Harry's Scenario


[14-1] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」 
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Facing Alessa

Page 1 (Black)
I think, I should believe in Cybil.
No, maybe it is merely my selfishness telling myself that.
However, my destination is the lighthouse that is not far from here.
To run there is my mission, and my fate.

Page 2
I entered the lighthouse and then ascended a spiral staircase to arrive
at the roof.
And then I could not believe my eyes.
A giant crest is present on the floor I am standing on the roof of the
Page 3 (Lighthouse roof)
The mark of Samael.
That is what Dahlia called it.
She said I must not let it be completed.
That this town is gradually being eroded away by this crest.
第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
The crest on the floor
Page 4 (Alessa appears)
Alessa was standing there.
She looked as if she had just now completed making the mark here, and she
just looked at me without any change in her expression.

Page 5
For the first time, we just faced each other, each of us understanding
each other to a certain degree.
Just as I thought that her eyes showed a little sadness she turned around
and suddenly disappeared as if she had jumped from this tall lighthouse.

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[14-2] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
The girl disappeared

Page 1 (Lighthouse roof)
"Alessa...! Wait!"

A ) I've got a bad feeling. I'll head back to the boat.
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(This choice is related to the automatic branching that occurs in 15-1.
If you are hoping to reach endings A or B then you can make this choice.)

B ) Rush to the vicinity where Alessa disappeared from.
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(This choice is related to the automatic branching that occurs in 15-1.
(You must make this choice if you wish to have a chance to reach endings
D-1 or D-2. You will still be able to reach endings A or B if you make
this choice as well.)

[14-3] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Giving up and returning to the boat

Page 1 (Black)
In order to return to the boat from just before I retrace my steps from
the lighthouse.
The small boat stopped midway along the pier...
Perhaps Cybil has returned, and with that expectation in mind I opened the
door leading to the inside of the boat, but...
Page 2 (Inside of boat)
Cybil is not here.
Maybe she is still on her way to the amusement park.
Or maybe she has already arrived there.
Or maybe something has happened to her.

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[14-4] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Just where did the girl go

Page 1 (Lighthouse roof)
"Wait! Please talk to me!"
I rush to the area where Alessa was standing.
However, there was no trace of her at all.

Page 2
The cold wind blew and ruffled my bangs. I just stood there motionless.

Page 3
I can see something.
Through the overlapping layers of fog, I can see something that looks like
a pale light.

I said without thinking about it.

Page 4
I had a feeling that I could see Alessa through a distortion
in the space there.

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[14-5] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
The illusion reflected in the spatial distortion

Page 1 (Lighthouse roof)

A ) Bravely jump in.
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(This choice will result in automatic branching once you reach 15-1.
From 15-1 you will then automatically go to either 15-2 or 15-3.
You must make this choice if you wish to reach endings A or B.)

B ) On second thought I'd better turn back.
Go to 14-7
(This choice will result in automatic branching once you reach 15-1.
From 15-1 you will then automatically go to 15-6. You must make this
choice if you wish to reach endings D-1 or D-2.)

[14-6] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Jumping into the distortion

Page 1 (Black)
I was walking on air...
With each step I took toward the distortion I was stepping on air.

Page 2
Finally my body is completely enveloped in that hole. Inside...Alessa was
sitting on the ground sobbing.

Page 3
Alessa covered her face with her hands, and her shoulders trembled as she
cried. I nestled up to her and knelt down.

Page 4
Suddenly the area became a sea of fire.
Among the heaps of debris Alessa is screaming.
This is...what is in Alessa's mind.
Alessa's suffering mind.

Page 5
The detestable event of seven years ago...
The flames that burned an entire section of the town...
It was being replayed before my eyes.

Page 6
I shook her shoulders in an attempt to wake her from this nightmare.

Page 7
Alessa raised her head, and when I looked at her my heart nearly stopped.

Page 8

It is unmistakable, this girl is Cheryl, whom I have been searching for.

Page 9
Page 10 (Lighthouse roof)
Cold rain moistens my cheeks.
When I come to I realize that I am standing frozen on top of the lighthouse,
staring off into the empty darkness.

Page 11
A dream...?
Was I hallucinating...?
Oh...and what about Cheryl...

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[14-7] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Harry senses danger and turns back

Page 1 (Lighthouse roof)
Wait...I held myself back.
I have a bad feeling about this.
I think about Cheryl and then I cannot take any dangerous chances.

Page 2
And the safety of Cybil, who is working with me to look for Cheryl, concerns
me as well...

Page 3
I'd better turn back.

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[14-8] Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"

第十四章 「灯台」
Chapter 14 "Lighthouse"
Running toward the amusement park

Page 1 (Black)
Within a current of guessing that raced by like a revolving lantern, I ran
toward the amusement park.

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