Silent Hill

Other titles: サイレントヒル (Japanese)
Developer: Konami (Team Silent)
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation
Rating: BBFC – 15, ESRB – M, CERO – 15/C
Official site: (Japan)

1999.02.23  1999.03.04  1999.08.01 

The town of Silent Hill is known to be a quiet resort town, but the memories of a tragic fire seven years ago still haunts the town. Having had his wife die of a disease four years ago, Harry is a single parent with a seven year old daughter, Cheryl. Cheryl begs her father to go on a vacation to the resort town of Silent Hill and Harry gives in. Due to car troubles, they arrive in the outskirts of Silent Hill at night, following the winding mountainside road.

Speeding alongside Harry's Jeep comes a motorcycle cop, taking a glance at him, with Harry looking back, and then heading off in the distance. Shortly after, Harry spots a ditched motorcycle, identical to the one that just past him earlier, but no one is to be seen around it. Through the dark fog lurking in the air, a shadow appears in the middle of the road in front of Harry's Jeep. Reacting in panic, Harry quickly swerves out of the way and off the road, resulting in a heavy accident with Harry losing consciousness.

Waking up at the wheel of his wrecked Jeep some time after, it is daytime and Cheryl is nowhere to be seen. The town is very quite, like a ghost town, and is completely littered with fog. The fog is so incredibly thick that Harry cannot see more than ten feet in front of him, and it is snowing out of season. Something is clearly wrong, but Harry heads off into the town to find his daughter.



1999.03  Interview with Keiichiro Toyama (PSM)
1999.03 Interview with Keiichiro Toyama & Takayoshi Sato (OPM)