There is a dead end ahead...
You have no where left to run to...

Page 15
He sank to the floor in the corner of the hall...
What a pathetic end...
I place my right leg on his shoulder...

Page 16
第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
A piercing voice
Page 17 (Elevator hall, Dahlia with Cheryl)
"It looks like you have remembered."
Dahlia's piercing voice penetrates my eardrums.

Something snaps within me.
I cannot speak through my tears.

Cheryl clings to Dahlia, and stares fixedly at me. She appears to be

Page 18
It's strange.
That my daughter would cling to a woman that she has just met.

Page 19
Even as I shared the same time and space with them, they felt completely like
people from another dimension.

Page 20
"If your going to kill...then you should do it...
No one is left in this town.
This town is dead." (Dahlia)
第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
The constant snow
Page 21 (Black, falling snow)
The snow still continues to fall even now...

On the roof and walls of this decrepit hospital, on all the houses, a
merciless source of white ice falls.

Page 22
I fly into the sky.
I look down on the town wrapped in thick fog, it is going far away.
I spread out my arms and climb even higher.

Page 23
This feels good.
It's invigorating.
If I close my eyes I feel that I would rise all the way to space.

Page 24
第十三章 「真実」
Chapter 13 "Truth"
On top of the desk
Page 25 (Harry dead on his desk, gun in hand)
Cheryl has watered the dandelions that have bloomed in the garden.

Page 26
My body is...

In my distant consciousness my entire body trembles.

Page 27
I am holding a gun in my right hand, lying face down on the desk in my study.
I will never move ever again.

Page 28
Calm sunlight...
A gentle breeze blows in from the window...

Page 29
The End E-1

You will now receive the following Digital Trading Card:
6. Kaufmann

[13-8: Ending E-2] Chapter 13 "Truth"

第十三章 「真実」 
Chapter 13 "Truth"
Give me that handgun!

Page 1 (Cheryl with gun from waist down)
Give me that handgun!"
I try to take the handgun away from Cheryl.

Page 2
It can't be...
It can't be, this handgun is...

Page 3
Cheryl grinned and then placed the barrel of the gun against my forehead.


The voice of the girl rocks my eardrums.
Page 4 (Black)
The sound of gunfire.
With my eyes closed, I waited for my consciousness to fade away.
However...something is not right.

Page 5
I gingerly opened my eyes and saw Cheryl lying in front of me. Cybil was
standing behind her, with the gun in her hand pointed at Cheryl.
Page 6 (Cybil holding gun up)
Smoke was rising from the barrel of her handgun.
Cybil glanced at me and then let out a long breath.

Page 7

I am glad I made it on time.
Are you hurt?"

I forcefully stood and wrapped my hands around Cybil's neck.

Page 8
"What have you done!
Have you lost your mind!!"

Cybil is not surprised.
With effort she remained calm, and pointed at Cheryl's body with her chin.

Page 9
"Take another look, take a good look.
That is not Cheryl..."

I rolled over the face-down body and looked at its face.

Page 10
I look up at Cybil.

"You mistook her for Cheryl?
...You must have been hallucinating.
But that's all right, I am just really glad I made it in time."

Page 11
"What is this all about..?"

"Dahlia and Kaufmann...
and also Lisa.
By chance I heard the three of them talking, so I listened in..."
Page 12 (Black)
(That wasn't what we discussed...) (Dahlia)

Page 13
It's not like we ever had a deal in the first place.
I will take the white claudia.
Because I don't care for trusting you with it.) (Kaufmann)

Page 14
With this you are going to become very rich...
I have a good route for distribution...) (Dahlia)

Page 15
(You people...
you're in cahoots with each other!) (Kaufmann)

Page 16
(No one is conspiring against you.
Since the beginning everything has going according to plan.
You've taken care of distribution, right?) (Lisa)

Page 17
(There is a record in which my share is clearly recorded...) (Dahlia)

Page 18
(Ha Ha Ha!
That piece of paper is now ash.
Just like your daughter.) (Lisa)

Page 19
Page 20 (Cybil holding gun up)
"Then a gun shot rang out...
and a woman's scream reverberated.
Then for a bit there was a struggle, but in the end the man's voice ceased as

Page 21
I was hiding behind a pillar.
Dahlia came out of the room alone.
She didn't notice me.
She was holding a handgun, and her clothes were soaked in blood.

Page 22
I tailed her without her noticing me to this hospital. Once she found you
she pulled out her gun once more and pointed it at you.

Page 23
To protect you I pulled the trigger on the gun I was carrying..."

Page 24
In the dark hospital only Cybil's voice echoed on and on.
All the people in this world had become corpses, and only outsiders remained.

Page 25
One person still remains.
Just one...

Page 26
"I have Cheryl somewhere safe.
Well then, let's go to her.
She can hardly wait to see her father."

No, not her.
There is still one other person in this world.

Page 27
"Uh...yeah, let's go."

"You are about to be reunited with your precious daughter, for whom you have
been searching?
How about looking a little more excited?"

Page 28
Something is...
Something is incomplete...
Page 29 (Black)
I began to walk behind Cybil.

A reunion with Cheryl.
I risked my life, and wished for this, but in spite of that my heart is
filled with emptiness.

Page 30
Cybil's figure sways up and down as I follow her, and my entire body trembles
with extreme exhaustion.

Page 31
Just where does Cybil have my daughter?
I think that maybe we are walking without no destination.

Page 32
At that moment I was then...unable to see what Cybil was really up to...
The End E-2

You will now receive the following Digital Trading Cards:
23. Hospital
28. His Fate