A total of seven weapons can be found in your first run of Silent Hill, with an additional two that require gasoline and can be procured in subsequent Next Fear runs, plus another two that can be unlocked beyond that.

Refer to the chart below for the effectiveness ratings of each weapon. You'll find that the Shotgun and Hunting Rifle are the most effective firearms, while the Handgun is versatile and still gets the job done against any enemy. For melee weapons your best bet will be the Hammer with its high power and move set. The Hyper Blaster is not listed since its power depends entirely on your previous ranking but is capable of being very effective on everything.

Weapon Chart K HG SP SG HM AX HR C RD KA
Grey Child NE VE E VE VE E N/A E VE VE
Puppet Nurse NE E NE VE VE E VE E VE VE
Puppet Doctor NE E NE VE VE N/A N/A E VE VE
Night Flutter NE E NE VE NE NE VE NE NE NE
Hanged Scratcher NE E NE VE VE NE VE E E VE

K - Kitchen Knife / HG - Handgun / SP - Steel Pipe / SG - Shotgun / HM - Hammer / AX - Axe / HR - Hunting Rifle / C - Chainsaw* / RD - Rock Drill* / KA - Katana*

VE - Very Effective
E - Effective
NE - Not Effective

N/A - Not Applicable

* - Extra Weapon

Melee Weapons

Once acquired, these weapons will be held for the rest of the game and will never break or require ammo. Once equipped, hold R2 to raise a melee weapon and press X for a light swing, X repeatedly for a double swing, or hold X for a heavy attack, usually an overhead downward swing.

Kitchen Knife

Location: On the counter of the Cafe 5 to 2 at the beginning of the game in Old Silent Hill.
Description: Hard to use, but better than nothing.

Simply said, the worst weapon in the entire game. The Kitchen Knife is your first melee weapon acquired and not particularly effective on any enemy type, although a skilled user could make some use of it. To use the Knife, hold R2 to raise it and tap X for double swings or hold X for a thrust.

The Knife can only be used at extremely close range due to its size and also offers minimal power. Be cautious when using it and thankful when you're not. Use the Handgun or Steel Pipe instead unless you're confident.

Steel Pipe

Location: Beside Cheryl's sketchbook amongst the rubble at the end of the center Finney Street alley back pathway, Old Silent Hill.
Description: 3' long steel pipe. Long range but of limited use.

Quite a step up from the Kitchen Knife, the Steep Pipe provides a longer range and inflicts more damage. Caution is still to be exercised, perhaps by luring an enemy into an attack, hopping back (Down + Square), and then attacking. This strategy works well on Grey Children in particular.

Hold R2 to raise the Pipe and press X for standard swings or hold X for an overhead downward swing.


Location: Leaning against the generator in the Nightmare Hospital's basement Generator Room.
Description: Emergency hammer. Highly damaging, but hard to use.

A large Hammer found in the hospital, this is one hell of a weapon that may surprise you. As a large emergency tool (this is an emergency, right?) it is very deadly and arguably the best weapon in the game since it requires no ammo, although may take some practice to make the most of it.

Use R2 to hold it up and tap X for standard swings or hold X for an overhead downward swing. The standard two hit combo is very effective in blocking the enemy from attacking since it pushes them backward when hit. Simply said, the Hammer is to be adored and used whenever necessary.


Location: Hanging on the wall in the "other church" hall with the altar in the back of the Antique Shop on north Simmons Street in Central Silent Hill, after leaving the hospital.
Description: Small one hand axe. Moderately effective as a weapon.

Found around halfway through the game, the Axe is an effective short range weapon, offering power that the Knife does not have, while it lacks the power and range of say the Hammer. Use R2 to raise it and tap X to deliver standard strikes, or hold X for a single overhead swing.


Three firearms are found on your first run through Silent Hill, which should generally be your primary weapons with the most use, while one can be unlocked and upgraded. Each weapon comes with a full clip of ammo but more pickups must be found to keep using, so keep an eye out. Each weapon offers different characteristics, and do note that Harry is not a great shot and will occasionally miss, especially in the dark where you may need to get a little closer and utilize the Flashlight.

To use all firearms, hold R2 to raise them and press X to shoot. All firearms are automatically reloaded without any other action upon raising them to shoot, while they can also be manually reloaded in the inventory.


Location: Handed to Harry by Cybil in Cafe 5 to 2 near the beginning of the game.
Description: Handgun received from Cybil. Holds up to 15 rounds.

A Smith & Wesson Sigma, the Handgun is your most trusty tool through the entire game, offering low to moderate power from moderate range but with a consistent supply of 9mm ammo. Each clip holds 15 bullets and its range is fairly decent, but due to Harry's inexperience you may want to fire from closer range to be sure, where Harry will still miss the occasional shot.

To use the Handgun, hold R2 to aim and press X to shoot, or hold to fire one bullet after the other.


Location: On the floor by the corpse beyond the other door in the Boy's Washroom on the first floor of the Nightmare School. If missed there, it can be found on a side room desk in the Police Station in Central Silent Hill.
Description: Fires in a wide radius. Holds up to 6 rounds.

A very deadly weapon at close range, the Shotgun offers a ton of power in each blast, which spreads as it moves farther outward. The Shotgun holds six shells with ammo found in less frequency than the Handgun, and is best used after approaching the enemy to avoid the shrapnel from spreading too much.

Hold R2 to raise the Shotgun and press X to blast, standing close to your enemy to make the most of its power. Consider saving ammo for the tougher enemies and when surrounded or cornered where it can save your life.

Hunting Rifle

Location: Located against the wall in the pit where you fight the Twinfeeler Larva in the Silent Hill Town Center, Nightmare Central Silent Hill.
Description: Holds up to 6 rounds.

Found fairly deep into the game, the Hunting Rifle offers high power from a long range, making it the most deadly weapon when used properly. That said, its handling is a bit slow and it's not ideal for all situations, especially in close quarters. The Rifle holds six shells and ammo is only found scarcely throughout, so do conserve it, especially for the final boss of the game where it's most effective. Do be sure to save its ammo so you have enough for this fight.

Hold R2 to ready the Rifle and press X to shoot. The farther you are from your enemy, the better since you often won't need to fear an attack, but be prepared to dodge any attacks from bosses after getting in a few shots.

Extra Weapons

These weapons can only be picked in a Next Fear game. Some extra weapons require certain conditions met.


Description: Power tool used for cutting down trees, etc., highly deadly.

The Chainsaw is a gas-powered weapon that is found but not obtainable in your first run, first requiring the Gasoline Tank that's found in the Gas Station garage at east Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill, only in a Next Fear game. Use the tank on the Chainsaw in the smashed display window at Cut-Rite Chain Saws on Bloch Street to fill it up and take it. Once you get it once, you will not require the tank the next time, allowing you to acquire the other gas-powered weapon as well.

The Chainsaw is normally off when equipped and must be turned on for use by pressing or holding R2, remaining on until you proceed to another room or area or perform a task. To use, hold R2 to ready it and tap X for standard swipes or hold X for a downward slice. Overall it's a little slow but offers moderate to heavy power.

Rock Drill

Description: A tool used in road construction to create holes in the road for poles.

Another gas-powered weapon found but not obtainable in your first run, the Rock Drill requires the Gasoline Tank found in the Gas Station garage on Bloch Street only in a Next Fear. Use the tank on the Rock Drill in the bottom dark room of the Bridge Control Room tower on the Bloch Street bridge to fill it up and take it. Once you acquire it once, it will not require the tank on your next run, allowing you to get the other gas-powered weapon as well.

While both gas weapons are fun to use, the Rock Drill is noticeably better and more recommended. Hold R2 to activate the Drill in each area, remaining turned on until leaving the area or performing a task. Raise the drill by holding R2 and use X to thrust it forward, holding up or down to aim it accordingly if necessary. Alternatively, you can simply hold the Drill as it runs and allow enemies to run or walk straight into you and kill themselves, a very effective strategy especially against Nurses and Doctors.


Description: Traditional single edged Japanese blade.

The Katana is a secret weapon that must first be unlocked by completing the game with one Good ending (Good or Good+) and one Bad ending (Bad or Bad+) in one save file. Then in a Next Fear it can be found in the side room of the Levin Street house before using the Eclipse keys.

Hold R2 to prepare the Japanese sword and tap X for alternating strikes or hold X for an overhead downward slice. Harry is propelled forward when he swings the Katana, effectively giving it an extended range and a pretty crazy advantage, especially with how quick it is to boot. Because of this, you can start farther back and keep swinging until you reach and defeat your enemy.

Hyper Blaster

Description: High-powered handgun with infrared scope and unlimited bullets.

This awesome laser pistol is a secret weapon only available upon achieving the UFO ending, after which it will appear in your inventory in a Next Fear game. It requires no ammo to use and comes in three different colours, depending on your previous ranking, each more powerful than the next. By default it's weaker than the Handgun but can be improved to the approximate power of the Shotgun or Rifle depending on your ranking. Read more about the Blaster and its colours in the Unlockables and Secrets section.

To use the Hyper Blaster, hold R2 to aim and press X to fire or hold it for continuous blasts at full speed.