1. The Chainsaw and the Rock drill had Fuel meters at early development stages of SH1 as shown in Brady Games Strategy Guide.

2. If you keep the distance during the fight with possessed Cybil, you can see her riding a flying horse.

3. Hyper Blaster in SH1 has the 4th type of the beam which is flashing with different colors. It can be activated via a GameShark cheat code (300BCC90 00F1). This beam is as powerful as red (i.e. least powerful).

4. Lakeside Amusement Park, featured in Silent Hill 1 and 3, was inspired by the real park of the same name built in Denver, Colorado. Website: http://lakesideamusementpark.com

5. If you miss a Shotgun in the Midwich Elementary School, you can find another one in the Police Station later.

6. The design of the Gillespie House was inspired by the Olson House, a farmhouse situated in Cushing, Maine which was made famous by its depiction in Andrew Wyeth's 1948 painting Christina's World.

By the way, the house looks differently in the opening from the game and the Lost Memories DVD.

7. In SH1 demo from 1998, the Old Silent Hill district was called Wrightwood. You can easily see other discrepancies in the maps from the demo and the final version.

8. Contrary to popular belief, you can use extra weapons a limited amount of times in SH1 while achieving the 10 stars rating.

9, Toluca Lake name could be a reference to Pulp Fiction. Such location is mentioned in the movie while the demo version of SH1 featured a poster of Pulp Fiction as an illustration in a book in Midwich Elementary School.

10. In SH1, one second of CGI cutscenes took about three to four hours of rendering time meaning that around 2000 hours were spent just to render them all.

11. The first trailer for SH1 was supposed to come with a different music track, called "Azusa 1GO" (eventually released in 2011 as part of the Silent Hill Sound Box). The track was replaced by "She" in the final version of the video.

12. A pinball machine in the Cafe is based on the Medieval Madness game.

13. The ending part of the dialog between Harry and Kaufmann in the Motel Haerbey inn is not voiced in the final game. Strangely enough, you can hear those lines voiced in the Trade Demo.