Art of Silent Hill

Region: Japan / R2 NTSC
Release date: 2001.11.22
Publisher: Konami
Catalog number: NM075
Audio format: English Dolby Digital
Picture format: 4:3

Art of Silent Hill is a non-interactive DVD containing trailers, special videos, arts and other images mainly from Silent Hill 2 as well as Silent Hill.


Art of Silent Hill

Two artful videos:

  • Ki-No-Ko (title means "mushrooms" in Japanese)
  • Caramel Mix (clips of James wandering around Silent Hill with some uptempo techno soundtrack. Exclusive to this DVD)


  • Fukuro (title means "bag" or "sack" in Japanese. Video featuring Pyramid Head with some monsters including Fukuro Lady)
  • Pictures (32 pictures – arts and sketches of creatures from Silent Hill 1 and 2)


Silent Hill 2 trailers as well as openings for Silent Hill 1 and 2:

  • TGS 2000 Autumn
  • TGS 2001 Spring
  • E3 2001
  • SH Opening
  • SH2 Opening


  • UFO End (Silent Hill 2 UFO ending video)
  • Marketing Materials (16 pictures – designs of Silent Hill 2 packages and posters)
  • Pictures (26 pictures – miscellaneous Silent Hill 2 artworks)

Easter Egg
Go to "Collection", then "Pictures" and open the picture "Outdoor6". Afterwards press the "Menu" link – you should see a secret picture of the dog from the Dog Ending of Silent Hill 2. If you do not see the image, try repeating the action, until it works out.