Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many versions are there of this game?

As of 2020 there is only the original PS1 version, which has since been made available in digital form on PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

Q: Are there any notable differences between the different regions?

A: Yes, the PAL version has all Grey Children removed and replaced with Mumblers, which only appear in the second sewers in NA/JP.

Q: Is it worth playing this if I enjoyed later Silent Hill games?

A: Absolutely. At first you may have to overcome the blocky graphics and clunky controls if it's something you're unfamiliar with, but it shouldn't take long to get over that and acclimatize yourself. Even today it's a fantastic, creative and terrifying horror game that holds up well.

Q: About how long does it take to complete this game?

A: Your first run will likely take about 7 hours, perhaps ranging from 6-10 for most people. It took me a bit longer than 7 my first time.

Q: How many endings are in this game, and what are they?

A: Five. Good, Good+, Bad, Bad+, UFO.

Q: How do I get the UFO Ending?

A: In a Next Fear game, you must acquire the Channeling Stone from the Convenience Store at the northeast end of Bachman Road in Old Silent Hill. Then you must use it in five specific locations outlined in the Endings section.

Q: How do you unlock the Hyper Blaster?

A: You must complete the game with the UFO ending and it'll be in your inventory during your next run. Its laser colour and power depends on how good your previous ranking was.

Q: How do you unlock the Katana?

A: You must clear the game with a Good and Bad ending, either standard or + versions. Then it'll be found in the Levin Street house side room.

Q: What is a "Next Fear"?

A: It basically amounts to a New Game Plus, allowing you to acquire anything you've unlocked in subsequent runs and achieve more endings in your save file. It also ups the difficulty one level each time, up to the max of Hard.

Q: Is increasing the bullet adjust tied to game clears or endings?

A: It's tied to the endings. Each one will give you a boost of one, up until x6 is unlocked with the fifth ending.

Specific Locational or General Gameplay Questions

Q: I keep shooting the Split Head lizard but it won't die. What am I supposed to do?

A: As hinted in a book on the way to the boss, you must shoot into its mouth whenever it opens, after first angering the monster with a handful of shells. Be sure to back up while firing to avoid getting chomped, which is an insta-kill. It'll die in a few shots to the mouth.

Q: I found a Chainsaw and a Rock Drill but I can't pick them up because I can't find gasoline to power them. Where is some gasoline?

A: In your first run through the game, there is no gasoline to find and these weapons cannot be acquired. Only in a Next Fear run will the Gasoline Tank appear inside the Gas Station garage at the Bloch and Ellroy intersection. Take it and use it on which of the two weapons you want, while you can use it to get the other on the next run. Once a weapon has been powered, it won't require gas to acquire in your next run, although the Gasoline Tank will still be there.

Q: Can I still get the Shotgun if I missed it in the school?

A: Yes, it can be found in the side room of the Police Station in the shopping district if you missed it earlier.

Q: Is there any way I can get the hospital map if I'm already in the Nightmare Hospital?

A: Unfortunately no, since there's no way back after heading to the mysterious 4th floor. You must get it from behind the Reception counter after meeting Kaufmann in the Examination Room or you'll be without it.

Q: Is it possible to save Cybil?

A: Yes, but you need to have found a Plastic Bottle and filled it with the Unknown Liquid in the hospital's Director's Office, then use it on her on the merry-go-round.

Q: What's up with this "Nowhere" place? Why's there no map?

A: Because it's a jumble of several areas of the game and doesn't particularly follow normal laws of physics or spacing. It generally takes after the hospital in appearance but its layout is all over the place, including rooms/hallways that should overlap and a door that warps you to another floor, so a map might not make normal sense.

Q: Is it possible to avoid the final boss' lightning strikes consistently?

A: It is but it's insanely hard, to the point that if you have enough health it's a fair decision to decide to just take the damage and heal. But if you're able to master running in an aggressive circle you might be able to avoid the strikes. Definitely takes practice and not quite an automatic unless you've totally nailed it.

Q: What do the "shooting style" stats in the ranking screen mean?

A: The percentage distribution of all your shots from close, medium and long range, while "no aiming" shots is your percentage of missed shots.