Harry's Scenario


[12-1] Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"

第十二章  「アニーズ・バー」     
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
Sounds of a struggle

Page 1 (Lakeside intersection, night)
After passing through the sewers connected to the water supply installation
near the elementary school I came up in the most popular part of Silent Hill,
the lakeside tourist spot.

Page 2
However, in spite of this there is no reason to expect anyone to be here.
The area is wrapped in darkness, and in a condition in which it would be
impossible to even walk around without a flashlight.

Page 3
First I decide to enter "Annie's Bar", which lies on the road to the lake.
As I approach the door I notice what sounds like a struggle coming
from the other side.
第十二章 「アニーズ・バー」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
Kaufmann is attacked
Page 4 (Kaufmann and a mumbler)
When I open the door, inside...Kaufmann is there.
Doctor Michael Kaufmann, that is certainly what he said his name was.
A monster has him cornered. His back is against the far wall of the
bar and he is out of breath.

Page 5
He did not notice me come into the bar, and looked as if he had lost all hope.
I pointed my gun at the monster and fired.
Even after the monster had died, with a cry like a metallic twisting,
Kaufmann just stared into the air looking completely worn out.
第十二章 「アニーズ・バー」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
After the battle
Page 6 (Close up of Kaufmann)
"Are you OK?"
As I spoke to him he weakly stood up, brushed his pants twice and then slowly
looked toward me.

Page 7
"Yeah, I guess so.
But I'm beat.
I thought I was a goner there.
So, how'd it go?
Did you find a way out?"

"No. Not yet.
How about you?"

Page 8
But it's too soon to give up.
This craziness can't go on forever.
A military rescue squad should be here any time now.
If they come through the town, we're home free."

Page 9
He looked at the darkness outside the window and clenched his fists.

"I hope so."
I say.

Page 10
"I better get going.
This isn't the time to stand around flapping out gums."

Page 11
He fixed his collar, and then began to walk to the door.
He walked as if he were incredibly hungry and when he reached the door
I asked him the question that had been on mind for quite some time.

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[12-2] Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"

第十二章  「アニーズ・バー」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
The question that had been on my mind

Page 1 (Close up of Kaufmann)

A ) Ask him about Alessa.
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B ) Show him the picture of Alessa.
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[12-3] Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"

第十二章  「アニーズ・バー」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
About Alessa

Page 1 (Close up of Kaufmann)
"Do you know a girl called Alessa?"

His hand, which he had placed on the doorknob, paused for a moment.
And then he looked back at me.

Page 2

Kaufmann quickly looked back at the door and left as if he were running away.

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[12-4] Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"

第十二章  「アニーズ・バー」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
Showing Kaufmann the picture of Alessa

Page 1 (Close up of Kaufmann)
"Do you know this girl?"
His hand, which he had placed on the doorknob, paused for a moment.
And then he looked back at me.

Page 2
I hold the picture of Alessa in my hand.
Upon seeing it a look of horror appears on Kaufmann's face and he freezes.

"You...just who in the hell are you...?"
Page 3 (Black)
I was unable to understand the meaning of his question.
In the next instant Kaufmann turned and then left the room as if he were
sucked through the door.

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[12-5] Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"

第十二章  「リゾート街」
Chapter 12 "Annie's Bar"
Kaufmann's secret

Page 1 (Black)
Doctor Michael Kaufmann,
He definitely has some secret.
While I am not sure whether it is connected to me rescuing Cheryl or not, he
knows the main reason why this town has undergone a transformation.

Page 2
I followed him so that he did not notice me.
Page 3 (Lakeside intersection, night)
He races through the dark alleys. Perhaps it is because he is familiar with
the geography here?
The sound of the harsh wind blowing down from the mountains as it cuts
through the eaves of the buildings hides my footsteps and my presence.

Page 4
I continued to carefully tail him, making sure not to lose sight of him.
第十二章 「モーテル」
Chapter 12 "Motel"
Page 5
Finally his small figure opened the door of a certain building and he
disappeared inside.

He went into a motel.
But not into one of the guest rooms.
The door he went through is one that is off limits to outsiders, and only
for use by employees.

Page 6
I press down on my heart, which feels like it is going to explode, with my
left hand, open the door that Kaufmann just used, and head inside.
Page 7 (Hotel garage)
Inside ancient dust is everywhere, and the room reeks of mildew.
It looks to be a garage.
Oil, a sprayer, tires, and such have been placed on a dirty metal shelf.

Page 8
Kaufmann is nowhere to be found.
There is only one other door in the room, and it is slightly open.
He must have went through there into another room.

Page 9
However, I did not go after him right away. Instead my attention turned to the
motorcycle near the wall and I stopped.

Page 10
The gas tank of the motorcycle differs from the rest of motorcycle as it
is oddly clean and shiny.
The motorcycle is so covered in dust that it is not possible to even
distinguish what color it is.
But I get the feeling that the gas tank area alone has been fiddled with
by someone.

Page 11
I try gently opening the gas tank.
Page 12 (Red bottle in black bag)
Inside the gas tank there is a black vinyl bag that is protecting a small
glass bottle.
At the moment I was about to reach out to it a familiar voice stopped me.
第十二章 「モーテル」
Chapter 12 "Motel"
The man who's face turned white with anger
Page 13 (Close up of Kaufmann)
"Give me that!"

When I turned Kaufmann was just glaring at me, his face white with anger.
His clenched fists are shaking with rage.

Page 14
"What is this?"

"That's none of your business!
Instead of messing with that, how about coming up with a way to get out
of here?"


Page 15
"You shouldn't be hanging around here goofing off!
What do you think you are doing?
You want to get yourself killed!?
Get outta here!"

Page 16
Even if he had not said that I understood.
I didn't know just how important this small bottle was to him, but I
didn't think that it would help me to find Cheryl.
So I gave it to him.

Page 17
"Okay, take it easy."

"Unless you want to die, keep your mind on business. Got it?"
Page 18 (Black)
Saying that Kaufmann acts calm and leaves the garage.
I think, "That guy's got to be involved with the local drug racket.

Page 19
Man, was he pissed.
And in such a rush, too. That was probably dope in the bottle.
Anyway, better let him do as he pleases.
There's more than my life at stake."

Page 20
I then realize that I am wasting time, and immediately leave the hotel.

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[12-6] Chapter 12 "Examination Room"

第十二章  「診察室」     
Chapter 12 "Examination Room"
Going to get a heater

Page 1 (Nightmare examination room)
It's cold. And not unexpected as it is snowing outside.
But this room has no heating of any sort.
I took off my jacket and went to put it on Lisa, but she shook her head
from side to side.
Page 2 (Lisa appears)
"Isn't there any heating?"
Lisa's eyes shifted to the heater in the back of the room.

"I'm sorry.
This worked until yesterday, but today it's broken.
It's ironic."
Lisa shrugged her shoulders.

Page 3
"But there should be an oil heater for use in the patient rooms in the
reception area...
I will go and get it."

Lisa begins to stand but I stop her.

"I will go and get it. You just sit tight."

Page 4
Lisa smiled.

"You are kind."

I pretended not to hear her as I left the room.
第十二章 「病院受付」
Chapter 12 "Hospital Reception"
Why did I come here...
Page 5 (Black)
I take an audible breath.
While I was talking to Lisa I had become mentally tired.
But I did find myself faintly attracted to her.
An unexplainable irritableness took control of my feelings.

Page 6
I placed my hands on one of the two heaters lined up under the reception
counter and then was gripped with a strange sensation.

Page 7
I raised my head and looked around.
In the dark, gloomy lobby there is only the sound of a large wall clock
ticking away the passage of undeniable time.

Page 8
While listening to the irregular rhythm of that ticking sound, which was not
unlike the irregular pulse of a patient just before they die, I completely
forgot why I came to lobby.
第十二章 「病院廊下」
Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"
The dark figure of a girl
Page 9
(Click...Click......) (Onomatopoeia for footsteps)
I turned back and as I approached the long corridor on the first floor I saw
Page 10 (Hospital corridor) (Alessa's silhouette appears)
At the end of the corridor, with the white light hitting her back from the
window, the dark figure of a girl appeared out of the darkness.

Page 11
She appears to be facing me, and can see me.
At the moment I began to approach the figure vanished.
Page 12 (Shadow disappears)

The sound of gunfire reverberates throughout the hospital.
From the door just left of where I am standing.
Page 13 (Lisa dead on examination room floor)
I open the door.
The faint scent of gun power wafts through the air...
And in the middle of the room Lisa lay on her side, dead.
第十二章 「診察室」
Chapter 12 "Examination Room"
Lisa, shot to death
Page 14

I instantly thought of Cybil.
The situations strangely resemble each other.

Page 15
Only Lisa and I are in the room.
In this closed room only a face-down corpse and me.
In the short amount of time I was out of the room someone came and shot
Lisa in the neck, and then left the room.

Page 16
That girl.
Yes, it was that girl.
There is no doubt about it, she must have lied in wait for Lisa to be alone.

However, for what purpose?
Why Lisa and not me?

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[12-7] Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"

第十二章  「病院廊下」
Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"
Who is the culprit?

Page 1 (Lisa dead on examination room floor)

A ) Pursue the girl I just saw.
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B ) Or maybe the culprit is someone else...yes, and they are still close...
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[12-8] Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"

第十二章  「病院廊下」
Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"
Pursuing the figure of the girl

Page 1 (Hospital corridor)
I violently open the door of the examination room.
As soon as I got into the corridor, the corridor that that girl was in, I
turned and raced in the direction of the elevator hall.

Page 2
The reason there are no people in this town.

A mass-murder?

A murderer in the form of a girl that kills indiscriminately...
My body shuddered.

Page 3
As I reached the wall at the end of the corridor my eyes fell upon yet
another gruesome sight.

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[12-9] Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"

第十二章  「病院廊下」
Chapter 12 "Hospital Corridor"
Where did the culprit go?

Page 1 (Lisa dead on examination room floor)
I search the area around the corpse.

There I found a familiar handgun.

"This is...the gun that I received from Cybil..."

Page 2
Just to be sure I check my pockets.
Sure enough, the handgun is gone...
At some point it must have been stolen from me...

Page 3
Or maybe Lisa, when I was passed out?
No, that is hard to imagine.

Page 4
Kaufmann and I were far apart, and I cannot imagine that he managed to
take the gun from where he was.

Page 5
The same with Lisa.
I cannot imagine that she would take the gun while I was knocked out for
the purpose of suicide.

Page 6
And then there is Cybil's death...

Page 7
The girl.
There is no doubt about it.
She has been following me all this time, just out of my sight.
She took the gun while I was sleeping and then shot Lisa.
Page 8 (Hospital corridor)
I darted out of the room and began to run in the direction where the girl was.
I held the gun ready near my temple and arrived at the elevator hall ready
for anything.

Page 9
I couldn't believe what I saw there.

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[12-10] Chapter 12 "Hall"

第十二章  「ホール」
Chapter 12 "Hall"
Even Kaufmann as well

Page 1 (Kaufmann dead against wall)
Kaufmann has shrunk into the corner of the hall, as if he was driven
One of the walls is covered with a disgusting spatter, and he is already
dead on the floor.

Page 2
Upon seeing his injury I sank to the ground.
I sat with my legs crossed on the hard tile floor, at a loss as to what to do.
That girl is walking around and destroying everything she sees with the gun.

Page 3
However, that girl is not here now.

Page 4
I bury my face in my hands.
I thought, please kill me soon.
As each of the people in town are killed...
I don't want to be the last one, please...kill me soon.

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