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Next Fear
Extra Options
Extra Weapons
Extra Items
Street Names
Kindergarten Cop Influence

Next Fear

After saving your data from your first game completion, you'll see "Next fear" written in yellow in your save file. This works like a New Game Plus where you can continue your save file while keeping any unlockables and achieve more endings. You will need to use Next Fear multiple times to acquire all items and endings in the same save file.

Additionally, Next Fear ups the difficulty level by one until the max of Hard. So if your first run is Easy, your first Next Fear will be Normal and your second and each Next Fear after that will be Hard. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust the difficulty on successive runs, so if you wish to play on Easy or Normal again you'll have to give up your unlockables and start a fresh new game.

Extra Options

Press L1, R1, L2 or R2 to view this hidden menu from the Options menu, where the following can be changed:

Option Selections
Weapon Control Press, Switch
Blood Color Normal, Green, Violet, Black
View Control Normal, Reverse
Retreat Turn Normal, Reverse
Walk/Run Control Normal, Reverse
Auto Aiming On, Off
View Mode Normal, Self View
Bullet Adjust x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6

View Mode, specifically the Self View option, must be unlocked by completing the game once. Bullet Adjust is unlocked the same way, whereby x1 and x2 will be available. Each new ending received after that will unlock the next level up to x6.

Self View Mode

This must first be unlocked by completing the game once. It controls what happens when you press L2 to adjust the camera. Normally the camera is focused on Harry a distance away from him, while holding L2 will focus the camera ahead, possibly shifting it behind him. However with Self View under this option, holding L2 will shift to a very unique camera right behind Harry's head, working somewhat like an over shoulder cam. Releasing L2 will return to the normal camera. If you switch View Control to Reverse, this special view will become the default camera and holding L2 will switch back to the more traditional angle behind Harry. I'd suggest giving it a try at some point but maybe more for the novelty than anything else. Playing the whole game like this may prove a little too much with the pixelated graphics and jagged movement from up close, but it's definitely a cool new angle to experience on your second run or later.

Bullet Adjust

This function must first be unlocked by completing the game, upon which your ammo count from pickups will be multiplied accordingly by what you set it as, from x1 all the way to x6. Each time you receive a new ending you will unlock one level up until the max of x6 after the fifth and final ending.

Extra Weapons

A total of four extra weapons can be found in Next Fear runs, including two that always appear but initially require the unlockable Gasoline Tank, along with two more that must first be unlocked.


Found in the smashed display window of Cut-Rite Chain Saws on Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill. To pick it up you require the Gasoline Tank which is found in the nearby Gas Station garage only in a Next Fear. Therefore it will only serve to tease you without the gas to run it on your first run. Once the Gasoline Tank is acquired, use it from your inventory while standing in front of the Chainsaw to fill it up so Harry can take it. On your next run it will not require the gas, allowing you to use it to acquire the Rock Drill if you haven't done so already.

The Chainsaw is a deadly weapon that slices enemies simply be being held while turned on. Hold R2 to do so and tap X for standard swings or hold it for an overhead downward slice.

Rock Drill

Found in the bottom dark room of the Bloch Street Bridge Control Room tower, the Rock Drill first requires the Gasoline Tank which is found in the nearby Gas Station garage only in a Next Fear run. Therefore it can only be obtained on a second run, or third if you choose the Chainsaw first. To acquire it, use the Gasoline Tank from your inventory while standing in front of it. After obtaining, it will not require gas in your next playthrough, allowing you to also pick up the Chainsaw if you haven't already.

To use the Rock Drill, first hold R2 to start it, upon which you can simply keep it raised for enemies to run into and hurt themselves. Press X to stab it forward and extend its range, and use up or down on the left stick to aim accordingly if desired.


To unlock this samurai sword, you must first achieve one Good ending and one Bad ending, either + or standard for each. In your Next Fear, the side room by the entrance door in the Levin Street doghouse home will be unlocked, leading to a secret Japanese-themed room where you can find the Katana. This is a fantastic weapon that pulls Harry forward while swinging, extending its range and effectiveness significantly. Use R2 to raise it and tap X for standard swings or hold it for an overhead downward slice.

Hyper Blaster

The Hyper Blaster is a secret weapon that is unlocked after receiving the UFO ending, appearing in your inventory at the start of your Next Fear. It is a laser pistol that does not require ammo to use, and the colour of its laser and corresponding power depends on your ranking in the previous playthrough, as follows:

  • 0.0-7.9/10 ranking – Red Laser
  • 8.0-9.9/10 ranking – Yellow Laser
  • 10/10 ranking - Green Laser

Therefore you will need to receive a perfect 10-star ranking to be rewarded with the best model of the Blaster. Refer to the 10-Star Ranking Guide to help you achieve the feat and try this puppy out. Upon achieving an 8+ or 10-star ranking, you'll notice "HYPER BLASTER POWER UP" at the bottom right when hovering over your save file, including a coloured bar that indicates which one you've unlocked. Happy hunting.

Extra Items

There are two unlockable items (non-weapons) to find in a Next Fear game, including one to power two weapons and another to obtain a secret ending.

Channeling Stone

A strange blue stone found on the counter of the Convenience Store at the Bachman/Finney intersection in any Next Fear game after getting a Good+ ending. You will be awarded with the UFO ending when you acquire and use it at the following five locations:

  1. Nightmare School rooftop.
  2. Nightmare Hospital front courtyard (just before Floatstinger fight).
  3. Norman's Motel parking lot, Silent Hill Resort Area.
  4. Boat Cabin, Nightmare Resort Area (after Cybil and Dahlia leave).
  5. Top of Lakeside Pier Lighthouse, Nightmare Resort Area.

Upon using it on the Lighthouse, the game will prematurely end with a whacky scene.

Gasoline Tank

In your first run you may run into two weapons that require gasoline to even acquire, the Chainsaw and Rock Drill. The Gasoline Tank that powers them is not unlocked until playing a Next Fear, unlocked after one game completion, so they only serve to tease you in that first run. In a Next Fear, the Gasoline Tank is found on the counter in the Gas Station garage on east Bloch Street in Old Silent Hill, obtainable after exiting the school.

In your first Next Fear you have a choice between the Chainsaw and Rock Drill as there's only enough to power one of them. Make your choice and use the tank from your inventory while standing in front of the weapon to power up and take it. In your next run the weapon you took first will not require fuel, allowing it to instead be used to acquire the other. After that, the tank can still be acquired but is not needed to power either weapon. It'll still help your ranking by acquiring it along with the other extra weapons/items, however.

Street Names

You may have noticed a bunch of familiar names as streets on your maps of the town, which as you may have guessed are nods to the corresponding authors who have proven inspirational to the creators of Silent Hill. That includes: Jack Finney, Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Ira Levin, Richard Bachman (Steven King's pen name), James Ellroy, Carl Sagan, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, Colin Wilson, Dan Simmons, John Sandford, and Kit Craig (Lillian Craig Reed's pen name).

Midwich Street and Elementary get their names from the town in the movie, Village of the Damned, itself an adaptation of the 1957 novel, The Midwich Cuckoos. Weaver Street is believed to be attributed to Sigourney Weaver, the star of popular horror film franchise, Alien.

Many references to certain horror works can also be found in the game, such as the "REDRUM" marking from The Shining written on a garage on the north side of Bloch Street on the way to the Gas Station.

Kindergarten Cop Influence

I'm a cop, you idiot! Who is your daddy and what does he do? It's not a tumaah! SHUT UP! SHUT UUUUUP! Okay, I'll stop, but there's a reason for this. Weirdly enough, the art design of Midwich Elementary School in Silent Hill is heavily based on the school that appears in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Kindergarten Cop. From general look down to identical posters appears on the walls, it's as if certain things were taken straight from the movie and recreated in pixelated form.

Why is this so? Well, Konami's dev team (Team Silent) was based in Japan and they worked off a very small budget, thus having to turn to Hollywood for references on how an American school should look. Since development started in 1996, the 1990 comedy featuring an appropriate elementary school was an ideal choice. In the end it's just funny given the tone of the film contrasting with Silent Hill's dark horror, and particularly odd that they just straight up recreated certain posters that appeared in the film.