Silent Hill Mobile DX

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: FOMA 900i/901i/902i/903 3G mobile phones, phones with Java
Release date: 2006.07.05 (Japan – i-mode), 2007.01.17 (Japan – Yahoo! Mobile), 2007 (Taiwan – Java)
Official site: (Japan)

Silent Hill Mobile (also titled as Silent Hill DX) is the first Silent Hill series installment's conversion for FOMA90X series 3G mobile phones. The game process resembles Silent Hill: Play Novel which is a text adventure although it's not its remake.

The game consists of 3 chapters. In the end of each chapter the player is given a password which is needed to go on to the next chapter. Each chapter takes place in a different location which Harry visits in his search for his daughter Cheryl: Elementary School, Hospital and Strange World (in order of appearance). The Game shares the same 5 endings and the same conditions to get them as the original Playstation version. However, you should look forward to get the GOOD+ ending, which is the best one, on your 2nd walkthrough, so you can retrieve the item required to get the UFO ending. The battle is based on random encounters – Harry and his enemies take actions according to the turn-based system which highly resembles the one often used in JRPG.