00. Arrival
01. Old Silent Hill
02. Midwich Elementary School
Piano Puzzle (Music Room)
03. Nightmare School
Turnstile Valve Puzzle (Boiler Room)
Boss 1: Split Head Lizard
04. Old Silent Hill Part 2
05. Central Silent Hill
06. Alchemilla Hospital
07. Nightmare Hospital
Plate Puzzle (Nurse Center)
08. Central Silent Hill Part 2
09. Nightmare Central Silent Hill
Boss 2: Twinfeeler
Boss 3: Floatstinger Moth
10. Sewers (Connecting to Resort Area)
11. Silent Hill Resort Area
12. Nightmare Silent Hill Resort Area
13. Sewers (Connecting to Amusement Park)
14. Lakeside Amusement Park
Boss 4: Cybil
15. Nowhere
The Grim Reaper's List ("Ophiel" Corridor)
Astrology Puzzle (Astrology Room)
The Light Puzzle (Third Floor)
Boss 5: Incubus / Incubator


Recommendations Before You Start
My most important recommendation is to change Walk/Run Control to Reverse. Normally you must hold Square while moving to run, but changing this makes running the default movement, saving you from holding Square for 90% of the game. If you wish to walk here and there after changing it, just hold Square.

As for setting the mood, I can't recommend enough that you allow this game to scare you as intended. To do so, play with the lights off at nighttime and crank the volume up. A good sound system or headphones will really immerse you in the terrifying world of Silent Hill. Maybe keep an extra pair of undies on standby.

Note: This walkthrough was written while playing on Normal difficulty. Therefore enemy locations and numbers may vary on other difficulties, but even some areas may sometimes have a different number of enemies on the same difficulty.

Otherwise, item locations will be the same. All riddles and puzzles will be thoroughly explained for all difficulties, as well as tips for each boss fight.

Color legend
Flashlight - items
Handgun - weapons
Health Drink - supplies
Residential Area Map - maps and notes
Save Point - save points

00. Arrival

"It's strange... It's quiet. Too quiet. This place is like a ghost town."

Foggy Streets
Starting the game for the first time, Harry steps out of his Jeep after a nice parking job and begins to walk into the foggy and snowy town. Your first objective is to find Cheryl.

Run ahead for Harry to hear and follow footsteps around the corner. With Cheryl in sight, follow her across the road and into the alley. As you chase her down, you'll hear her pass through a gate. Do the same at the left end.

Back Alley
Hope that terrifying sight isn't related to Cheryl and follow the twisting alley through some brilliant camera angles. Pass through the gate and Harry will pull out a lighter as it suddenly gets dark. Enjoy the terrifying sights as you hesitantly proceed to the end of the path.

Eventually you'll be greeted by a surprise and things will escalate rather intensely. Try to keep your pants dry as there's only one way this is going to end, since the path is suddenly blocked if you try heading back.

Note on Arrival: In a Next Fear playthrough, the game will skip this segment and begin in the cafe.

01. Old Silent Hill

"What's that? Huh? Radio? What's going on with that radio?"

Cafe 5 to 2: Meeting a New Friend
Harry soon awakens inside a cafe, greeted by a police officer named Cybil Bennett from the next town over. So that was a nightmare... but it seems something has still gone awfully wrong in this town according to Cybil.

Before stepping out for backup, Cybil gives you her 1 Handgun. On the nearby counter you'll also find a Health Drink, 2 Flashlight and Residential Area Map next to a notepad which is the first Save Point. At the other end there's another Health Drink and a 3 Kitchen Knife as your first melee weapon.

There's a red radio on the nearby table but Harry is convinced it's broken. Once you try to leave it'll emit static and Harry will say one of his more memorable quotes. While checking the radio, an Air Screamer suddenly crashes through the window to say hello.

Quickly equip the Handgun from your inventory to blast it down and the static will fade away. Grab the 4 Pocket Radio since it may be helpful after all. Now it's time to leave the cafe.

Note on Radio and Flashlight:
As already demonstrated, the Radio will emit static when monsters are nearby, louder as they become closer. Feel free to turn it off in your inventory if you wish to be more discreet since monsters can also hear it, but it's an effective tool to alert you to any enemy presence. The Flashlight is also a valuable tool to help you see in immense darkness. Toggle it on and off with Circle if you wish to sneak by enemies more discreetly, but be warned the darkness in many areas can make it hard to see anything at all without it.

Next Fear Weapon: Hyper Blaster

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard After witnessing the UFO ending and playing another Next Fear, the E1 Hyper Blaster will be found in your inventory. Requiring no ammo to use, its power depends on your ranking in your previous playthrough. Read more about it in the Unlockables and Secrets section.

Bachman Road
Outside, Harry thinks it's worth checking that alley again... or will it be the first time? He marks it on the map to your northwest.

Find the nearby bench by the now broken window for two packs of Handgun Bullets. If you do venture south you can also find a Health Drink by the door to Queen Burger on the east side. But let's continue north for now, and perhaps it's worth checking out the Convenience Store at the northeast corner of Bachman and Finney.

Near the entrance, ignore or handle the Air Screamer on the trash bin and enter the store through the open door.

Convenience Store
In here you'll find three Health Drinks in the aisles (one near the door and the other two in the middle). There's also a First Aid Kit on the back right shelf by the counter and a Save Point on the counter itself. Leave when done.

Next Fear Item: Channeling Stone

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard After completing the game with a Good+ ending and starting a Next Fear, the E2 Channeling Stone can be found on the front counter. Use it at five specific locations throughout the game to receive the UFO ending. Refer to the Endings or Unlockables and Secrets sections for more information.

Back to the Alley
All right, now let's head to the alley. Continue west on Finney past any Air Screamers and duck into the alley marked on your map. You may encounter another Air Screamer and certainly multiple Groaners (dogs) farther in, so advise caution. Head through the left gate at the end.

Head past another Groaner and through the next gate. Take the two packs of Handgun Bullets and find the 5 Steel Pipe and 6 A Note "To School" just around the corner. This looks like it was ripped out of Cheryl's sketchbook which sits right beside it. Harry marks Midwich Elementary on his map, which is your next destination. Return to Finney Street, and be wary of a jumping Groaner when returning to the main alley.

Levin Street: Figuring Out a Way to the School
Seeing if you can reach Midwich, the road is destroyed at west Finney, so head south down Levin Street. If you stay on the right (west) sidewalk you'll reach one or two Groaners by a doghouse. Harry doesn't find anything inside it, but interestingly the nearby house door is locked, meaning we may be coming back here later.

Continue south to Matheson, where you'll find some scattered papers and 7 A Note "Doghouse" where the road is destroyed to the west, preventing further access. The note reads "Doghouse" and "Levin St". But we just checked it... Maybe we need a closer look. Levin is destroyed farther south and there appears to be no other route to the school anyway.

Head back to the doghouse on Levin and check it again for Harry to kneel and discover the 8 House Key taped to the inner roof. Take it and enter the nearby house up the steps with the House Key.

Levin Street House
Take the First Aid Kit on the stand by the door. In the dining room is a Save Point and two packs of Handgun Bullets on the cabinet and table, plus a Health Drink on the kitchen counter.

Next Fear Weapon: Katana

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard After completing the game with both a Good and Bad ending (+ or standard, doesn't matter), the side room near the entrance of this house will be unlocked in your Next Fear, featuring a E3 Katana inside. Until then, this room will remain locked.

The back door is secured by three locks, but the map beside it reads, "Keys for Eclipse" and shows three different markings which must be the key locations. No, we're not looking for the keys to a Mitsubishi Eclipse. With Harry copying the locations on his map, leave the house to start your scout, knowing the backyard exit may allow passage to the school.

Finding the Keys for Eclipse
Make your way north and then east down Finney Street towards the markings. The alley behind the cafe is closest so let's head there first.

Find the wide gate on the west side not too far down and ignore the "Off Limits" sign as you step through it. In the small basketball court, take the 9 Key of "Woodman" beside the bloody dog head. Interesting way to play basketball. Also grab the Health Drink on the garbage bin to the left and leave the court.

Now make you way back north, and at the east end of Finney you'll find a police car nearly tipping off the broken bridge. Watch out for the Air Screamer and grab the Handgun Bullets by the cop car, then check the open trunk for the 10 Key of "Lion".

Turn around and take a left down Ellroy, passing an Air Screamer or two, and stay on the right side as you pass Matheson. You'll soon see a fallen tree that allows you to reach a small area with the 11 Key of "Scarecrow" in a bloody mailbox. What is this, The Wizard of Oz? Also grab the Health Drink on the porch just ahead.

With all three keys, return to the house on Levin Street. Matheson will take you straight there for the quickest route. On the way you can find two alleys on the south side of Matheson with some items. The first before Bachman contains an Air Screamer guarding two boxes of Handgun Bullets and the second before Levin has a few Groaners guarding a First Aid Kit.

Inside the Levin Street house, check the back door to use the Key of "Lion", Key of "Woodman" and Key of "Scarecrow". Exit to the backyard.

Making Your Way to Midwich in the Dark
Outside, daytime quickly fades into darkness, but luckily Harry has the Flashlight from the cafe. So those really were the "Keys for Eclipse" after all...

Take the two Health Drinks on the white lawn table and exit through the wooden gate. If you follow this alley north and then head to the northwest end of Midwich Street, you can find Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink amongst some rubble.

From the backyard gate in the alley, head south and across Bloch Street to the next alley, where you'll find a Health Drink on a garbage bin on the left side. Farther south are more Handgun Bullets by more bins on the right side, while two Groaners are at the end and an Air Screamer may fly in.

With the school almost in reach, head west and then south on Midwich Street. Hearing static near the entrance, continue south past the walkway to find a school bus patrolled by two Groaners. Enter the bus through the open door on the right side.

In the bus you'll find two Health Drinks and a Save Point on the seats. Exit the bus and return to the school entrance pathway, where you'll meet two Groaners by the entrance doors and possibly another Air Screamer. Proceed inside through either door.

02. Midwich Elementary School

"Flames render the silence, awakening the hungry beast. Open time's door to beckon prey."

First Floor Reception Hall
Find the School Map on the left side and proceed through the next doors. Take a right and enter the Infirmary where you'll find a Save Point and a First Aid Kit on different tables, plus a Health Drink in the cabinet beside them. This is the only save point in the school, so remember to come back here if you want to save. Exit the room.

Note on school map: The map for this location has been rotated as such that its top is the west while north faces right. To avoid any directional confusion this may cause, I'll avoid compass directions and instead refer to more standard directions, such as which part of the map a room or hall is located.

Now head behind the Reception desk to find three books with messages written in blood that will guide us to our next tasks. They read:

'Alchemy laboratory'

Gold in an old man's palm.
The future hidden in his fist.
Exchange for sage's water."

'A place with songs and sound'

A silver guidepost is
untapped in lost tongues.
Awakening at the ordained order."

'Darkness that brings
the choking heat'

Flames render the silence,
awakening the hungry beast.
Open time's door to beckon prey."

Looks like a puzzle of some sort, with instructions given corresponding to time. You may notice a "Clock Tower" in the courtyard on your map, so it may enlighten you. First you can enter the room behind the counter to admire a painting of a strange door and find Handgun Bullets on the coffee table. Then exit to the center courtyard since both side hall doors are locked.

Outside you'll be greeted by two terrifying Grey Children. The Handgun is best against them if you have the ammo. Approach the Clock Tower and you'll see circular depressions on either side for a "A Golden Sun" and "A Silver Moon".

Examine the doors up the steps for Harry to get a look at the clock itself, which displays 10:00, matching the time from the "Alchemy laboratory" message. Therefore the Chemistry Lab on the second floor seems like our first destination. Leave the courtyard through the doors at the top of your map.

First Floor Top Hall
Back inside, you'll be ambushed by three Grey Children so act quickly. Always try to escape any ambush and shoot them one by one if possible. Enter the open hall through the doors at the top of your map to meet an apparition called Larval Stalker for the first time. By no means will it attack you, and you may notice it's quite pathetic in movement either way. You'll meet many more of them in the school. Grab the Handgun Bullets on the bench and exit back to the previous hall since the top doors don't open.

Avoid any respawning Grey Children and pass through the doors to the left side hall on your map, since the other side is locked.

First Floor Left Hall
Immediately take care of the Grey Children here, by the stairs and to your left. Both Teacher's Rooms won't open, and despite both washrooms being unlocked there's only a Grey Child in the Girls' room. Head up the stairs at the top left of your map.

Second Floor Left Hall
If you keep heading up you'll find the roof door is locked, but inside the top Classroom you'll find two Grey Children patrolling and a Health Drink on a desk. The next Classroom is empty, while you can find Handgun Bullets in the Girls' washroom after killing two Grey Children inside. Move past their corpses for a startling surprise.

The Boys' room is empty and the bottom Music Room hall can be unlocked, but we'll be heading there shortly so let's instead enter the top hallway where the Chemistry Lab is located.

Second Floor Top Hall: "Alchemy Laboratory"
Be wary of more Grey Children and enter the Lab Equipment Room first, where you'll find a purple 12 Chemical bottle on one of the side shelves, which is hydrochloric acid. Leave and enter the Chemistry Lab next door.

Find the hand statue on the middle lab counter. Remember the 10:00 message said, "Gold in an old man's palm. The future hidden in his fist. Exchange for sage's water." Use the Chemical as the sage's water to vaporize the old man's hand and get the 13 Gold Medallion. There's also a pack of Handgun Bullets deeper on the left side of where it was.

Before rushing back to the Clock Tower, there's a bit more of the second floor to explore while there's another staircase down in the bottom right anyway.

Note that the Library Reserve is locked, as the hallway is repopulated with Grey Children, and pass through the double doors to the right hall.

Second Floor Right Hall
Enter the Library for a First Aid Kit on the desk, while another harmless Larval Stalker is accompanied by more pathetic friends by the back shelves. Inside the Library Reserve through the other door is a solo Grey Child, that's it. Well that was a whole lot of nothing. Unlock the door if you wish and return to the right hall.

The upper Classroom is empty, however there are Handgun Bullets on a table near the window in the lower Classroom, accompanied by two Grey Children. You'll also encounter more Grey Children in the hall and possibly another Larval Stalker.

Note that the bottom hall is unlocked, but we'll be heading there next as soon as the clock strikes 12:00 if you remember the earlier memos. So let's wait for now and head down the stairs on our way to the courtyard.

First Floor Right Hall
Avoid more Grey Children and enter the upper Classroom for Handgun Bullets at the back near another Larval Stalker, while the lower one has nothing for you. Consider unlocking the top hallway doors for convenience, and unlock the lower doors to pass through to the courtyard again.

Courtyard: Placing the Golden Sun
Insert the Gold Medallion into the left slot for "A Golden Sun" and you'll hear the clock hands move. Check the clock again up the steps to see the hands have moved to 12:00. The reception memo reveals your destination to be "A place with songs and sound". Head to the second floor bottom hall with the Music Room, using the quicker bottom right stairs route if you unlocked the 1F double doors there. Otherwise use the top left stairs and enter from the left hall.

Second Floor Bottom Hall: "A Place with Songs and Sound"
Greeted by Grey Children as always, take a brief detour in the Locker Room. Find the source of the banging, which is a locker on the other side. Open it for a nice surprise, followed by a not so nice sound shortly after... Exit and now enter the Music Room.

In the Music Room you'll find a riddle posted on the chalkboard while the nearby piano has blood smeared all over its keys. If you came here earlier, the piano keys were covered, but now that the Golden Sun has been placed it's time to solve a puzzle.

Piano Puzzle (Music Room)

If you check the piano you're able to press a selection of keys, some which work and play a tune and some that are broken and sound like a thump. Let's turn to the riddle posted on the chalkboard to understand what we must do here:

'A Tale of Birds Without a Voice'

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

Finally out comes a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to
The silver reward.

So this riddle appears to describe the order that we must press a number of piano keys. Note that there are five birds, all known to be either black or white just like the keys of a piano. Let's review them just to be sure:

  • Pelican = White
  • Dove = White
  • Raven = Black
  • Swan = White
  • Crow = Black

Note that some pelicans may be slightly grey with even some black flashes, but they are most commonly white and the one in this puzzle is specifically described as having white wings. Doves may also come in a slightly brown colour, and sometimes even referred to interchangeably with pigeons, but doves are more known as pure white birds.

Checking the piano, there are 12 keys in total, some working and some broken. You may first think you need to press the working keys in a certain order, but the first sentence of the riddle may have flown right over your head. "A Tale of Birds WITHOUT a Voice". You may also remember the Reception note that said:

A silver guidepost is
untapped in lost tongues.
Awakening at the ordained order.

Lost tongues, eh? And you may also notice that there are seven working keys and precisely five broken keys, the same number of birds in the riddle. And thus we have unlocked the first key to the puzzle. Don't say you weren't given enough clues cause they were all there if you paid any attention.

Now we must determine the order these five broken keys are pressed by reading the posted riddle. Let's get started.

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

So the Pelican, which clearly represents a white key with its "White wings", represents the first key to be pressed. "Eager for the reward" doesn't help us exactly situate it just yet, while "White wings flailing" suggests it probably didn't get too far. But we'll need to keep reading to be sure.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

This means the Dove, another white bird, takes the final broken white key on the right, key 10, as far beyond the Pelican as possible. Note that it being "silent" is just another hint to use the broken keys that have no voice. And with no other clue for left or right direction, we must assume beyond means farther right, as one would read a book or perhaps a music sheet. We'll still have to wait to exactly place the Pelican.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

So the Raven, a black bird, one-ups the white Dove even further. Note the double or even triple entendre of "Flying higher", signalling a higher up black key while also applying to music and thus a key farther right. And while the Dove could only go as far as key 10, there is one broken black key just past it as key 11, which was obviously off limits to the Dove as a bird of the wrong shade.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

And here's our final white bird. Since the Swan must sit beside another bird and is also white, it has to take key 8 beside the Dove in key 10, the only spot two broken keys sit directly next to each other. The fact that it's "a peaceful spot" should also clue you to that spot since the Dove, which sits beside it, is known as a symbol of peace. That also locks in the Pelican at key 3, which is the only remaining broken white key.

Finally out comes a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Our last bird the Crow just wants to nap and takes the first open key he can find to do so, which is key 2, the first broken and black key. And thus we are left with the following solution.

1 - Pelican
2 - Dove
3 - Raven
4 - Swan
5 - Crow

Once correctly pressed, "The silver reward" (Silver Medallion) will drop from above the chalkboard.

Pick up the 14 Silver Medallion that drops to the floor and make you way back to the courtyard, preferably via the bottom right stairs. Watch out for more Grey Children on your way back.

Courtyard: Placing the Silver Moon
Insert the Silver Medallion into the right slot for "A Silver Moon" and the clock will shift again. Examine the tower to see the time is now 5:00. The Reception message corresponding to that time said, "Darkness that brings the choking heat". How about the Boiler Room in the basement?

Only the bottom right staircase reaches the basement, so head there past any Grey Children to reach it.

Basement: "Darkness that Brings the Choking Heat"
Enter the Boiler Room through the right door and activate the boiler at the illuminated red light. Remember the 5:00 message, "Flames render the silence, awakening the hungry beast. Open time's door to beckon prey."

Well, that doesn't sound like the greatest news, but "Open time's door" at least hints that we should now be able to open the Clock Tower's doors. Head back to the courtyard past any Grey Children in the halls.

Clock Tower
Slip through the small doors to enter the now unlocked Clock Tower. Step down the ladder as sirens sound and up the ladder at the other end. Don't mind the large KEEP OUT sign before the ladder... Exit through the doors up top to see what's on the other side.

03. Nightmare School

"At this, the furious lizard hissed, 'I'll swallow you up in a single bite!' Then the huge creature attacked, jaws opened wide."

Harry steps out into what appears to be another realm of the same school. This nightmare is just getting started... The bottom courtyard doors are locked so enter the top hallway.

Note on school map: Still using the same map with north facing right, I'll continue using standard directions and descriptors for room and hall locations.

First Floor Top Hallway
Careful of Grey Children on either side, enter the Storage room on the left to find a pink 15 Rubber Ball on the back table. Inside the top unmarked hall beside the Storage are Handgun Bullets and a First Aid Kit on the benches near a giant fan.

The left and right hall doors are locked so enter the marked "Hall" at the top right. Just inside you'll be ambushed by five giant roaches called Creepers. Handle them with the Handgun or quickly run along the wall and through the other door to the right hall.

First Floor Right Hallway
Consider first unlocking the top hallway doors for later and enter the upper Classroom. Find the cards strewn across the table and take the green 16 Picture Card. There's a grate wall blocking the outside hallway so you'll need to continue through the next Classroom where you'll be swarmed by Grey Children. There's nothing else in here so consider bailing through the closer exit to Harry's immediate right.

Now on the other side of the hall, grab the Health Drink on the nearby bench. The stairs are blocked off here so pass through to the bottom hall.

First Floor Bottom Hallway
There's three more Grey Children in here so watch out. Enter the Infirmary on the left to find the next Save Point and First Aid Kit on the table and a Health Drink in the cabinet. This is also the only save point in this version of the school so take note of it.

Back in the hall, the Lobby contains two Grey Children patrolling the outer perimeter while a hard-to-see Ampoule can be found on the wheelchair in the back right corner, which is the most powerful health item in the game. The exit doors won't open, so return to the hall and consider unlocking the courtyard doors for later use. With the left hall doors locked, kill the Grey Child by the Reception and enter the small room behind it.

Getting any deja vu in here? You may remember this room of the normal school had a painting of this door. Now it's here for real... First grab the Handgun Bullets and check the door to find a thin horizontal slot at its center. In your inventory you may recognize something that certainly looks the part... use the Picture Card and pass through the door.

First Floor Left Hallway: Warping to Second Floor Washrooms
Entering the Girls' washroom just ahead will transport you to the Girls' washroom on the second floor, with nothing inside. But if you exit you'll remain on the second floor, where you can enter the Boys' washroom and find two boxes of Handgun Bullets and a box of Shotgun Shells on the floor. The rest of the 2F hall is blocked so access the Girls' room to transport to the 1F Girls' room, then exit to finish your warp adventure.

Now enter the Boys' washroom on 1F and examine the door ahead to come across a stunning sight and the awesome 17 Shotgun on the ground. You'll also find a note on the right wall, alluding to something called "The Monster Lurks". Take note and leave the room.

Now enter the lower Teacher's Room since the hallway is blocked midway, and make your way past the Grey Children and a Creeper to enter the next Teacher's Room.

In the upper Teacher's Room, quickly kill the Creeper and grab the Handgun Bullets on the chair. Three blue phones are on the table but they won't work for Harry. Try to leave through the far door close to the phones and one will suddenly ring... Harry will answer for a short call. Leave to the top part of the left hall after.

Three more Grey Children and a Creeper swarm you out the door. Will it never end!? Use the right wall to avoid them if possible, and consider unlocking the top hallway doors before proceeding up the stairs to the second floor and then again to the rooftop, which is now unlocked.

The camera angle changes at the right side, hinting at a hole by some blood. Examine it to notice a key hanging just out of reach. At the far end of the roof is a red valve. If you open it, water will enter the drainage system that leads to the key, but there's a hole in the corner that prevents the water from reaching it... Harry thinks he could plug it up somehow.

Open your inventory with a creative mind and place the Rubber Ball over in that hole. Now open the valve and it'll reach the key to wash it down. But to where...? It might make sense for it to drain to the outside exterior, right? If you reference your maps, this spot should align with the top right of the inner courtyard, so perhaps we should check there.

You can explore the second floor first and acquire another key, but ultimately you'll be unable to advance past the locked upper Classroom in the right hallway, so let's find that key. Head back down to the first floor from the top left staircase and proceed outside from the top hallway.

Courtyard: Finding the Key in the Drainage Ditch
Head around the corner to find a drainage ditch at the top right of the map where the 18 Classroom Key now sits in a puddle. Return to the second floor from the top left staircase.

Second Floor Left Hallway
A Health Drink is on a side bench in the hall, while the upper Classroom contains three Grey Children and Handgun Bullets on a chair. In the lower Classroom are Shotgun Shells on another chair. Watch out for two Creepers and a Grey Child in the hall and proceed through the near doors to the bottom hall. Remember that the blocked off washroom portion of this floor can be accessed from the first floor washroom warp if you haven't made the trip already for the ammo there.

Second Floor Bottom Hallway
Handle the two Creepers and a Grey Child and enter the Locker Room for a familiar sound. Approach the same locker from before to open it. Interesting... Now head for the door. After changing your underwear, grab the 19 Library Reserve Key on the floor. The right hall doors are locked, so make your way to the top corridor from the left hallway, passing through the two repopulated Classrooms to get past the gate.

Second Floor Top Hallway
With the right hall doors locked, enter the Library Reserve with the Library Reserve Key. Locate the large end shelf that contains a First Aid Kit and a book entitled "The Monster Lurks", the same title beside the corpse where we got the Shotgun. It provides some interesting context surrounding the concept of the story and these nightmare worlds, although it can only be read if you saw the earlier note.

Pass through to the Library to find Handgun Bullets and a fairy tale on different tables. Pay attention to the fairy tale with the lizard since it will become very relevant in a matter of minutes. Exit through the other door.

Second Floor Right Hallway
With another gate blocking the hallway, enter the upper Classroom with the Classroom Key. Note that the key only unlocks the upper door and not the other. Make your way past three Grey Children to the next Classroom. Find the Health Drink on the chair and exit to the lower part of the hall.

Handle the three Creepers and find the Health Drink on the bench near the separating gate. Now use the lower stairway to head all the way down to the basement. Consider first unlocking and passing through the gate on the first floor to return to the Infirmary to save due to an upcoming boss fight.

Inside the Storage on the left are two packs of Shotgun Shells and an Ampoule. Now enter the Boiler Room on the right side, where you'll be greeted by a turnstile gate with two valves on either side. It's time for a puzzle.

Turnstile Valve Puzzle (Boiler Room)

This isn't a very difficult puzzle although there's no riddle or clue to help you out. Instead you'll normally have to do a little trial and error, unless you use the solution below before touching anything.

Note that whenever you turn a valve, the turnstile on each side will spin at differing speeds. What you need to do is turn each valve in such a way so that both turnstiles open up and allow passage. Go ahead and give it a try on your own, sometimes turning left and sometimes right for both valves until you find the solution.

Otherwise, if you haven't touched anything the simplest solution is always:

1. Turn the right valve twice to the left.
2. Turn the left valve once to the right.

It doesn't matter which valve you turn first as long as those inputs are given, and you may find other solutions work but this one is the quickest. Even if you've messed it up you can easily find the correct solution by turning each valve in the opposite direction, one at a time back and forth. Eventually you will hit the solution with no bars blocking your way.

Use the clear path to proceed ahead, where a surprise elevator floor will take you to the menacing depths below. There, Harry encounters a giant lizard in an open arena with a fire pit in the middle. So this is the hungry beast that was awakened when we turned on the boiler earlier... It's time for the first boss fight of the game.

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard

A giant lizard, eh? Do you remember reading the fairy tale about the hunter and lizard just a few minutes ago in the Library? Let's recall the story:

Hearing this, the hunter
armed with bow and arrow said,
"I will kill the lizard."

But upon meeting his opponent,
he held back, taunting,
"Who's afraid of a reptile?"

At this, the furious lizard
hissed, "I'll swallow you up
in a single bite!"

Then the huge creature
attacked, jaws opened wide.

This was what the man wanted.
Calmly drawing his bow, he shot
into the lizard's gaping mouth.

Effortlessly, the arrow flew,
piercing the defenseless maw,
and the lizard fell down dead.

If you just attack the Split Head normally you'll find it's one resilient sucker, so you'll need to follow the lead of the hunter. Note that the lizard dropped dead once he shot arrows into its gaping mouth. Surely our Shotgun shells should be sufficient instead.

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard The creature won't open its mouth at the start of the fight, so first we'll have to anger it, similarly to how the hunter did. Harry lacks taunting skills so start blasting it with your Shotgun while backing away. Try to keep curving around the circle for optimum space management. Otherwise you can start the fight by running past to its left side as it lunges at and misses you, then leaving itself open for continuous fire from the side.

After around six shells, the lizard will spew green liquid out of its mouth as it deeply growls while frozen and the music picks up. Now you've infuriated the lizard, so prepare for the crucial part of the fight. Now let it approach you and start backing up once it's close enough. When it opens its mouth, continue backing up as you empty shells into its mug. You should be able to fire two shells each time on Normal and Hard before it closes.

If you don't back up or are too slow, the creature will swallow you whole and it'll be Game Over, so stay on your toes. On Hard it'll be even more aggressive with next to no margin for error, so consider bailing out and strafing if you get caught flat-footed. Repeat the strategy, always backing up while you fire in its open mouth and the fight should end after 5-6 shells on Normal/Hard or fewer on Easy. As a little trick, lower and re-raise your gun between attacks so that it automatically reloads, avoiding an untimely in-game reload or a visit to your inventory.

The best method for firing in its mouth is to stand immediately in front of its head after first angering it. Once it re-activates, it'll open up right away. Be quick to move back and fire at it. Now just repeat the same method until it dies.

Split Head's attacks: At the start of the fight the creature will resort to a headbutt attack when you're in range, inflicting a fair amount of damage. Once you've aggravated the Split Head, it will engage its gaping mouth attack, which is an insta-kill if you're caught. Always be backing up to avoid this.

After firing enough shots into its gaping mouth, the screen will blur and the fight will be over. Well done, hunter.

Return to Normal Midwich Elementary
Harry soon finds himself in the Boiler Room of the normal school. Seems like killing the beast ended the nightmare. Find the 20 K. Gordon Key on the ground by the boiler. Head out and upstairs to the first floor, where Harry will hear a church bell ringing in the distance. He checks his map and marks the nearby Balkan Church, which is your next destination.

Proceed to the bottom hall where you may remember a list of teachers on the Reception desk earlier. Check it again and Harry will notice the name K. Gordon and copy over their address to his map. Well, that was helpful. Consider saving in the Infirmary and leave the school through the Lobby after unlocking both sets of doors.

04. Old Silent Hill Part 2

"Here, the Flauros, a cage of peace. It can break through the walls of darkness, and counteract the wrath of the underworld."

Figuring Out a Way to the Church
Now what you want to do is reach Balkan Church on Bloch Street where the ringing bell is likely calling you. Remembering Bloch not far eastward was demolished, let's try Bradbury to the south. Sadly it's also destroyed just past the first alley to the north, but in that alley is the location of K. Gordon's house, which you'll see on your map if you checked the teacher's list in the school Reception before leaving.

Find the Groaner waiting halfway up the alley and note the angle change. Approach the camera and enter K. Gordon's backyard through the wooden gate down the path. Enter the house with the K. Gordon Key.

K. Gordon's House
Inside are Handgun Bullets both on the nearby counter and in the kitchen, plus a Save Point on the dining room table. Thank K. Gordon for your brief stay and exit through the front door.

Heading to the Church
If you'd like a Health Drink, find it on the porch of the last house on the northeast side before the road falls off. Head south to Bradbury, now on the other side of the giant hole, and continue eastward on the left side of the road to find a Health Drink on a bench where an Air Screamer may assault you. Just past that is another alley northward, which you'll have to take since the road is out farther east.

Dodge the Air Screamers and grab the Handgun Bullets on the right side on your way up the alley to Bloch Street.

Next Fear Weapon: Chainsaw

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard If you head west on Bloch from the alley to reach Cut-Rite Chain Saws on the south side, you can find a E4 Chainsaw in the smashed window near a Groaner. While it is always located here in any playthrough, it initially requires the Gasoline Tank to power up and take it. Since the Gas Tank can only be acquired (in the nearby Gas Station) in a Next Fear run after completing the game once, the Chainsaw is sadly off limits in your first run, despite the teasing display.

In a Next Fear however, find the Gasoline Tank in the Gas Station and return to grab the Chainsaw. However note that in your first Next Fear run, you have a choice between this and the Rock Drill in the Bridge Control Room, so be confident in your choice before locking it in. In a subsequent Next Fear you'll be able to grab both. Either weapon will not require the Gas Tank if it was filled up in your previous run.

Make your way east and enter Balkan Church on the south side of Bloch up the short steps.

Balkan Church
Inside you'll meet a crazy whacko lady who spouts a lot of gibberish and offers you a triangular item to help you on your journey. Sounds enticing, right? Grab the 21 "Flauros" and 22 Drawbridge Key on the altar once she scutters away.

On the left display you'll also find a Health Drink, while a Save Point sits on the desk near the entrance door. Leave when finished.

Gas Station Detour
Now with a key for a drawbridge, you'll notice the Bridge Control Room at the east end of your map on what clearly looks to be a bridge, so make your way towards it. On the north side you can find a little easter egg near the Jim Beam shop where it says "REDRUM" on a garage door. Any fans of The Shining?

Not too far down the road you'll find a Gas Station on the south side where there's a cracked-open door near a Groaner. Step inside the garage to find another Save Point on a small table and Handgun Bullets on the other side of the car along the wall.

Next Fear Item: Gasoline Tank

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard After completing the game once, the E5 Gasoline Tank will appear on the garage shelf near the save point. After picking it up, you can now acquire the Chainsaw at Cut-Rite Chain Saws or the Rock Drill in the Bridge Control Room in your first Next Fear run. In a subsequent Next Fear you can then use the tank to acquire the other weapon. Once both weapons have been acquired, the Gas Tank is no longer needed to power them in later runs but can still be found here.

Heading to the Drawbridge
Back out of the garage, continue east and follow the building around the corner to south Ellroy, where you'll find an alley on the right side near the demolished road. Run along the parked truck to find Shotgun Shells and Handgun Bullets in the corner. Avoid the Groaner on your way back and head to the bridge.

On the south side, head down the steps at the beginning of the bridge to get a First Aid Kit and Shotgun Shells (may be a bit hard to see on the left), but be wary of two patrolling Air Screamers. If you continue to the middle of the bridge you'll find that it's stuck open, so make your way to the Bridge Control Room on the south side.

Bridge Control Room
Through the bottom door by the barrels is a dark room with a weapon that cannot be obtained in your first run. So head up the stairs on the outside and enter the top of the tower.

Find the Shopping District Map on the chair near a Save Point. Deeper in is a Health Drink beside the control panel. Now use the Drawbridge Key on the panel to lower the bridge. Make your way back out and down, then cross over to Central Silent Hill.

Next Fear Weapon: Rock Drill

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard In the bottom room of the Bridge Control Room is a E6 Rock Drill. Turn on your Flashlight to see it in the darkness. While this weapon will always appear here, it requires the Gasoline Tank to power up and take, which is only available in a Next Fear having cleared the game once.

Note that in your first Next Fear you must choose between this and the Chainsaw west of the church, while you can collect both on any subsequent Next Fear. Consider which sounds more exciting to you that first time and take it. They're both quite good, but personally I'd recommend the Rock Drill.

05. Central Silent Hill

"Make haste to the hospital before it's too late."

Sagan Street
Now across the bridge, find the Health Drink on a barrel on the north side and Handgun Bullets on the south steps farther east. Continue east to what turns into Sagan Street to be welcomed by two kind Air Screamers. On your map just ahead is a Police Station, so let's give it a visit.

Near the entrance you'll meet two new enemies called Rompers. These ape-like creatures hop around very quickly and can totally surprise you with their speed, so always approach with caution and be ready to shoot them asap. Despite their intimidating speed and looks, they can be downed in only a few Handgun shots. Note the west entrance to the station on Crichton Street won't open, so enter from the front doors on Sagan Street.

Police Station
Shotgun Shells are found on the right bench, as are two packs of Handgun Bullets on the tall reception counter. The right door won't open, but inside the left room are more Handgun Bullets and a Save Point on a desk, plus Shotgun Shells on a deeper desk. The 23 Shotgun will also be on the desk if you missed it in the Nightmare School. Additionally there's a note about an Officer Gucci on the desk and case notes written on the chalkboard. Leave the station entirely when finished.

Making Haste to the Hospital
Mind any Rompers and Air Screamers and head back over to Crichton to get back on track and run south towards the hospital. Cross over left onto Koontz and find the entrance gate to Alchemilla Hospital on the south side. You may notice what sound like gunshots as you near the gate.

Enter the courtyard with caution to be greeted by two Groaners. Quickly enter the hospital through the doors on Harry's right since the other solo door won't budge.

06. Alchemilla Hospital

"Everyone seems to have disappeared. And it's snowing out. This time of year. Something's gone seriously wrong."

First Floor Reception Hall
Inside this already disturbing hospital you'll find a Save Point on the Reception desk. Take note of the map on the wall that you can't reach from this side and you'll hear another gunshot deeper into the hall. The double doors at the end are jammed so pass through the left door.

Harry meets Dr. Michael Kaufmann who kindly introduces himself with another gunshot, but thankfully he's a terrible shot. Once he leaves, pass through the empty Office on Harry's left to get behind the Reception counter where you can grab a First Aid Kit on a box and the Hospital Map posted on the information board.

Pass back through to the Examination Room you met Kaufmann in and enter the Medicine Room through the far door. There's only a newspaper clipping in here which Harry won't bother to read, so exit from the other door to the east hall.

First Floor East Hall
Enter the Doctor's Office to find the Hospital Basement Map near the other door. Through that door is the Conference Room which holds the 23 Basement Key on the other side of the conference table. Leave both rooms and enter the Kitchen next door, where you can begin a brief optional quest segment.

Optional Quest: Unknown Liquid (Kitchen and Director's Office)

Boss 1: Split Head Lizard Just ahead in the far corner of the Kitchen the angle will shift, hinting at some bottles in the foreground. Examine them for a 24 Plastic Bottle. Find the Health Drink on the other side of the island and exit the room.

Inside the Director's Office you'll come across a trashed room with a smashed vial of red liquid behind the back desk. Not really knowing what it is, you can use the Plastic Bottle to take the 25 Unknown Liquid.

Acquiring the Plastic Bottle and Unknown Liquid is entirely optional, however they are required to have any shot at receiving one of the + endings (Good+ or Bad+) by using it at the right time and place. I suggest just playing normally and receiving your natural ending but you can always read more about it in the Endings section.

Back out in the hall, the elevator isn't functioning so the power must be out. Let's see what the problem is by accessing the basement stairway beside it with the Basement Key.

Enter the basement down the stairs and take care of the Creepers if they bother you. Enter the Generator Room and examine the panel to find a note informing you what it powers, with the elevator among the list. Turn on the generator and leave the room. Now you can access the elevator from the basement or first floor.

Inside the elevator, ascend up to 2F to find the hallway doors jammed. Proceed up to 3F to find the same. Upon checking the elevator panel again however, is a terrifying surprise... Clench your butt cheeks and hit that 4 button.

07. Nightmare Hospital

"I just don't get it. It's like this is all some kind of bad dream."

Fourth Floor
After a brief vision of someone walking into a shop somewhere, Harry finds himself in the rotted-looking supposed fourth floor of the hospital. Since this floor doesn't technically exist you do not have a map for it.

Proceed through the doors only for them to lock behind you in the next hallway. With all the side doors jammed, continue through the next door to more of the same only in a darker hallway with a stairway at the end. Descend it and enter the third floor through the double doors.

Third Floor West Wing
Here you will be greeted by a new enemy called a Puppet Nurse, with many more to come in the hospital. Use the Handgun to drop them with about six shots on Normal, while the Shotgun is better for the occasional quick kill if surrounded. Note that if you try to return to floor 4 now you'll just find a wall there...

Now back to having a map, inside the Men's room you'll find the 26 Plate of "Turtle" on the window sill. Room 301 only contains an empty birdcage, so enter 302 to find a Save Point and Shotgun Shells along with an old but usable TV with a VCR. Remember it for later.

In room 304 is another Nurse, plus a Health Drink on a gurney and a steel plate screwed to the back wall. Note that you'll find a few things in the hospital that you won't quite be able to do anything with, like this plate and the birdcage, but it'll all make sense much later in the game.

The Linen Room only contains dryers which are "useless now" to Harry who hasn't wet his pants just yet. Pass through either the Linen Room or the south double doors to the east corridor.

Third Floor East Wing
Watch out for a couple more Nurses, then enter the Storage Room to find Handgun Bullets, a First Aid Kit, and a 27 Blood Pack of all things, on various shelves. Enter room 306 and grab the 28 Plate of "Cat" on the far wall to finish off business on this floor.

With access to the elevator after unlocking the north doors, the second floor foyer doors are locked but the first floor is all open to explore. Alternatively you can return to the stairs to explore the west 2F wing first, but we'll need something on 1F before advancing through there anyway.

First Floor East Wing
Just out of the elevator, check the broken vending machines for three Health Drinks! Down the hall you'll be greeted by an unhappy Puppet Doctor, slightly stronger than its Nurse counterpart.

Skip the basement for now since you'll run into a locked Storeroom down there. Inside the Director's Office you'll find the 29 Plate of "Queen" on the table after almost pissing your pants, plus a Save Point by the far wall. A Doctor guards a Health Drink inside the Kitchen, while another Doctor awaits around the corner down the hall.

Inside the Office on the south side are Handgun Bullets on the table, while another Doctor awaits in the Medicine Room in front of the locked door to the Examination Room, despite hearing some noise through the door. With that, proceed through the double doors to the west wing.

First Floor West Wing
Here you'll meet another Puppet Doctor by the stairs. With none of the doors opening, you've now cleared this floor, so head up the stairs and enter the 2F west wing.

Second Floor West Wing
Mind the Nurse and enter room 201 where you'll find a brass Zippo 30 Lighter on the table. Leave and head north up the hall where there's another Nurse, and enter room 204 at the left end.

Hearing radio static, there aren't any Nurses in here but instead some monster tentacles coming out of the back wall, below another plate above it. If you try to grab it, the tentacles will grab Harry and suck his blood, so you'll have to find a way to distract them. You'll notice a small pool of blood already has their attention, so how about giving them a feast instead?

To do that, open your inventory and use the Blood Pack. Brilliant foresight to pick that up, Harry! He'll drop it to the left to get their attention, leaving you with an open line to grab the 31 Plate of "Hatter" on the wall. Pat yourself on the back and leave the room.

The doors to the east wing won't open and there's a slate on the wall there with a list of names, plus a blank slate at the north end of the corridor but neither are relevant at the moment.

Enter the Nurse Center where you'll come across a strange locked door and a riddle posted on the wall. By now you should have all four plates to solve this puzzle.

Plate Puzzle (Nurse Center)

The other door in the room is locked, containing four square depressions along with four other coloured squares. You must insert your four plates into the empty slots to unlock it, but first you must decipher the riddle on the wall to determine the order:

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

With four colours or shades already shown on the door plus the four coloured plates you have, it should be rather clear that each sentence here describes a colour. Therefore it's simply a matter of deciphering which sentence describes which colour, at least to start things off.

"Clouds flowing over a hill." Despite possibly appearing as grey before or during rain, the natural colour of a cloud is white, flowing over a hill or not. You'll notice the plate at the top of the door is white, so that appears to be the starting point and doesn't refer to one of the plates you hold.

"Sky on a sunny day" may possibly make you think of yellow or orange, which may be somewhat true during morning sunrise or evening sunset, but on a sunny day it will always appear clear blue. With no blue on the door yet, it does match the colour of the "Turtle" plate. But where does it go? Let's keep reading.

"Tangerines that are bitter." Well, tangerines are orange regardless of being bitter or not. With no orange plate, the right square on the door is orange, indicating that we must be moving in a clockwise fashion starting from the white at the top with the blue "Turtle" plate between them. Let's keep going.

"Lucky four-leaf-clover" clearly refers to a clover which is green in colour, lucky or unlucky, four-leaf or three-leaf. There's no green on the door so it looks like our green "Hatter" plate goes in the bottom right slot if we continue clockwise.

"Violets in the garden" would be... violet, matching the square already at the bottom of the door. If you're not familiar with violet, while it's actually a separate colour from purple (with more blue than red), they're both in the same ballpark of colour. But it hardly matters here.

"Dandelions along a path" refers to yellow, the main colour of a dandelion on any path. While their stems are green and their flowers do eventually close and in grow white fluffs instead, dandelions are more known by their initial yellow, which matches with the Cat plate, putting it in the bottom left slot.

"Unavoidable sleeping time" finally provides us with a tricky one, so let's think about it. What colour would best represent sleep? Close your eyes and tell me what you see. It's black, or at least darkness, which is effectively what we see while sleeping. You can argue semantics whether we're seeing anything at all, but it's the colour that most identifies with sleeping and matches with the black square already at the left of the door.

"Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist" finishes the riddle off, clearly referring to red blood, which is what would flow from a slashed wrist. This matches up with the final remaining plate of "Queen", which may actually look a little pink instead but it's close enough.

And with that we're left with the following colours for each slot, including the plates already in the door:

Colors going clockwise starting from white at the top are:

  • White
  • Blue (Plate of "Turtle")
  • Orange
  • Green (Plate of "Hatter")
  • Violet
  • Yellow (Plate of "Cat")
  • Black
  • Red (Plate of "Queen")

So to solve the puzzle, place the Plate of "Turtle" in the top right slot, the Plate of "Hatter" in the bottom right slot, the Plate of "Cat" in the bottom left slot and the Plate of "Queen" in the top left slot. Once all plates have been correctly placed, the door will unlock.

Pass through the now unlocked door to the east wing.

Second Floor East Wing
With a Nurse right beside you and another two in the corridor, enter the Operating Prep Room just ahead, where you'll stand on an outer walkway with two Nurses that wish to treat you with some wounds. Handle them and head through the other door to the Operating Room to meet the Nurse who looks in charge here. Luckily she ain't no Nurse Ratched, so pop her and take the 32 Basement Storeroom Key on the table and exit to the hall.

Enter the Intensive Care Unit and grab the 33 Disinfecting Alcohol on the table. There's a Nurse behind the table, but it's easy enough to grab it and leave without facing her.

To finish off the floor you can find a First Aid Kitin room 206. Then unlock and proceed through the double doors at the end of the hall to access the elevator and decend to the basement with your new key.

Helloooo Nurse! Quickly handle her and enter the Morgue if you dare. Inside you'll be ambushed by two Nurses from either side so consider running a bit ahead to escape their reach and then using the Shotgun for best results. Find the Ampoule and Health Drink on two different gurneys and leave the room.

Avoid the respawning Nurse and enter the Generator Room to find the large 34 Hammer sitting against the generator, which is arguably the best melee weapon in the game and should not be missed.

Now enter the Storeroom with the Basement Storeroom Key. First grab the Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells on the shelves, then check out the big cabinet at the back. At its base you can see scrape marks from it being moved over time. You may also notice this room is smaller than it appears on the map. Move to the shelf's right side and push it to reveal a door. Proceed through.

Inside you'll find a large grate that cannot be opened due to the growing vines holding it shut. Remembering your Lighter, you can try it but it's not enough on its own. Although you did recently pick up something else... Use the Disinfecting Alcohol to soak the vines and then the Lighter to burn them away. Hop down to see what's below.

Second Basement
In this unmapped area, follow the narrow hall through the next door. Say hello to three more Nurses and head through the first door on your left to another hallway with two more Nurses.

Only enter the first room on your left in the second hall if you feel like wetting yourself, but the first room on the right contains a 35 Video Tape guarded by a Nurse. You may remember a VCR in room 302 on the third floor where you can later return to view the Video Tape, but its recording is filled with static and hard to understand for the time being.

Back in the second hallway, enter the last room on the left into a strange hospital room. Harry finds a photo of a young girl named Alessa who looks a bit like Cheryl. Grab the 36 Examination Room Key beside the photo.

Now it's time to escape this hellhole second basement. Head back down the hall and through the end door, then go through the next door to Harry's right. Follow ahead and up the stairs to the first basement's Storeroom.

First Floor Examination Room
With the key in hand, use the stairs or elevator to head to the Medicine Room at the center of 1F and pass through to the next room with the Examination Room Key after handling the Doctor inside.

Meet Lisa Garland, a nurse who works at this hospital. Mid-conversation, Harry suddenly suffers from a major headache and shifts out of this nightmare realm.

Return to Normal Hospital
Awakening in the normal hospital's Examination Room, the crazy old lady from the church is here to spout more nonsense, finally revealing her name to be Dahlia Gillespie. She tells you to head to the "other church" which you'll first have to find, but she's at least left you the key for it.

Take the 37 Antique Shop Key she left on the table and leave to the main Reception hall. If you check the phone by the Exam Room door, Harry will cycle through the phonebook to find the address to the antique shop he has the key for and mark it on his map. Well, that made things easy.

Consider saving at the front desk and leave the hospital. Avoid the two Groaners in the courtyard and rejoin the streets through the gate.

08. Central Silent Hill Part 2

"Darkness devouring the town? Must be on drugs."

Finding the Antique Shop
If you examined the phonebook before leaving the hospital you'll have the antique shop marked on your map already, but even if not you can locate it yourself with some quick homework. Use the "Look" function on the Antique Shop Key to read "green lion" on the tag. At the northeast of your map is a shop called "Antique Green Lion" above the large Silent Hill Town Center. That's your next destination.

Start by heading east on Koontz towards Simmons where you can find Handgun Bullets and a Health Drink in the alley southwest of the intersection where two Air Screamers will likely follow you in. There's also a Health Drink on one of the umbrella tables by Cafe Sun at the northwest of the same intersection, guarded by two Rompers nearby.

With the crazy ambulance music keeping you on edge, head north up Simmons all the way to the antique shop, ignoring any enemies on the way. You'll soon reach the open doorway of the shop on the right side. Step through and down the stairs where you can proceed inside with the Antique Shop Key.

Green Lion Antique Shop
Use your Flashlight to illuminate the room and locate the Save Pointon the nearby table. The clock isn't of any use, but around the corner you'll find a cabinet with some skid marks under it. Push it aside and Harry will find a large hole behind it.

Cybil will drop by with some startling news before Harry decides to check out what's in the hole on his own. Proceed down the passage and through the next hole into a small room with an altar, which could be the "other church" that Dahlia spoke of.

There's nothing you can do with it, but be sure to grab the 38 Axe on the wall near it for another weapon. Then head back to report to Cybil before things take an interesting turn.

Hospital Examination Room
Harry awakens in the Nightmare Hospital with Lisa, exactly where he was before the first headache... Lisa provides Harry with some helpful background information before he appears to shift between realms again.

09. Nightmare Central Silent Hill

"I don't want to think so, but maybe this is all just going on in my head. I don't know what's real anymore..."

Nightmare Antique Shop
Who knows what's going on here but you're now in the meshy nightmare version of the antique shop. Harry recalls what Cybil told him about Cheryl and figures Lisa might know how to reach the lake. So your next destination is the hospital again, even though you were just there seconds ago. Note the Save Point on the table and leave the shop.

Streets: Figuring Out a Way to the Hospital
Back up the steps and through the doorway, the streets have now transformed to their meshy, nightmare form, similarly to the school. Enemies will also be found in much higher frequency, to almost an extreme degree, while Air Screamers and Groaners will be replaced by more powerful versions called Night Flutters and Wormheads, although you may not even notice the difference. Either way, it's likely not worth fighting anything out in these crazy streets.

If you make your way south you'll eventually find that the meshy "road" ends before Sagan Street, so we'll need to find an alternate route. On the east side of the road is a torn hole in the shutters of the Silent Hill Town Center which can be found on your map, where you may also notice a potential route behind it. Step inside and see what you can find.

Silent Hill Town Center
There's nothing of any interest on the first floor, however the large TV screens right of the escalators will turn on and display a message for you as you make your way up. Continue up the escalator to the second floor.

The right passage's floor is out, so take the left path where you can enter a shop on the left side. Inside the former jewelry shop are two packs of Rifle Shells, a First Aid Kit and a Save Point. Consider saving due to an upcoming boss fight, and fear not, you did not miss the Rifle. The other door won't open so exit the shop and continue down the path.

Just ahead you'll see what looks like slugs sucking on a corpse. Once you approach it the floor will give and you'll land in a pit with a large larva that's happy to make your acquaintance.

Boss 2: Twinfeeler

Boss 2: Twinfeeler There's no escape once you land in the pit, so instead you'll have to exterminate the giant larva. But first, locate the 39 Hunting Rifle leaning against the wall just ahead, which can work fairly well for this fight but the Shotgun's superior speed, power and handling makes it more preferable.

What the larva will do every now and then is rise up from the soil to spew acid at you as it crawls over the surface before shortly diving back into it, leaving you a brief window to shoot it. It may be hard to predict where it will rise and attack from, which makes running around fairly unpredictable, especially since it may rise right in your path.

The best strategy here is to instead stand on the fallen grate in the middle which helps in multiple ways. Firstly, it prevents it from erupting anywhere near you while giving enough time to dodge its acid, but it also lures the larva over the grate where it cannot drop back into the soil until it reaches the other side, providing you with a very lengthy attack window.

So stand on that grate and as soon as you hear it erupting, either run ahead or strafe to the side to dodge the acid, then immediately target the larva and start blasting away while closing the distance for peak power. Even on Hard you can end this fight in a matter of seconds and just one full clip.

Twinfeeler's attacks: The larval creature has two attacks. One is spitting acid at you every time it climbs above the surface and the other is physically ramming into you when slithering above or just as it hits the surface. Stand on the metal grate to avoid being bumped into and be sure to run or strafe away as the Twinfeeler rises to avoid its acid every time.

After just six well-placed Shotgun blasts from close range, or up to 10 or more Rifle shots, the Twinfeeler will curl up in a ball and the fight will be over. It doesn't die however and instead smashes through the closed doors on its escape, providing you with an exit as well.

Town Center Back Road and Sagan Street
Once the Twinfeeler larva smashes through the glass door, escape through the same exit to outside. Back in the craziness out here, take a right and head south where the road transitions to a narrower grate path, which turns right onto Sagan Street.

Cross over Simmons Street, where there is no south route, and run like hell all the way west, pretending you're not being hounded by Night Flutters, Groaners and who knows what else. Hit the police station on the right side for a breather and more supplies.

Nightmare Police Station
Well that was intense, wasn't it? Take a deep exhale and find the Rifle Shells and Handgun Bullets on the reception counter, plus a Save Point on the table by the front doors. Exit once you're ready to run for your life again.

Crichton and Koontz Street
Continue past the Romper outside and head westward for just a moment longer until you reach Crichton. Take a left and head south all the way to Koontz, past a barrage of Night Flutters. Head through the front gate to Alchemilla, quickly dodge the incoming Wormheads and step back inside the familiar hospital.

A Short Stay at the Nightmare Hospital
Inside the rotted hospital's lobby, there's a Save Point on the counter as usual, which you may want to use due to an upcoming boss fight. Enter the Examination Room from the side door to talk with Lisa.

Unfortunately Bachman Road is destroyed and prevents access to the lake, but Lisa remembers an abandoned waterworks with underground tunnels near Midwich that might take you to the lake. Despite her pleading for Harry to stay, he's a man on a mission and Lisa doesn't think she should leave the hospital either. Exit back to the streets.

Koontz Street Rooftop
A new pathway appears outside, leading you to a stairway and up to a rooftop. In a brief cutscene, the stairs are destroyed and Harry is greeted by a giant moth... It's the same creature you just fought in the Town Center, having already reached its adult form and now looking for revenge!

Boss 3: Floatstinger Moth

Right at the start you'll be facing the giant menacing moth, so consider getting some breathing room before attacking. You can stay on this open part of the rooftop which lets you move around without much restriction, but you can also run up the nearby stairs to the higher roof and use the water tower as cover. It's quite hard to see the full moth and what it's doing from the lower spot so consider relocating up here for a better picture, but do keep in mind the open space makes quick shooting and running a very viable strategy.

Boss 3: Floatstinger Just as before, the Shotgun and Rifle are the best weapons here, with the Rifle preferable from the higher position and the Shotgun better from up close down below. From the open main roof, the best strategy is to keep moving, especially by strafing to keep the creature in front of you, and get in one or two shots at a time before the moth can respond with an acid spit or by smacking you with its abdomen. Just take your shot, run ahead or strafe to the side a couple meters and fire again. If you can get 2-3 shots safely, go for it, but sometimes the moth will be quick to smack you or spit acid.

If you'd like a better view and to create more distance, head up the stairs to the water tower and use the Rifle. Same thing here though, keep moving and take 1-2 shots at a time, with the occasional 3-4 shots if you really have the time. Take your shot and run a few feet as you likely dodge an acid spit, fire again and just keep dodging and repeating.

Alternatively you can try running for a bit longer to create more space so you can fire more shots, but always be prepared to dodge acid at a moment's notice, and never remain close to its body for long or it'll smack you. Note that the Shotgun still works fairly well from this location but loses its power when the moth is farther away.

Floatstinger's attacks: The creature attacks very similarly to how it did in its previous form with another acid-spewing attack and an abdomen-butting attack. Keep your distance to prevent the second attack from ever happening, while the acid is somewhat difficult to avoid but is telegraphed by a distinct sound each time. Once you hear it, strafe or run aside asap and get in your attacks, although it won't always be easy.

After landing about 15-20 Rifle or Shotgun shells the creature will fall to the ground and die this time, as sirens sound in the distance.

Return to Normal Central Silent Hill
So that did the trick, huh... Now back in the "regular" snowy Silent Hill, the stairs leading down look good to go so head down to Koontz Street.

To reach the waterworks by the school, you'll need to return to Old Silent Hill. So head north up Crichton and take the bridge west back to the residential area.

Return to Old Silent Hill: The Waterworks
Time will jump forward to Harry arriving at the waterworks, revealing its position on your map. Investigate it to find a locked gate, but Harry thinks he might be able to break the rusted lock. Take out a melee weapon like the Axe, Hammer or Steel Pipe and bat the thing until it breaks. Step through the gate, and with the manhole cover already removed, praise the woeful neglect and descend the ladder to the sewer tunnels below.

10. Sewers (To Resort Area)

"There's an underground tunnel out there used for inspections, or something! I remember hearing it runs all the way to the lake!"

First Tunnel
Down in the leaky tunnel, take a right around the corner and follow the long path, but stop short of the end and take care of the two Creepers that sneakily come in from behind you a way's down since your full attention will be needed for what's next.

At the end of the tunnel you'll hear clicking sounds, marking the presence of two new enemies called Hanged Scratchers approaching from either side of the next narrow path. They move quickly so step back in the tunnel and eliminate them carefully. The Handgun is most suitable for them one on one but the Shotgun will make quick work of them when needed.

First Two Intersections
The right path at the intersection leads to a fence with a locked gate, so take a left and head down the path to another intersection where it first curves left around it. First continue forward to find some items at the end, including Rifle Shells on the left side and a Health Drink, Handgun Bullets and Shotgun Shells on the right side.

Return to the intersection and continue the other way, first along the left side before crossing over on the right. Then head through the gate on the left side of the fence, since the right side is locked.

Beyond the First Open Gate: Sewer Office
Follow the path along the wall to eventually reach what looks like an open office. Find the Sewer Map (Connecting to Resort Area) and Save Point on the table, and check the open key box for the SEWER KEY. This should unlock the gate near the beginning. If you check your map, it's at the the mid-south of the center path. Continue through the nearby gate and exit through the next gate after unlocking it.

Using the Sewer Key
Head back west, first on the left and then on the right while avoiding the Hanged Scratchers which you may now notice drop down from the roof in various spots. Head around to the left to head south at the intersection, where you may encounter a Scratcher and possibly another after the path curves southward.

Follow along the right side as you pass the original tunnel, then use the 40 Sewer Key to pass through the fence gate at the south end.

Follow the blue grating on the left side and you'll soon meet three Creepers crawling around. When the path diverts in two, you'll find a First Aid Kit on the left side before a dead end. The right path leads to a ladder. Ascend it.

Upper Level Sewers
Still in the sewers, get the First Aid Kit on the grating to Harry's left and continue the other way. If you hold L2 to focus the camera just ahead you'll see several Scratchers hanging on the roof. You can get the drop on them by shooting them down, although it may trigger the rest to come down. Or just sprint through the area.

East and Southward Tunnels
The upper west and south paths are blocked ahead, so take the east one around the left corner and follow the tunnel past a few Creepers. You'll find a Health Drink and Handgun Bullets at the exit of the tunnel. Continue south around the right corner past another Scratcher to enter the larger south pathway.

South Tunnel: Finding and Using the Sewer Exit Key
The left gate is locked so we'll need to take a right to find the key. Pass through the gate on the right side and continue west through a couple more gates after passing some Creepers. Eventually you'll reach the west end with a suspicious bloody spot in the water. With the creepy music edging you on, reach in to find the 41 Sewer Exit Key.

Immediately after you'll be ambushed by three Scratchers. Quickly bail and pass back through the gate on the right side, past another Scratcher waiting nearby (consider quickly blasting it with the Shotgun). Taking the left path instead will spell danger as it's a dead end and you'll get cornered.

Continue through the next two gates on the left side, while the loud bang should encourage you to keep running. With up to three more Scratchers by the east gate, you can take them on or just quickly run up to the gate and slip through, using the Sewer Exit Key.

Now on the safe side, you'll find a Save Point on a barrel next to the exit ladder ahead. Ascend to outside.

11. Silent Hill Resort Area

"This craziness can't go on forever. A military rescue squad should be here any time now."

Bachman Road: Finding the Map
Ah, freedom... Head for a run forward and around the corner into the demolished building to find Rifle Shells and Handgun Bullets at the left and a First Aid Kit on the right. Back outside in front of the building is an information sign by the road where you can get the Resort Area Map. Next, you can complete an optional quest or skip through the area.

Optional Quest: Running Some Errands (East Resort Area)

With your current goal of finding Cheryl by the lake, you can simply proceed down Bachman Road and Sandford Street to reach the Lakeside pier. However for the sake of getting one of the Good rather than Bad endings, it is in your best interest to complete an optional quest by thoroughly exploring a few buildings in the northeast before advancing. Feel free to read more in the Endings section, while we will cover the entire quest below. Skip past it if you wish to continue to the next area right away.

Annie's Bar
The first place that sticks out on your map is Annie's Bar, so head past Craig Street and enter the bar under the west side awning near a patrolling Romper or two. Inside, Harry saves Kaufmann from a monster before he soon takes off. But if you check the floor by the dead monster between the billiard tables you'll find the 42 Kaufmann Key and 43 Receipt that he must've dropped. Also on the counter are two Health Drinks and a Save Point.

If you look at the Receipt, you'll find the number 0473 written on it, while the name of the store is Indian Runner, which you'll find on your map to the east. The Kaufmann Key also appears to be for a motel while one is nearby, but let's check Indian Runner first.

Indian Runner
You'll have to make your way past more Groaners and two more Rompers before arriving at Indian Runner on Weaver Street, which is locked by a padlock. Remembering the receipt, enter the code 0473 to enter.

Inside the trashed store are Rifle Shells at the end of the counter, while there's a Health Drink near a journal by the cash register. There's a locked safe under the counter, but if you check the large cabinet behind the counter there's a 44 Safe Key inside the top drawer. Use the Safe Key to unlock the safe and find a surprise inside. You really don't need to open it and there's no item to acquire here since Harry won't take the drugs, but it does fill in some details of the backstory, as already briefed by Cybil earlier.

Before leaving, check the back wall behind the counter to find a photo of a motel's grand opening and a posted receipt beside it with the code 0886 for a "rear entrance" written on it. That must be the motel's rear entrance. You can see Motel Haerbey Inn to the south on your map. Let's head there next.

Motel Office
Head south down Weaver to find the back entrance of the motel on the right side by another Romper and Air Screamer. With the code you found in Indian Runner, enter 0886 and press enter on the keypad to slip inside.

Just inside on the couch you'll find a 45 Magnet. There's also an interesting article about the drug ring on the coffee table here, partially covering perhaps an even more interesting magazine. Sadly you won't be able to "read the articles" of that one, but you can admire the pixelated poster on the nearby wall instead. There's also another diary about the mystery man on the desk in the corner.

Through the door by the couch is a small garage with a motorcycle as well as Shotgun Shells and a Health Drink nearby. Harry notices dust wiped away from the gas cap of the motorcycle, but you can't do anything about it at the moment.

Back in the lounge, pass through the open doorway at the other corner to find a Save Point on the counter. Unlock and exit through the door on the other side of the counter to the motel compound and parking lot.

Motel Room 3
The key that Kaufmann dropped has the number 3 on its tag so let's go there. Head to Harry's right just out the door and you'll find the 3 door right ahead. Use the Kaufmann Key to step inside.

Note the big shelf partially covering a poster and give it a push from the side to uncover a hole in the floor. Take a look to notice a key down in the crack, but Harry can't reach it. Use the Magnet with its long string to get the 46 Motorcycle Key from the crack. Your next destination should be clear if you entered the garage earlier, but don't miss the Health Drink in the washroom here first.

Motorcycle Garage
Head back into the office from the compound and make your way into the garage from the door beside the couch in the lounge. Unfortunately Harry won't be speeding away to the lake on the hog, but you may have noticed dust wiped away from its gas tank earlier.

Use the Motorcycle Key to open the gas tank. Harry finds a small glass vial inside that looks a lot like the smashed one in the hospital, which you may or may not have picked up the liquid from with a bottle. So this was being hidden for some reason...

Kaufmann shortly parades in and berates Harry for goofing off. Seriously, he's beyond pissed that you found this so it must be important. But with that attitude maybe he didn't deserve to be saved earlier. He snatches the vial and promptly leaves as he usually does and Harry thinks he might've wasted his time, but what you have done is locked yourself into one of the Good endings of the game. Exit the motel back to Weaver Street, or leave from the motel lot straight to Sandford Street.

Heading to the Lake
Now with all that done or if it doesn't interest you in the first place, your goal is to head to the lake. Be mindful of an assortment of Rompers, Wormheads and Night Flutters as you make your way westward.

Under the "F" in SANDFORD St. on your map you can find a collapsed staircase with a Health Drink and Rifle Shells at the bottom. Continue west and cross the Sandford Street bridge to the sound of static.

12. Nightmare Silent Hill Resort Area

"Rather than shifting from reality to a nightmare, this is more like reality becoming a nightmare."

Making Your Way to the Pier
Once again Harry experiences a shift to the nightmare world, although it's a bit different this time for him. Remembering the last time you were in the streets in this state, prepare for another onslaught of enemies and consider running past everything or at least most of what you see.

On the other side of the bridge, stay on the north side of the road to find a little detour farther north where there's Shotgun Shells and a Health Drink after an assortment of barrels. Also mind the Romper and Night Flutter nearby and head west past both large garages on your map.

Take a left after the west garage and head south past a Night Flutter. The walkway will narrow as the pier extends southward from the right side. Follow it past two Wormheads and quickly rush down the stairs on the left side. Cross the wooden path onto the boat and enter its interior through the short double doors.

Proceed through the next door to reunite with Cybil in the cabin. Dahlia soon enters to interrupt with her usual crazy talk. She explains that you must stop the demon at the Lighthouse and the Amusement Park. Dahlia informs Harry that he must use the Flauros to do so, but not before Cybil has already left...

Once they both leave, you'll find Handgun Bullets, Rifle Shells, a Health Drink and a Save Point around the cabin. Exit through the double doors.

Heading to the Lighthouse
Now on the other side of the boat, cross the platform and follow the path back up to the pier where a Romper awaits, while a Night Flutter may also harass you. There may be a Romper at the other end as well by the stairs, which you must descend to the lower right.

Follow over more boards of wood and along the red railing pathway, then cross back over to the pier. Continue past the fence to the right to meet two more Rompers. Stay on the right side and just keep running like hell as the path narrows.

If you keep going past the upward stairs you can find a First Aid Kit guarded by two Night Flutters at the south end of the area, while the earlier Rompers may join in on the fun so be ready. Then head up those stairs to the center platform to continue your crazy journey.

Take the first left around the corner on the higher path and head down the stairs on the right. Follow the narrow path up another set of narrow stairs where you'll encounter some Wormheads at the top. Just keep hauling ass as you take a right towards the Lighthouse which is now in sight. Enter it up the steps.

Take in the Save Point on the barrel and make your way up the spiralling staircase. On the rooftop, Harry spots the blue-clothed girl again but it's too late. Well, that felt like a waste... Head back down the stairs and back to the pier.

Heading Back to the Mainland
A Wormhead may charge you just outside while others may still patrol nearby. Just as you proceed forward, time will fast forward to Harry arriving back in the boat, but Cybil's not back yet. Not really a surprise since she went farther, but we should check up on her. Head through the other door and exit to the north side of the boat.

Head back over the platform onto the main path where two Wormheads will want to play. Head north all the way to W. Sandford Street. If you check your map you'll see a red arrow near a pink block on the north side of W. Sandford. Head there to find a fence-enclosed lot with a manhole opening leading below. Watch out for the two Wormheads in the lot and descend the ladder.

13. Sewers (Connecting to Amusement Park)

"Go to the lighthouse on the lake, and to the center of the amusement park. Make haste. You are the only hope."

East and South Tunnels
After the brief cutscene of Cybil, get the Sewer Map (Connecting to Amusement Park) on the wall and head down the tunnel. If you hold L2 you can spot a couple Hanged Scratchers on the roof, which you can safely shoot down from a distance, and another on the ground ahead. Continue past them and take a right, since the path ahead only continues into a dead-end with more Scratchers.

Make your way west towards the center tunnel to encounter absolutely terrifying new creatures called Mumblers. I wouldn't blame you for wetting yourself. Either blast them or just run past and you'll find a Health Drink at the west end of the path where it connects to the center tunnel.

Center Tunnel
Before heading northward, be sure to check out the south of the center tunnel for a Health Drink and Handgun Bullets. Then proceed to the north past two more Mumblers and potentially a Scratcher. Kill them if you feel unsure about having all these enemies chase you, but otherwise you can just run past them all. Take a left and head into the west tunnel.

West Tunnel
You may soon encounter a Mumbler approaching you, but there's room to slip by it on the right. You'll hear a loud bang while passing it, and I'd advise you to just keep your ass running instead of finding out what caused it. Agreed?

Mind the holes in the grating on both sides and you'll soon encounter nearly the entire floor missing with a corpse in the water, but you can slip by on the narrow strip on the right.

Soon you'll spot some merry-go-round horses and a ladder at the end of the path. Quickly approach and ascend it to exit the sewers. Note that locating and using the ladder fairly quickly is important since the craziness that is chasing you from behind, including Mumblers and Scratchers, can catch and corner you if you get caught up on either side. Take a deep breather as you exit to the surface. You survived. Well, hopefully you did.

14. Lakeside Amusement Park

"Cheryl is my daughter. I will save her. No matter what."

Finding Cybil
Firstly, this area can be quite confusing and easy to get lost in since there's no map and the ground is ripped up in several areas, while Grey Children aim to slice you up. But that said, it's a fairly small area and your goal is simply to find the carousel.

Starting off, run ahead and follow the path to the right along the ripped grate flooring where there's another pathetic Larval Stalker near the benches, which you may only hear rather than see. When you reach the circle fence for the ride ahead with a Grey Child approaching from the left, take a hard right and follow ahead while passing another ride on the right playing some carnival music.

Take a left near that ride and you should approach an ice cream shop, where you'll find a Save Point on the front counter on the other side, also near a Larval Stalker. Consider saving due to an upcoming boss fight. You'll find a ferris wheel to the left while facing the ice cream shop counter, but there's only a Grey Child or two patrolling it.

Turn around from the ice cream shop and run straight, while turning a bit to the right, then continue farther right where you may reach another Larval Stalker, as if these things are guiding you. As you continue you may even see one of them guide you up the steps of the nearby merry-go-round. Follow up the steps and through the gate onto the carousel.

If you're totally lost here and can't find the merry-go-round, head back to the ice cream shop across from the ferris wheel. Find the garbage can on the side and stand in front of it where the building starts to corner to the front. Follow the thick line on the floor grating all the way forward until the floor ends, then take a right over to the merry-go-round now on your left side.

Harry finds Cybil in a wheelchair and she's just not herself, standing and shooting his way. It's time for another boss fight, but note that there's two different ways this can go.

Boss 4: Cybil

Optional Quest: Saving Cybil

If you acquired the Plastic Bottle and used it to pick up the Unknown Liquid back in the hospital's Director's Office, you can end this battle at any time by approaching Cybil and using it right in front of her. Doing this will save her and lock you into one of the two + endings. If you don't have the liquid or would rather a worse ending, you will instead have to fight and kill her.

Boss 4: Cybil If you don't have the means to save Cybil or wish to fight her anyway, you'll first need to avoid her gunshots until she runs out of ammo. She has 10 bullets and won't hesitate to use them, even firing off a few in a row if you can avoid them. Otherwise, her shots are insanely damaging and will kill you if you have anything less than 80% or so health, or if you take two shots without healing.

To avoid her gunshots is actually a very simple task of strafing in a circle around her and not stopping until she runs out. To get set right from the start, hold R1 on its own to get moving, then quickly begin also holding left on the analog stick to start curving in a circle around Cybil. Once you've got the right arc, hold it and keep running circles around her as she fires her ammo, sometimes 2-3 bullets at a time before resetting. It'll look close but her bullets should just miss you each time.

Try to stay clear of all objects like horses, poles or walls, since Harry will bump into and stumble on these things, leaving him open to an attack. Otherwise, you can also hide behind horses whenever she's about to attack, or even run away since her accuracy falls off at far range.

You can also go on the offensive right away by firing back, preferably from a farther distance with the Rifle if you wish to have any chance of getting away. But honestly, the first strategy of circling around her is the most effective and will save you a lot of health.

Once Cybil fires her 10 shots, she'll drop her gun and take matters into her own hands, although losing her long-range attack makes the fight very trivial as long as you don't let her get close.

From this point just use the Rifle from afar to blast her and simply strafe away when she gets close. The Shotgun also works well, at least from a closer distance, and the Handgun can be effective as well but will take a bit longer. Be sure to back up while firing these weapons to keep your distance from Cybil.

As long as you have the ammo for it, utilize the Rifle and its long range to fire at Cybil from safety. If you've run out of all ammo, the Hammer is the best melee weapon while the Axe is next best if you don't have it. Just be sure to get on the move after landing an attack or you'll get choked. remember this is your last chance to use the Unknown Liquid to save Cybil if you have it, otherwise keep firing or swinging away until she dies.

Cybil's attacks: Cybil's simplest attack in the first part of the fight is a handgun shot, knocking Harry down while pushing your status into deep red. Two shots without healing will kill you (or just one if not close to full health), so always stay on top of your condition. Just circle around her, or stay far away, to avoid all her shots. Cybil's other attack in this phase is a pistol whip from close range, which isn't as deadly but wise to avoid.

Once Cybil drops her handgun, she'll try to attack Harry by grabbing him by the neck and strangling him. Wiggle the shoulder and directional buttons to escape this attack more quickly while limiting damage, since it can be very harmful the longer it goes on. She may also try an arm chop although not nearly as frequently as the chokehold. Both are quite damaging so just be sure to heal up.

After 26 Rifle Shells or some other combination, Cybil will fall to the ground and your friend will sadly be no more, unless you used the Unknown Liquid to expel her parasite and save her life.

If you saved Cybil, the parasite will be expelled from her body and Harry will have a conversation with her about Cheryl. If not, Harry will leave her body and walk away. Either way, Harry soon discovers Alessa nearby and the "Flauros" is used automatically before Dahlia makes an appearance. Then you will shift into the final area of the game.

15. Nowhere

"Even when I change the bandages, the blood and pus just start oozing through! Why... What is keeping that child alive?"

Examination Room
Harry awakens once again with Lisa in the hospital. Just what the hell is going on here... Lisa talks to Harry for a bit and then storms out, clearly bothered by something. With a mysterious droning sound coming from below the floor, find the Save Point on the desk. As you'll see, it describes this place as "Nowhere", which should help explain the arrangement of the place as you move through it... Because it's not quite the hospital but rather a mix and match of several areas of the game.

Proceed through the door straight ahead and move down the unfamiliar walkway to the elevator.

Note on navigating Nowhere: Remember that since this place isn't the hospital, you have no map for it and will not find one either. You must instead rely on your sense of direction, spatial awareness and short term memory... in a place that doesn't quite follow geographical logic. But I'll do my best to guide you through this maze.

First Corridor
Now in a hospital corridor, the first room on the left contains a key stuck in a faucet, while the right room contains a key locked in a birdcage. All you can do is remember for later.

You may notice an apparition of Alessa just ahead along with her chuckling on the soundtrack. The room directly across from the elevator is straight from the antique shop, with a Save Point on the counter, a First Aid Kit on a chair and Shotgun Shells on the farther counter. One hand of the clock by the door is a key, but Harry cannot access it as is. Note the square depression below the clock face for later and exit the room.

Back in the hall, a couple Nurses have spawned so consider handling them. I'd advise using the Shotgun for the rest of the game if you have the ammo.

You may also note a few doors in the hall are locked and marked with certain words, so you'll need to find some keys. All other doors here are locked except the last door on the right at the end of the corridor. Pass through it, down the stairs and into the room below.

Classroom and Back Room
Now suddenly in a classroom from Midwich, examine the desk in the middle to read some mean carvings and head through the other door. In the back room, find the 47 Screwdriver and 48 Pliers on the table and return back to the first corridor upstairs.

Using the Pliers
Remembering the key stuck in the faucet, head back towards the elevator and enter the right room beside it. Use the Pliers to pull out the 49 Key of "Ophiel". Out in the hall, head around the corner and use the Key of "Ophiel" to pass through the door with that title on the right side.

"Ophiel" Corridor
Just inside the hall to the right, you'll notice a slate with names engraved on it, a door with a crazy-looking keypad beside it, and down the hall the other way is another slate with some instructions on it. It's time to solve another puzzle.

The Grim Reaper's List ("Ophiel" Corridor)

With the crazy-looking keypad keeping the door locked, you'll need to decipher its code from the two slates in this corridor. Since the near one just contains a list of names without any context, first read the other one down the hall:

Names engraved
On a lithograph.
The Grim Reaper's list.

Yes, the headcount is set
Young and old lined up
In order of age.

Then, the pathway opens
Awaiting them, the frenzied
Uproar, the feast of death!

All right, so let's return and read the other list to which this one refers:

The Grim Reaper's list

35 Lydia Findly
60 Trevor F White
18 Albert Lords
45 Roberta T Morgan
38 Edward C Briggs

The first slate directly refers to the second in its first sentence, before then explaining the key to the puzzle in its second paragraph. "The headcount is set Young and old lined up In order of age". So we must rearrange The Grim Reaper's list of five names in order of their posted ages, like so:

18 Albert Lords
35 Lydia Findly
38 Edward C Briggs
45 Roberta T Morgan
60 Trevor F White

If you check the keypad you'll find it has no numbers but only letters, utilizing the full alphabet to boot. So how can we get a code from this? What about the first letter of each name in order of age? Notice anything?


Interesting. Reading the final sentence of the instruction slate, it says "Awaiting them, the frenzied; Uproar, the feast of death!" That sounds like quite the alert, doesn't it?

Turn to the keypad and enter in the code "ALERT" to unlock the door.

Pass through the door after unlocking it with the keypad. Looks like an empty storage room so pass through the next doors to a morgue where you'll find the 50 Amulet of Solomon on the back wall.

Head back to the previous room to meet a scared Lisa. Enjoy the beautiful scene before Harry leaves back to the Ophiel hallway. After, you can re-enter the storage room and read Lisa's diary on the floor.

Back in the Ophiel hall, turn around the corner and enter the second room on the left side, which is the only other unlocked room in the hall. Inside you'll find a bunch of zodiac signs posted along with a series of keypads at the back of the room above a square stone plate. It's time for yet another puzzle.

Astrology Puzzle (Astrology Room)

This is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game and requires an open and observational mind to even understand the basis of it, but it ultimately comes down to a very simple concept.

Firstly, you'll find two zodiac signs on the left wall and two more on the right, each with a number underneath it. Additionally there are three more zodiac signs with keypads instead of numbers under them on the center pillar at the back of the room. Your task is to find the pattern between the four wall signs and their numbers and apply that same pattern to the signs above the keypads to determine the correct codes. With the keypad buttons resetting for every press, the resulting codes will be just one number.

Let's take a look at the symbols on the walls and numbers underneath:

Then there are three symbols on the pillar with keypads:

The use of astrology signs is ultimately a red herring and completely irrelevant to understanding the puzzle, but what do these numbers mean? That mystery is the entire key, so give the symbols each a good look and see if you can gather the correlation to the numbers.

The Libra scale may throw you off because it's an inanimate object while all the others are animal forms. But the fact that there's 2 sides to the scale and its number is 2 should begin to clue you in to something.

The 0 of Pisces may also be confusing so let's look at Aries and Cancer. Aries is a ram with the number 4 while Cancer is a crab with the number 10. The ram has 4 legs, doesn't it... And the crab? 8 legs plus 2 large arms for 10... And with that we've unlocked the key to the puzzle. The numbers correspond to the number of limbs each sign has.

But what about Pisces? Well, it seems a tail doesn't count as a limb, nor do gills or fins, and so Pisces remains 0. You may have your thoughts about it, but that's the logic here. And while the Libra is an inanimate object, it still has 2 arms.

With that, let's turn to the three signs on the pillar and apply the same pattern.

  • Centaur (Sagittarius): 4 horse legs plus 2 human arms = 6
  • Bull (Taurus): 4 legs = 4
  • Twins (Gemini): 2 legs and 2 arms for each twin = 8

Remember the fish tails of Pisces didn't count so the Taurus tail doesn't either. And with that, press 6 on the left Sagittarius keypad, 4 on the center Taurus keypad and 8 on the right Gemini keypad. Upon inputting the correct third key, the stone plate will fall to the floor.

With the puzzle completed, grab the 51 Stone of Time on the floor and leave the room. Remembering the clock in the first hallway shop, return there past some newly-spawning Nurses.

First Corridor: Using the Stone of Time
Take a left and enter the second room on the left side to step back in the antique shop. Insert the Stone of Time into the clock's square depression. After ding-donging five times, the clock face glass shatters in Harry's unsuspecting face. Grab the now reachable 52 Key of "Hagith" on the clock face and exit the room.

Take a right in the hall and use the Key of "Hagith" to pass through the double doors at the end, allowing access to the elevator. Ride up to the second floor and pass through the doors into the first hallway up there.

Second Floor First Corridor
Handle the Nurses here however you wish and enter the third room on your left, which is the trashed jewelry shop from the Town Center. Locate the 53 Crest of Mercury in the smashed display case, plus Rifle Shells on the table in the corner and the extremely important 54 Ring of Contract in another display case deeper in the room. This ring will save your life if you know where to use it, so pay attention.

Back in the hall, avoid the Nurse and pass through the double doors to the next hallway.

Second Floor Second Corridor
Put the Nurse ahead out of her misery, turn just around the corner and enter the only room on the right side. Grab the Handgun Bullets on the right table and the 55 Camera deeper in.

Two more Nurses linger down the hall back outside, where you can enter the last room on the left. On the back wall in there you'll find the same screwed-in plate from the hospital, but this time you have a tool to remove it. Use the Screwdriver to reveal a key with electricity flowing through it. Harry can't grab it as is, so you'll need to find a way to de-electrify it and come back later, perhaps by turning off the power.

Back in the hall, you can head up the other way and unlock the last door on the right by the corner, which will then transport you to the first hallway on the first floor if you pass through it. Of course it does, this is Nowhere after all. Either way, return to the elevator from the first floor (take a right and through the end double doors) or the second floor (pass through the previous two double doors) and head up to 3F.

In case you're curious, there's no button for the basement so we'll have to wait to turn off the power.

Third Floor Altar Hall
Just outside the elevator in front of another Alessa apparition is an altar with two paintings on either side, plus two locked doors with odd-looking button input keypads for another Nowhere hallmark: a puzzle.

The Light Puzzle (Third Floor)

On either side of the short hall you will find locked doors, each with three sets of very peculiar keypads. As many buttons can be pressed as you choose, so we must first uncover the key to the puzzle. With no hint at how to operate these, let's instead turn to the paintings on either side of the altar which together provide the only clues in solving this puzzle. They each come with different captions although they seem to share a theme:

"The light to the future." (left painting)

"The light illuminating the darkness." (right painting)

So what do they have in common? They both have the word "light" in their captions. Do you have anything that you can use here? How about the Camera with its description, "Camera with flash"? Use it in front of each painting for its flash to expose hidden shapes within them like so:

So now what? Well, let's take a look at those weird keypads again. Notice anything? The three shapes line up in the same way as the three keypads on each door, don't they? The idea of this puzzle is to input the three shapes from the painting on each side into the keypads on the same side door. To do that, push the keypads like so:

As you can see we've drawn the same shapes from the paintings into the corresponding keypads. Each door will unlock once you push the correct buttons as shown above.

With both doors now unlocked, the room on the left contains the 56 Bird Cage Key on a chair. Inside the right room is a Health Drink on the counter beside a red botany book about an herb called White Claudia, which can only be read if you checked the chalkboard in the Police Station.

On the back desk may also be a newspaper article about a fire highly relevant to the story, but it only appears in the PAL and Japanese versions and only sometimes. Return to the elevator and head to the first floor.

First Floor: Using the Bird Cage Key
Head through the double doors, follow the hall around the corner and enter the room left of the non-functioning starting elevator. Inside, use the Bird Cage Key to access the 57 Key of "Phaleg". Back in the hall, use the Key of "Phaleg" to pass through the next door on the right.

"Phaleg" Corridor
In here you'll be greeted by new enemies called Stalkers. As the adult form of the pathetic Larval Stalkers you've found on several occasions, they are basically Grey Children in apparition form. Since they can be hard to see, make an effort to eliminate them quickly to remove any surprises in this hall, preferably with the Shotgun if you have the ammo.

Enter the first room on your right to find a suspicious-looking fridge that's been re-positioned at the center of the room and also has the 58 Dagger of Melchior stabbed into it. While taking it, Harry will also notice a broken chain link below, which may have been why the dagger was stabbed into it... This is all very suspicious so think carefully before leaving.

Since that dagger looked to be there for a reason, enter your inventory and use the Ring of Contract to close the chain link and lock the fridge door. Now head back to the door to hear something banging from the fridge... That ring just saved your life. If you didn't use the ring, you would've been grabbed and killed by the monster inside, so be thankful you weren't greedy.

Back in the hall, another Stalker may appear so act accordingly. The next door on the right down the hall leads to a storage room where you'll find Handgun Bullets, a Health Drink and a bag of jellybeans of all things. Open the bag for Harry to carelessly tear it and send jellybeans flying everywhere. Good job, buddy... Guess there's no jellybeans left for Harry. Check the floor afterwards and pick up the 59 Key of "Bethor" that was in the bag. Pass through the other door, and I don't blame you if you're still laughing at that jellybean incident.

In here is a familiar hospital room with a TV and VCR. Insert the Video Tape you got all the way back in the actual hospital, if you did. If you went back and viewed it in the hospital it was very staticky and hard to understand, but now you can listen to the entire recording without issue. Leave both rooms back to the hall when done.

Enter the room directly ahead to hear a girl crying and see another apparition of Alessa in a graffiti-filled room. Grab the 60 Ankh on the wall and leave the room.

With the right end door locked and marked "Aratron", the last door at the left end of the hallway leads to a child's bedroom with another locked door that has five depressions for items to be inserted, some of which you have. But you're still missing one of them so leave it for now. Head back down the hall and use the Key of "Bethor" to pass through the marked door on the right side.

In the familiar Generator Room, turn off the generator. Remember that electrified key on the second floor? Now we can go back and get it.

Retrieving and Using the Electrified Key
Head back through the right door in the hall to the initial Nowhere corridor. Note that with the power out the elevator will not work, but remember the warp door that leads to the correct 2F hallway if you unlocked it from up there earlier. That's the second door on the right ahead of you. If you forgot to unlock it from 2F, you'll need to turn the power back on, head to 2F and unlock it in the second full hallway from the elevator, then turn off the power again and use that door.

So use that door to warp to the 2F second hall and enter the last room on the left. Grab the no longer electrified 61 Key of "Aratron" at the back (unscrew the plate with the Screwdriver if you haven't yet). Exit the room to meet more Stalkers on each side. Plow through them and return through the warp door to 1F in the corner.

With more Stalkers here, turn left and pass through the Phaleg door in front of you. Use the Key of "Aratron" to pass through the right end door into a familiar hospital room where a cutscene will take place. After, take the 62 Disk of Ouroboros on the life support machine panel by Alessa's photo. Now leave the room and pass through the door directly ahead into Alessa's bedroom.

Alessa's Bedroom
On the desk in the room is a Save Point, which you should definitely use due to approaching the final boss and end of the game, but consider waiting until you're ready to pass through the other door. Checking that door, it's locked but explains to "evoke five rites" to "unveil thy fate". With that, insert the Amulet of Solomon, Crest of Mercury, Ankh, Dagger of Melchior and Disk of Ouroboros to unlock the door.

If you're missing any of these, read back in the walkthrough to find its location. Do not forget to save your game before leaving this room. Pass through the now unlocked door when ready.

Beyond The Five Rites Door: Unveiling Thy Fate
After a cutscene, proceed through the house hallway and down the stairs into the darkness below.

A long cutscene will play in the open arena below, differing depending on your actions regarding Cybil in the amusement park and whether you completed the optional quest involving Kaufmann in the resort area.

After, it'll be time to fight the final boss, which again will take on a specific form depending on whether you completed the optional quest in the resort area that ends with the discovery of a relevant item that reappears in this scene if found. Either way, prepare to fight the final boss, which is no pushover.

Boss 5: Incubus / Incubator

If you and Kaufmann found the vial in the resort area, he'll make an entrance to alter things here, making you fight the Incubus which is the more menacing demon creature with wings. If you did not complete that optional quest, you'll instead fight the Incubator, which appears as a strikingly bright and holy-looking young girl as the combination of Alessa and Cheryl, but no less evil than the Incubus. Refer to the strategies below for each form, noting you will only see one or the other, not both.

Incubus (Good & Good+ Endings)

Boss 5: Incubus Make sure you start this battle at full health because this creature deals an insane amount of damage per hit, capable of killing you from one initial hit that freezes you in place as more strikes hit you. But we'll deal with that more specifically in a second. Also use L2 at all times or when needed to focus the camera on the flying Incubus to make sure your bullets are landing and to see when it's about to fire lightning, telegraphed by red static electricity forming around it.

To start things off, equip the Hunting Rifle and unload 5-6 shots into the Incubus, then prepare to run around the arena to avoid its red lightning strikes. For best success, try running in an aggressive circle until the lightning stops striking and then start shooting again and repeat. If you're ever hit by a lightning strike, immediately enter your inventory and heal to full health, since you may die if you just stand there and let the lightning keep striking you, as it will do for another few seconds unless you luckily only caught the last strike.

Once you heal upon the initial strike, you will not take any more damage despite being continuously hit by the lightning. So don't mess around and always heal immediately to avoid any risk of death, as long as you have the health needed. When firing, never take more than six shots in a row since Harry will be forced to reload in-game. Instead, lower and re-raise your weapon to automatically reload, or just run around and reset after the incoming lightning strikes.

You may only be able to get 4-5 shots off safely before the lightning comes if you're a little late to start shooting during the window. On Hard especially, the lightning becomes insanely ridiculous to avoid. I'm serious, it seems to be 50/50 at best whether you can avoid it even through the best aggressive circle-running strategy, so it can be insanely frustrating to avoid damage here, or to beat it at all if your health is limited. But if you have enough health supplies you can more or less tank all the hits and just focus on shooting it enough to drop it.

If you ever run out of ammo, switch to the Shotgun or the Handgun to finish it off, knowing it may take a while longer but it's all you've got.

Incubus' attacks: The one and only attack during this fight is a series of lightning strikes which inflict insane amounts of damage and can kill you if hit for more than a second or two consecutively without healing. Always heal to full health immediately upon being stricken to make sure you don't die, and note that despite continuous strikes immediately upon healing you will not take any more damage. Also try not to get too frustrated from being hit since it can be rather difficult to avoid it. Just try to hang in there and fire back after taking any damage, while managing your health.

Note that the lightning attacks are telegraphed by red static electricity appearing near the creature before the strikes are about to come, so get moving if you want any chance of avoiding them. Always run in an aggressive circle for the best chance at doing so.

After firing 24-26 Rifle Shots at the Incubus on Normal and Hard, it'll drop dead and the fight will be over.

Incubator (Bad and Bad+ Endings)

Boss 5: Incubator Unlike the flying Incubus, the Incubator stands at Harry's level in the center of the arena, but otherwise the fight is near identical due to it using the same lightning strikes, although this time blue-coloured.

To start things off, unload 5-6 Rifle shots to empty the Rifle and then prepare to run in a circle around it as it fires blue lightning at you. It can be very difficult to avoid, and nearly impossible sometimes on Hard, so if it does hit you, immediately enter your inventory and heal to full health. Once you return to the game after healing, the lightning will continue to strike you but will deal no more damage since you already healed during the attack. Use this trick to your advantage throughout.

Continue the same strategy of firing 5-6 shots each time, while using L2 to focus the camera on the Incubator. Always start running in an aggressive circle around her to avoid her incoming lightning attacks, and remember to immediately heal if hit to avoid dying, which can happen if you don't heal and continuously take damage for a second or two, or if you don't heal up enough and die on the first strike of the next series of strikes.

Just as well you can just stand there and eat all her lightning attacks while healing in the inventory when needed and otherwise firing back constantly. As long as you have enough health to last a few hits then you'll be fine and you can avoid running around the arena.

If you ever run out of Rifle ammo, pull out the Shotgun or the Handgun to finish things off and just hang in there.

Incubator's attacks: The Incubator uses the same lightning attacks as the Incubus except they are blue instead of red. They are just as lethal and capable of killing Harry when consecutively struck. However just as with the Incubus, as long as you heal to full health immediately upon being struck, you will not take any more damage as the current lightning attacks continue to strike you.

Additionally, the Incubator has a forcefield around her which will throw Harry down if he gets too close to her. Simply stay far enough away on her perimeter while running around to avoid this attack entirely.

The Incubator will drop dead after about 20 Rifle shots Normal and Hard.

The End
After defeating the Incubus or Incubator, you've completed the game. Congratulations on making your way through Silent Hill! Enjoy your ending, the credits song, blooper reel, and your final ranking.

Note that there are still four more endings to receive on subsequent playthroughs, plus a bunch of unlockable weapons and items to find. After completing the game your first time you will unlock Next Fear upon saving your file. What this does is up the difficulty to the next level for your next run where you can acquire said extra weapons, items and remaining endings.

For more information, refer to both the Endings and the Unlockables and Secrets sections. Additionally, check out the 10-Star Ranking Guide section to learn more about how to increase your ranking stats revealed at the very end, including advice for attaining the highest possible ranking, which while quite the challenge is achievable with enough practice.

While completing successive runs, consider using the following speed walkthrough as a quick reference for the bare essentials to get you through the game most efficiently.