There are three health supplies and three ammo supplies found in a variety of abundance throughout the game. Refer to the charts below for a quick reference, with more detailed explanations following.

Health Chart Health Drink First-Aid Kit Ampoule
Availability 5 3 1
Health Restored 25% 50% 100%
Ammo Chart Handgun Bullets Shotgun Shells Rifle Shells
Availability 5 3 2
Power 3 5 5

1 - Scarce / 2 - Semi-Rare / 3 - Moderate / 4 - Common / 5 - Very Common

Health Restored:

1 - Very Low / 2 - Low / 3 - Okay / 4 - High / 5 - Very High

Health Supplies

Three different health supplies are found throughout the game to keep you alive, each with unique healing abilities and availability.

Health Drink

Description: "Supplies nutrition to recover a small amount of stamina."

The most commonly found supply, Health Drinks replenish about a quarter of your health and are best for minor wounds. Use multiple for heavier wounds or turn to a First Aid Kit or combination of both. Note that you can generally take a few hits before it's necessary to use a Health Drink, perhaps when your status isn't quite as vibrantly green or even slightly yellow.

First Aid Kit

Description: "Heals injury to provide moderate stamina recovery."

Still found relatively frequently, First Aid Kits are great for heavier wounds, healing about half your health. Don't waste them on small wounds that Health Drinks will cover, while if you're in critical condition, consider using an Ampoule, two First Aid Kits or a combination of a First Aid Kit and a Health Drink or two. Save First Aid Kits for when your status is orange or red.


Description: "Relieve pain to recover stamina to high. Effect lasts for a while."

Ampoules are scarcely found and recover your full health when used. Always save them for when your health is critical and in the deep red. Otherwise, consider using a First Aid Kit or Health Drinks for smaller wounds.

Ammunition Supplies

Each of the three main firearms must be supplied with ammo to keep on using, each found in a unique frequency and ammo count.

Handgun Bullets

Description: "Ammo for the handgun."

Ammo for the Handgun is found in abundance throughout the game, identified as a red and white box. Each box normally contains 15 bullets, enough for a full clip (or 30 bullets on Easy). This will allow you to use the Handgun fairly consistently throughout the game, but still consider when it's best to save your ammo.

Shotgun Shells

Description: "Ammo for the shotgun."

Not as abundant as Handgun ammo but still found in fair frequency, Shotgun Shells are identified as a purple box, each containing six shells (12 on Easy). More will be found later in the game but its ammo should be at least somewhat conserved for the tougher enemies and bosses, or when surrounded.

Rifle Shells

Description: "Ammo for the hunting rifle."

Rifle Shells are scarce and should be wisely conserved for boss fights, particularly the final boss. They are identified by green and white boxes, each containing six shells (12 on Easy). More will be found as you approach the end of the game but make sure you have enough for the final boss (20-30) where they're most useful.