Harry's Scenario


[6-1] Chapter 6 "To the church"

第六章  「教会へ」
Chapter 6 "To the church"
Harry heads for the church

Page 1 (Street, heavy fog)
I begin to run toward the church on a road half covered in mud.
Snow falls above my head, some of which freezes my hair as chilly air
flows by.

Page 2
When I reach the church I push open the heavy door without hesitation.
第六章 「教会」
Chapter 6 "Church"
The sly looking woman
Dahlia turns in the church
Page 3 (Dahlia in front of altar)
A cross is mounted on the front wall.
Long benches are lined up on both sides of a small walkway.
It was as if time had stopped for this familiar style church.

Page 4
In front of the altar a sly looking woman with cold eyes looks down at me
with a eerie grin.
As I walked up to her stepping one step at a time she gazed at me without
blinking. She looked as if she had predicted that I would arrive.

Page 5
"Were you ringing that bell?"

The woman snorted with a humph.
"I've been expecting you.
It was foretold by Gyromancy."

"What are you talking about?"

Page 6
"I knew you'd come.
You want the girl, right?"

"The girl? You're talking about Cheryl?"
My eyes grew wide.

Page 7
"I see everything."

"You know something!? Tell me!"

Page 8
"Stay back!"

The woman held the palm of her hand out at me and then lowered her chin
in a way that suggested, "please calm down."

Page 9
"Nothing is to be gained by floundering about at random.
You must follow the path.
The path of the hermit, concealed by Flauros..."

Page 10
What are you talking about?"
I asked once more without hiding my bewilderment.

Page 11
"Here, the Flauros, a cage of peace.
It can break through the walls of darkness, and counteract the wrath of
the underworld.
These will help you.
Make haste to the hospital before it's too late."

Page 12
The woman held up a strange object and then softly placed it on the desk
on top of the altar.

"Wait! Don't go yet!"

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[6-2] Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"

第六章  「ダリアの話」
Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"
After receiving the strange information, Harry...

Page 1 (Black)
I will...

A ) Believe that woman's story.
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B ) Her story was unclear and I don't understand it.
I cannot just carelessly believe her.
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[6-3] Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"

第六章  「ダリアの話」
Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"
Harry believes her story

Page 1 (Black)
She lives here.
I choose to believe her story without objection.

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[6-4] Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"

第六章  「ダリアの話」
Chapter 6 "Dahlia's Story"
Harry cannot just carelessly believe her

Page 1 (Black)
I thought that that insane woman's behavior and the details of her story were

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[6-5] Chapter 6 "Church"

第六章  「教会」
Chapter 6 "Church"
Left all alone

Page 1 (Black)
All that remains in the church is the reverberations of the sound of a door
I go after that woman.
I am convinced that that woman definitely knows some secret of some sort.
However, the knob on the door that she went through will not turn at all.
It must be locked from the other side.

Page 2
Now I am the only one left in the church.
Almost as if taken from a nightmare, this space has heat.
This warmth, it feels like it is protecting me from something.
That is the best way to describe the heat.

Page 3
I move away from the door and begin walking to the altar that woman was at.
The object that the woman was just holding has been placed there.
Page 4 (Flauros and key on altar)
The Flauros.
That is certainly what that woman had called this.
I try picking it up.
And then I place it back on top of the desk right away.

Page 5
It is power.
The overwhelming power of the gods rests inside this four-sided object.
It was a sensation like an electrical current passing into the palm of my
hand, and then power moving throughout every nook and cranny in my body.

Page 6
I pick it up once more.
This time I calmly take it into my hand and then place it in my pocket.
For some reason I am convinced that this object will help me find Cheryl.
第六章 「教会」
「フラウロスと鍵 」
Chapter 6 "Church"
The Flauros and a key
Page 7 (Black)
I pick up the key that was next to the Flauros, open the door of the church,
and rush out into the heatless snow world again.
第六章 「教会」
「地図上の病院 」
Chapter 6 "Church"
The hospital on the map
Page 8 (Street, heavy fog)
Hospital? That woman certainly said something about one.
"Alchemilla Hospital"
The only hospital I could find on the map was that one.
I could see my breath as I exhaled while I headed toward the
entertainment district.
Page 9 (Drawbridge tower)
The bridge to the entertainment district has been raised so that boats can
pass by it in the river below. In other words, it is split in the middle,
and is fixed in a raised position that makes it look like the Japanese
katakana character ハ.
I enter the nearby drawbridge control room, place the key I was holding
into the control panel, and forcefully turn it to the right.

Page 10
While emitting a sound like an old woman laughing the bridge finally
begins to lower, inviting me to the entertainment district.

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