Silent Hill: The Arcade

Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade
Release date: 2007.07.25 (Japan), 2008 (Europe)
Official site: (Japan)

November, 1918, Toluca Lake, Central Silent Hill. Sightseeing boat, the Little Baroness mysteriously disappears with 14 crew members and passengers on board. 75 years later the ship returns to Silent Hill. A group of young people is coming to Silent Hill at this time. Eric, a young man with deep connections to the Little Baroness. Tina, classmate of Eric whose purpose is to visit a young friend Emilie who lives in Silent Hill with her father Frank. Nightmare for 75 years revives from the bottom of the lake.

Silent Hill: The Arcade is a traditional shooting arcade for up to 2 players. The first player controls the character named Eric while the second - Tina. Monsters are taken from different Silent Hill installments.

Key features:

  • Experience the spine chilling atmosphere
  • Choose from multiple game routes
  • Battle terrifying enemies
  • Defeat formidable bosses
  • Pick up bonus weapons



Silent Hill: The Arcade Brochure

Promotional brochure for Europe.

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