Recommendations Before You Start

My most important recommendation is to change Walk/Run Control to Reverse. Normally you must hold Square while moving to run, but changing this makes running the default movement, saving you from holding Square for 90% of the game. If you wish to walk here and there after changing it, just hold Square.

As for setting the mood, I can't recommend enough that you allow this game to scare you as intended. To do so, play with the lights off at nighttime and crank the volume up. A good sound system or headphones will really immerse you in the terrifying world of Silent Hill. Maybe keep an extra pair of undies on standby.

Note: This walkthrough was written while playing on Normal difficulty. Therefore enemy locations and numbers may vary on other difficulties, but even some areas may sometimes have a different number of enemies on the same difficulty.

Otherwise, item locations will be the same. All riddles and puzzles will be thoroughly explained for all difficulties, as well as tips for each boss fight.

Color legend
Flashlight - items
Handgun - weapons
Health Drink - supplies
Residential Area Map - maps and notes
Save Point - save points


"It's strange... It's quiet. Too quiet. This place is like a ghost town."

Foggy Streets

Starting the game for the first time, Harry steps out of his Jeep after a nice parking job and begins to walk into the foggy and snowy town. Your first objective is to find Cheryl.

Run ahead for Harry to hear and follow footsteps around the corner. With Cheryl in sight, follow her across the road and into the alley. As you chase her down, you'll hear her pass through a gate. Do the same at the left end.

Back Alley

Hope that terrifying sight isn't related to Cheryl and follow the twisting alley through some brilliant camera angles. Pass through the gate and Harry will pull out a lighter as it suddenly gets dark. Enjoy the terrifying sights as you hesitantly proceed to the end of the path.

Eventually you'll be greeted by a surprise and things will escalate rather intensely. Try to keep your pants dry as there's only one way this is going to end, since the path is suddenly blocked if you try heading back.

Note on Arrival: In a Next Fear playthrough, the game will skip this segment and begin in the cafe.

  01. Old Silent Hill