Silent Hill

Location: Residential Area Map: On the counter of Cafe 5 to 2, Old Silent Hill.

Location: Resort Area Map: On the information sign at the edge of Bachman Road in the Silent Hill Resort Area, after exiting the Sewers.

Location: Shopping District Map: On the chair inside the top of the control tower of the Bloch Street bridge, Old Silent Hill.

Midwich Elementary School

Location: On the ledge in the Lobby, Midwich Elementary School 1F.

Alchemilla Hospital

Hospital Map: On the wall of the Reception, Alchemilla Hospital 1F (accessed from the Examination Room and Office).

Location: Hospital Basement Map: On the table in the Doctor's Office, Alchemilla Hospital 1F.

Sewer (Connecting to Resort Area)

Location: On the desk in the sewer office area at the right end of the second intersection of the resort area Sewers, lower level.

Sewer (Connecting to Amusement Park)

Location: On the wall down the entrance ladder to the amusement park Sewers.

Hi-Res Silent Hill Maps