Team Silent

Team Silent was the development staff inside Konami responsible for the development of the original Silent Hill games. Below is the list of the key members of Team Silent.

Gozo Kitao

Silent Hill: Producer
Silent Hill 2: Executive Producer
Silent Hill 3: Executive Producer

Keiichiro Toyama

Silent Hill: Director

Akihiro Imamura

Silent Hill: Game System Programmer
Silent Hill 2: Producer
Silent Hill 4: Sub-producer

Hiroyuki Owaku

Silent Hill: Event Programmer
Silent Hill 2: Scenario Writer, Drama Program
Silent Hill 3: Scenario Writer, Event Program

Masahiro Ito

Silent Hill: Monster Designer, Background Designer
Silent Hill 2: Art Director, Monster Design & Modelling
Silent Hill 3: Art Director, Monster Design & Modelling, Background Design & Modelling, Drama Camera, CGI Movie Editor

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Takayoshi Sato

Silent Hill: Character Designer, CGI Creator
Silent Hill 2: Character Design, CGI Creator

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Akira Yamaoka

Silent Hill: Sound Director
Silent Hill 2: Sound Director
Silent Hill 3: Sound Director, Producer
Silent Hill 4: Sound Director, Producer

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Masashi Tsuboyama

Silent Hill: Background Designer, Motion, Story Demo Designer
Silent Hill 2: Director, Designer
Silent Hill 4: Art Director, Monster Design

Suguru Murakoshi

Silent Hill 2: Drama Director
Silent Hill 4: Director, Scenario Writer

Shingo Yuri

Silent Hill 2: Character Modelling
Silent Hill 3: Character Modeling & Facial Motion
Silent Hill 4: Character Design

Kazuhide Nakazawa

Silent Hill 2: Character Motion
Silent Hill 3: Director