Harry's Scenario


[3-1] Chapter 3 "Harry Leaves the Cafe"

第三章  「カフェを後に」
Chapter 3 "Harry Leaves the Cafe"

Page 1 (Air Screamers in the sky)
Black figures fly about in the heavens as if searching for prey.
I then come to realize a constant.
The static on the radio changes based on their movements.

Page 2
The closer the monsters come to me the louder the static gets.
My sight is hindered by the fog and on top of that the weather is so bad that
snow is falling.
So this is extremely important information.

Page 3
I run through the snow that appears to have no intention of stopping.
Increasing my speed each time the static comes in on the radio, I proceed
into the fog.
第三章  「カフェを後に」
Chapter 3 "Harry Leaves the Cafe"
Back alley
Page 4 (Alley)
Following the thin thread of my memory I finally arrive at the alley from
The evil atmosphere has dissipated and light pours in along with snow from in
between the buildings.

Page 5
I move into the alley and it dead ends after a bit.
Page 6 (Sketchbook)
At the end of the alley I see a familiar sketchbook that appears to have been
thrown away.
The likeness of me that Cheryl drew is on the cover of the sketchbook.

Page 7
"This is definitely Cheryl's..."

(Sketchbook opens)
Page 8 (Open sketchbook)
I try opening it.
Inside the following is written in red ink:

"to School"
第三章  「カフェを後に」
Chapter 3 "Harry Leaves the Cafe"
Along Levin Street
Page 9 (Black)
Along Levin street I slip through the backdoor of a house that had a
doghouse and then head for the school.
The surroundings gradually fill with darkness and only the flashlight on my
chest illuminates this strange street.

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