Boy's Scenario

This is a translation of the flowchart analysis of the Boy's Spring scenario from the Japanese Official Konami guide book. Since this analysis is from a guide, many of the important details were left out, but it is the best information I have been able to find on the Boy and the Spring scenario so far.

The Boy?

The Boy is a seven year old boy named Andy who lives in the house next to Harry and Cheryl Mason. He is also the main character of four scenarios that could be downloaded into the Play Novel Silent Hill cartridge via cellular phone. The four scenarios were named for each of the seasons, and thus there were spring, summer, fall, and winter scenarios.

Unfortunately it is true that the download service has ended, so it may be impossible to ever really play these scenarios; however, a few "lost memories" do remain. You can see a picture of Andy on the back of the box of this game. It is the one in the lower right corner. You can also see Andy in Cybil's scenario. Just choose A as the last choice you make in chapter 2. This sends you to the "lower" branch on the flowchart. Then once you reach chapter 7 choose A for the first choice you make. Then read text until you reach the next choice. This time choose B and you will get to see Andy.


This document contains a partial translation/interpretation of pages 7, 60, and 61 of the official Play Novel Silent Hill guide. This book was written by Yusuke Yokoi, edited by the Konami CP Division, published by Konami, and released by Futabasya as part of the Konami Kanpeki Kouryaku Series. The ISBN number is 4-575-16265-5.

I would also like give special thanks to the people at the Konami CP Division for writing the best guides I have ever seen. They always go beyond just covering the game and include things such as interviews and developer Q&A. Considering the simplicity of the Spring scenario, I am extremely pleased that they chose to include it in their Play Novel Silent Hill guide.

The Spring Scenario

Compared to Harry's and Cybil's scenarios, the Spring scenario is very simple. There are only eight areas, two choices to make, two endings, and one digital trading card in this scenario. There may or may not be an introduction or an actual flowchart as the guide doesn't say anything either way. The guide also doesn't make any mention of how many pages of text are in each area. However, the guide does give a short description of the areas and shows how they are connected. That is what you will find the translation of here.

Since this scenario is so simple I have only listed directions when they are necessary. Just read each area and move on to the next unless directed otherwise.

Spring-1 Home
Andy goes through his usual morning routine of looking (out his bedroom window) for the girl who lives next door. He has become unsatisfied with just looking at her and wants to become friends.

Spring-2 Backyard (Background Picture: Black)
Andy sees Cheryl in the backyard and decides that it is finally time to talk to her. He...

A ) moves toward Cheryl and calls out to her.
Go to Spring-3

B ) takes a deep breath to calm himself down.
Go to Spring-4

Spring-3 Backyard
At the moment he tries to call out to her, the front door of her house opens and her father appears. Cheryl begins talking with her father.
Go to Spring-5

Backyard In order to calm down, Andy closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens his eyes again Cheryl has disappeared.
Go to Spring-5

Spring-5 Inside the vehicle
After secretly sneaking into the vehicle Andy holds his breath so that he will not be discovered. Then the entire vehicle jerks hard......

Spring-6 Silent Hill (Background Picture: Andy standing on the edge where a road has collapsed)
Quickly realizing that Cheryl has gone missing, Andy walks around the town in order to look for her.


A ) he hears someone's footsteps behind him.
Go to Spring-7

B ) the precipice he is standing on crumbles.
Go to Spring-8

Spring-7 Silent Hill
It is the sound of loafers clicking on the concrete. Perhaps it's Cheryl? Andy tries to turn around, but his body won't move.

The End 1
You now receive the First Sight card.

Spring-8 Silent Hill
The spot where Andy is standing suddenly crumbles away. His body is bumped as he rolls to the bottom of the incline. He is then unable to move for a while.

The End 2
You now receive the First Sight card.

(You get the First Sight card regardless of the ending you reach.)

Additional Pages Found in the Guide

The guide book shows a total of six actual screens from the Spring scenario. Two of them are of the areas in which you make a choice, Spring-2 and Spring-6. These two screen shots also give away a slight "error" in the layout of the guide's flowchart and this translation of it. This is because any time you make a choice in this game the area is only one page of text, which contains the question and the choices. Thus the areas Spring-2 and Spring-6 are actually only the word or sentence with three periods (...) after it (the question) and the choices. The other sentences in each area are actually part of the preceding area (Spring-1 and Spring-5). The guide book always describes areas in which you make a choice this way to make it easier to understand the circumstances of the question.

One of the remaining four screen shots is fairly easy to place in the game. The background picture is of Andy looking through his window and it is almost certainly the first page of text from area Spring-1:

Every morning at 8 o'clock Andy gets out of bed and gazes out of the large window in his room. It appears to be pretty cold this morning. He wipes the foggy glass with the sleeve of his pajamas and the familiar yard of the house next door becomes visible.

As for one of the other three, I believe that it may also be a page of text from Spring-1 because it is a picture of Alessa in what doesn't appear to be Silent Hill. She is standing on a concrete walkway surrounded by grass and there are shadows of trees. The picture seems too bright to be in Silent Hill and is most likely Harry and Andy's neighborhood. In the picture, Alessa appears to be looking up at Andy. Although there is no direct evidence, I believe that Andy's room is on the second floor of his house, and he is looking down at her from his window. The concrete walkway that Alessa is standing on does look a lot like what is in front of Midwich Elementary school; however, the text here makes me think that this is probably somewhere before Spring-5 if it is not in Spring-1:

"Ah..." Andy was unable to close his opened mouth for a short time. The girl looks at Andy and brightly smiles. Then she opens the gate in a way that makes it appear heavy and disappears from Andy's view.

One of the other two shows Cheryl standing in front of a house. From the picture it is hard to say whether it is the front or back of the house. It appears to be dark in this picture, as there is a light on in the house. She is talking to Andy in the text, so I think this page is most likely part of both Spring-3 and Spring-4 or Spring-5:

"You're Andy, right? From next door..." Andy nods. He is nervous and can't get any words out.

"Our the same isn't it. I've known that for a while. My name is Cheryl. Nice to meet you."

The final screen shot is one that I originally missed because it was at the beginning of the guide book, and not at the end with the others. I am quite embarrassed to have missed this picture, but quite happy because I believe I can place it in the scenario! The picture shows Andy standing on the edge of a collapsed road, and is exactly the same as the picture in Spring-6. Based on the text in this picture and the text in Spring-6, I am fairly confident that this picture shows one of pages of text at the end of Spring-5. Based on Andy's reaction at the end of this page, I have to wonder if he is just upset because of the situation that he is now in, or if something important happened in the previous pages:

The edge of the town appears to have fallen away like a sharp cliff. While Andy looked down over the side he thought, "If Cheryl fell down here then I would probably no longer be able to help her."

A few tears welled up in Andy's eyes.

Conclusions and Hypotheses

Sadly what the guide tells us about the Spring scenario only leaves more questions. While there is little or no actual proof either way, here are some theories I have on the missing pieces of this scenario.

While looking out the window for Cheryl, Andy sees Alessa walking up to the house in Spring-1.

In Harry's and Cybil's scenario, different choices often lead to the same outcome. I believe that Andy meets Cheryl at the end of both areas Spring-3 and Spring-4. It is also possible that this happens in Spring-5 because the guide states that this scenario begins just before Harry and Cheryl leave for Silent Hill.

Andy is probably hiding in Harry's jeep in Spring-5. The limited description we have supports this.

It is possible that the ending for Spring-7 could lead to the event in Cybil's scenario with Andy, but this is just speculation.