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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there different puzzle difficulties for this game?
A: No, all solutions are always the same every time. Riddle difficulty and even code randomization didn't become a thing until Silent Hill 2.

Q: Why is the piano puzzle based on the broken piano keys?
A: Because there are several hints if you carefully read the memo in the Reception and also the bird riddle itself. Those include things like "lost tongues", "without a voice" and "silent". There are also five broken keys and five birds.

Q: I put the Rubber Ball in the rooftop hole but I can't turn the valve. What's wrong?
A: You must first examine the other hole where the key hangs near the blood. Otherwise Harry doesn't know what to do, although perhaps it's odd that he'll place the ball beforehand.

Q: I already moved the turnstile valves and I can't figure out the proper solution. What do I do?
A: Simple. Just keep turning each valve one by one in the opposite direction and you'll eventually open it up.

Q: How the hell are you supposed to figure out the astrology puzzle in Nowhere?
A: It's maybe a case where it doesn't seem so simple until you realize the secret behind it, but ultimately all it takes is careful observation and finding the pattern between the numbers and the symbols.

Full Puzzle Solutions

Here you will find the solutions for all puzzles in the game. Unlike later games in the series, all puzzles have the exact same solutions every time and there are no difficulty levels. These fixed solutions are all explained in full below, while the Quick Reference Solutions can be found in the next section if you wish just for the answers.

Main Puzzles

These puzzles are the main attraction and often involve solving either a riddle or performing some trial and error.

Piano Puzzle (School)

Location: Midwich Elementary, Music Room 2F
Requires: The Gold Medallion must be inserted into the Clock Tower for the piano key cover to be opened.

If you check the piano you're able to press a selection of keys, some which work and play a tune and some that are broken and sound like a thump. Let's turn to the riddle posted on the chalkboard to understand what we must do here:

'A Tale of Birds Without a Voice'

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

Finally out comes a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way,
Who will be the key,
Who will lead to
The silver reward.

So this riddle appears to describe the order that we must press a number of piano keys. Note that there are five birds, all known to be either black or white just like the keys of a piano. Let's review them just to be sure:

  • Pelican = White
  • Dove = White
  • Raven = Black
  • Swan = White
  • Crow = Black

Note that some pelicans may be slightly grey with even some black flashes, but they are most commonly white and the one in this puzzle is specifically described as having white wings. Doves may also come in a slightly brown colour, and sometimes even referred to interchangeably with pigeons, but doves are more known as pure white birds.

Checking the piano, there are 12 keys in total, some working and some broken. You may first think you need to press the working keys in a certain order, but the first sentence of the riddle may have flown right over your head. "A Tale of Birds WITHOUT a Voice". You may also remember the Reception note that said:

A silver guidepost is
untapped in lost tongues.
Awakening at the ordained order.

Lost tongues, eh? And you may also notice that there are seven working keys and precisely five broken keys, the same number of birds in the riddle. And thus we have unlocked the first key to the puzzle. Don't say you weren't given enough clues cause they were all there if you paid any attention.

Now we must determine the order these five broken keys are pressed by reading the posted riddle. Let's get started.

First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

So the Pelican, which clearly represents a white key with its "White wings", represents the first key to be pressed. "Eager for the reward" doesn't help us exactly situate it just yet, while "White wings flailing" suggests it probably didn't get too far. But we'll need to keep reading to be sure.

Then came a silent Dove,
Flying beyond the Pelican,
As far as he could.

This means the Dove, another white bird, takes the final broken white key on the right, key 10, as far beyond the Pelican as possible. Note that it being "silent" is just another hint to use the broken keys that have no voice. And with no other clue for left or right direction, we must assume beyond means farther right, as one would read a book or perhaps a music sheet. We'll still have to wait to exactly place the Pelican.

A Raven flies in,
Flying higher than the Dove,
Just to show that he can.

So the Raven, a black bird, one-ups the white Dove even further. Note the double or even triple entendre of "Flying higher", signalling a higher up black key while also applying to music and thus a key farther right. And while the Dove could only go as far as key 10, there is one broken black key just past it as key 11, which was obviously off limits to the Dove as a bird of the wrong shade.

A Swan glides in,
To find a peaceful spot,
Next to another bird.

And here's our final white bird. Since the Swan must sit beside another bird and is also white, it has to take key 8 beside the Dove in key 10, the only spot two broken keys sit directly next to each other. The fact that it's "a peaceful spot" should also clue you to that spot since the Dove, which sits beside it, is known as a symbol of peace. That also locks in the Pelican at key 3, which is the only remaining broken white key.

Finally out comes a Crow,
Coming quickly to a stop,
Yawning and then napping.

Our last bird the Crow just wants to nap and takes the first open key he can find to do so, which is key 2, the first broken and black key. And thus we are left with the following solution.

1 - Pelican
2 - Dove
3 - Raven
4 - Swan
5 - Crow

Once correctly pressed, "The silver reward" (Silver Medallion) will drop from above the chalkboard.

Turnstile Valve Puzzle (School)

Location: Nightmare School, Boiler Room BF

This isn't a very difficult puzzle although there's no riddle or clue to help you out. Instead you'll normally have to do a little trial and error, unless you use the solution below before touching anything.

Note that whenever you turn a valve, the turnstile on each side will spin at differing speeds. What you need to do is turn each valve in such a way so that both turnstiles open up and allow passage. Go ahead and give it a try on your own, sometimes turning left and sometimes right for both valves until you find the solution.

Otherwise, if you haven't touched anything the simplest solution is always:

1. Turn the right valve twice to the left.
2. Turn the left valve once to the right.

It doesn't matter which valve you turn first as long as those inputs are given, and you may find other solutions work but this one is the quickest. Even if you've messed it up you can easily find the correct solution by turning each valve in the opposite direction, one at a time back and forth. Eventually you will hit the solution with no bars blocking your way.

Plate Puzzle (Hospital)

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Nurse Center 2F
- Plate of "Cat": On the far wall in room 306 on 3F.
- Plate of "Turtle": On the back ledge in the men's washroom on 3F.
- Plate of "Hatter": On the back wall of room 204 on 2F (use the Blood Pack to distract the tentacles).
- Plate of "Queen": On the desk in the Director's Office on 1F.

The other door in the room is locked, containing four square depressions along with four other coloured squares. You must insert your four plates into the empty slots to unlock it, but first you must decipher the riddle on the wall to determine the order:

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

With four colours or shades already shown on the door plus the four coloured plates you have, it should be rather clear that each sentence here describes a colour. Therefore it's simply a matter of deciphering which sentence describes which colour, at least to start things off.

"Clouds flowing over a hill." Despite possibly appearing as grey before or during rain, the natural colour of a cloud is white, flowing over a hill or not. You'll notice the plate at the top of the door is white, so that appears to be the starting point and doesn't refer to one of the plates you hold.

"Sky on a sunny day" may possibly make you think of yellow or orange, which may be somewhat true during morning sunrise or evening sunset, but on a sunny day it will always appear clear blue. With no blue on the door yet, it does match the colour of the "Turtle" plate. But where does it go? Let's keep reading.

"Tangerines that are bitter." Well, tangerines are orange regardless of being bitter or not. With no orange plate, the right square on the door is orange, indicating that we must be moving in a clockwise fashion starting from the white at the top with the blue "Turtle" plate between them. Let's keep going.

"Lucky four-leaf-clover" clearly refers to a clover which is green in colour, lucky or unlucky, four-leaf or three-leaf. There's no green on the door so it looks like our green "Hatter" plate goes in the bottom right slot if we continue clockwise.

"Violets in the garden" would be... violet, matching the square already at the bottom of the door. If you're not familiar with violet, while it's actually a separate colour from purple (with more blue than red), they're both in the same ballpark of colour. But it hardly matters here.

"Dandelions along a path" refers to yellow, the main colour of a dandelion on any path. While their stems are green and their flowers do eventually close and in grow white fluffs instead, dandelions are more known by their initial yellow, which matches with the Cat plate, putting it in the bottom left slot.

"Unavoidable sleeping time" finally provides us with a tricky one, so let's think about it. What colour would best represent sleep? Close your eyes and tell me what you see. It's black, or at least darkness, which is effectively what we see while sleeping. You can argue semantics whether we're seeing anything at all, but it's the colour that most identifies with sleeping and matches with the black square already at the left of the door.

"Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist" finishes the riddle off, clearly referring to red blood, which is what would flow from a slashed wrist. This matches up with the final remaining plate of "Queen", which may actually look a little pink instead but it's close enough.

And with that we're left with the following colours for each slot, including the plates already in the door:

Colors going clockwise starting from white at the top are:

  • White
  • Blue (Plate of "Turtle")
  • Orange
  • Green (Plate of "Hatter")
  • Violet
  • Yellow (Plate of "Cat")
  • Black
  • Red (Plate of "Queen")

So to solve the puzzle, place the Plate of "Turtle" in the top right slot, the Plate of "Hatter" in the bottom right slot, the Plate of "Cat" in the bottom left slot and the Plate of "Queen" in the top left slot. Once all plates have been correctly placed, the door will unlock.

The Grim Reaper's List (Nowhere)

Location: Nowhere, "Ophiel" Corridor

With the crazy-looking keypad keeping the door locked, you'll need to decipher its code from the two slates in this corridor. Since the near one just contains a list of names without any context, first read the other one down the hall:

Names engraved
On a lithograph.
The Grim Reaper's list.

Yes, the headcount is set
Young and old lined up
In order of age.

Then, the pathway opens
Awaiting them, the frenzied
Uproar, the feast of death!

All right, so let's return and read the other list to which this one refers:

The Grim Reaper's list

35 Lydia Findly
60 Trevor F White
18 Albert Lords
45 Roberta T Morgan
38 Edward C Briggs

The first slate directly refers to the second in its first sentence, before then explaining the key to the puzzle in its second paragraph. "The headcount is set Young and old lined up In order of age". So we must rearrange The Grim Reaper's list of five names in order of their posted ages, like so:

18 Albert Lords
35 Lydia Findly
38 Edward C Briggs
45 Roberta T Morgan
60 Trevor F White

If you check the keypad you'll find it has no numbers but only letters, utilizing the full alphabet to boot. So how can we get a code from this? What about the first letter of each name in order of age? Notice anything?


Interesting. Reading the final sentence of the instruction slate, it says "Awaiting them, the frenzied; Uproar, the feast of death!" That sounds like quite the alert, doesn't it?

Turn to the keypad and enter in the code "ALERT" to unlock the door.

Astrology Puzzle (Nowhere)

Location: Nowhere, Astrology Room

This is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game and requires an open and observational mind to even understand the basis of it, but it ultimately comes down to a very simple concept.

Firstly, you'll find two zodiac signs on the left wall and two more on the right, each with a number underneath it. Additionally there are three more zodiac signs with keypads instead of numbers under them on the center pillar at the back of the room. Your task is to find the pattern between the four wall signs and their numbers and apply that same pattern to the signs above the keypads to determine the correct codes. With the keypad buttons resetting for every press, the resulting codes will be just one number.

Let's take a look at the symbols on the walls and numbers underneath:

Then there are three symbols on the pillar with keypads:

The use of astrology signs is ultimately a red herring and completely irrelevant to understanding the puzzle, but what do these numbers mean? That mystery is the entire key, so give the symbols each a good look and see if you can gather the correlation to the numbers.

The Libra scale may throw you off because it's an inanimate object while all the others are animal forms. But the fact that there's 2 sides to the scale and its number is 2 should begin to clue you in to something.

The 0 of Pisces may also be confusing so let's look at Aries and Cancer. Aries is a ram with the number 4 while Cancer is a crab with the number 10. The ram has 4 legs, doesn't it... And the crab? 8 legs plus 2 large arms for 10... And with that we've unlocked the key to the puzzle. The numbers correspond to the number of limbs each sign has.

But what about Pisces? Well, it seems a tail doesn't count as a limb, nor do gills or fins, and so Pisces remains 0. You may have your thoughts about it, but that's the logic here. And while the Libra is an inanimate object, it still has 2 arms.

With that, let's turn to the three signs on the pillar and apply the same pattern.

  • Centaur (Sagittarius): 4 horse legs plus 2 human arms = 6
  • Bull (Taurus): 4 legs = 4
  • Twins (Gemini): 2 legs and 2 arms for each twin = 8

Remember the fish tails of Pisces didn't count so the Taurus tail doesn't either. And with that, press 6 on the left Sagittarius keypad, 4 on the center Taurus keypad and 8 on the right Gemini keypad. Upon inputting the correct third key, the stone plate will fall to the floor.

Light Puzzle (Nowhere)

Location: Nowhere, Third Floor
Requires: Camera: On the table in the first room on the right side in the second 2F corridor (not required if you already know the codes).

On either side of the short hall you will find locked doors, each with three sets of very peculiar keypads. As many buttons can be pressed as you choose, so we must first uncover the key to the puzzle. With no hint at how to operate these, let's instead turn to the paintings on either side of the altar which together provide the only clues in solving this puzzle. They each come with different captions although they seem to share a theme:

"The light to the future." (left painting)

"The light illuminating the darkness." (right painting)

So what do they have in common? They both have the word "light" in their captions. Do you have anything that you can use here? How about the Camera with its description, "Camera with flash"? Use it in front of each painting for its flash to expose hidden shapes within them like so:

So now what? Well, let's take a look at those weird keypads again. Notice anything? The three shapes line up in the same way as the three keypads on each door, don't they? The idea of this puzzle is to input the three shapes from the painting on each side into the keypads on the same side door. To do that, push the keypads like so:

As you can see we've drawn the same shapes from the paintings into the corresponding keypads. Each door will unlock once you push the correct buttons as shown above.

Through the left door you will find the Bird Cage Key.


This section covers all the briefer puzzles or mini-events that are more about understanding which items to use, finding key codes, or performing some action rather than solving a riddle.

Doghouse (Old Silent Hill)

Requires: A Note "Doghouse": Among the papers by the destroyed west end of Matheson Street.

Harry finds a doghouse in front of a locked house on north Levin Street but reports there's nothing interesting inside. Thing is... there actually is, but he doesn't know it. In order to clue him in, you must find the note mentioned above, which is a short stroll to the south from the doghouse.

Once found and you return to check the doghouse, Harry will look more closely and find the House Key taped to the roof inside

Keys for Eclipse (Old Silent Hill)

- Key of "Woodman": On the ground in the basketball court through the large gate in the middle of the alley between East Finney and Matheson Street.
- Key of "Lion": Inside the open trunk of the police car hanging off the destroyed bridge at the east end of Finney Street.
- Key of "Scarecrow": Inside the mailbox past the fallen tree on the west side of the road at the southernmost accessible part of Ellroy Street (near Matheson).

The back door of the Levin Street house is locked with three padlocks. On the wall beside it is a large posted map with "Keys for Eclipse" written on it, along with three marked locations. One key will be found at each of the locations, which Harry will mark on his own map. Find all precise locations above.

Once found, return to the backdoor and check it to use all three keys back to back and proceed to the backyard where you'll now have a route to the school

Clock Tower Riddles (School)

- Gold Medallion: In the old man's hand statue in the Chemistry Lab on 2F (use the Chemical found in the next door room).
- Silver Medallion: Falls from above the Music Room chalkboard after solving the Piano Puzzle.

Upon first arriving in the Reception you'll find three bloody memos each with time stamps and directions. Each memo instructs you what to do according to a certain time which correlates to what's displayed on the courtyard Clock Tower. Simply go take a look at it yourself to see the time whenever desired, but we'll cover it here.

With the clock reading 10:00 at the beginning of the school, this is your first instruction:

"Alchemy laboratory"

Gold in an old man's palm.
The future hidden in his fist.
Exchange for sage's water.

Head up to the Chemistry Lab on 2F where you will find the old man's palm exactly as described, but first you must find the sage's water. That is the Chemical, found in the next door Lab Equipment Room. Pour the Chemical on the old man's palm to get the Gold Medallion. Now insert the Gold Medallion into the left side of the Clock Tower.

The time will change to 12:00. Therefore your next instruction:

'A place with songs and sound'

A silver guidepost is
untapped in lost tongues.
Awakening at the ordained order.

Now head to the Music Room at the other side 2F. The piano key cover will now be open, allowing you to solve the Piano Puzzle (find it in the main section above). The Silver Medallion will fall to the floor after pressing the five broken keys in the right order.

Descend to the courtyard from the bottom right staircase on your map, unlocking all doors on the way for an easier route later. Insert the Silver Medallion into the right side of the Clock Tower.

With the time now 5:00, here is your last instruction:

'Darkness that brings the choking heat'

Flames render the silence,
awakening the hungry beast.
Open time's door to beckon prey."

Sounds like turning on the power. Take the bottom right stairs to the basement (which is why you should've unlocked the route earlier) and enter the Boiler Room. Turn on the boiler and return to the courtyard where you can now enter the Clock Tower.

Door with Thin Slot (School)

Requires: Picture Card: On the table in the upper Classroom in the first floor right hall on your map.

In the room behind the reception you'll find a door (and room) that looks just like the painting you saw in this same room in the normal school. If you check it you'll find it has no doorknob but instead a thin slot. Check your inventory and you may find an item that looks exactly like the door. Use the Picture Card to open it. Find its location above if you don't have it yet.

Key in Drainage Ditch (School)

Requires: Rubber Ball: On the table inside the Storage, first floor top hall.

On the school roof you will find a drainage hole near splotches of blood. Harry notices a key hanging inside but cannot reach it. If you try turning the drainage valve nearby, the water flows towards it but falls down another hole before arriving at the far hole with the key. Therefore you must find a way to plug up that hole.

Turn to your inventory with a creative mind... how about the Rubber Ball? It fits perfectly into the hole. Now turn the valve and the water will reach the key, which will be gone now if you check the other hole.

But where did it go? If you refer to your map, you might be able to deduce that it might somewhere in the courtyard if it just fell down, so check there.

If entering the courtyard from the top doors on your map, take a left and corner immediately around the stairs to find the filled drainage ditch and the Classroom Key inside it.

Tentacle Monster (Hospital)

Requires: Blood Pack: On a shelf in the Storage Room in the east 3F hall.

Inside room 204 is a plate on the back wall, but it's blocked by three monster tentacles that prevent Harry from reaching it. Therefore you must find a way to distract it.

Since a small pool of blood already has their attention, why not give them a real treat instead? Open your inventory and use the Blood Pack. Harry will toss it to the left and they'll flock right to it. Now you can easily reach the Plate of "Hatter".

Basement Vine Hatch (Hospital)

- Lighter: On the table in room 201 on 2F.
- Disinfecting Alcohol: On the table in the Intensive Care Unit on 2F.

In the hidden back room of the basement Storeroom you'll find a series of vines covering a hatch. It cannot be opened as is so the vines must be destroyed somehow.

You may think of the Lighter and Harry will try it, but it's not enough to burn the vines outright. But you may remember something else you picked up that may help. First pour the Disinfecting Alcohol on the vines, then use the Lighter to burn them away. That'll do the trick.

Indian Runner Keypad (Resort Area)

At the east side of Weaver Street is the entrance to Indian Runner but it's locked by a keypad. If you saved Kaufmann in Annie's Bar, you may have found his Receipt between the billiard tables. Take a good look at it to see it's a receipt for Indian Runner and it has "0473" written on it. Enter that code into the keypad to unlock and enter the store.

Doing this is part of an optional quest that, if completed, will award the player with one of the Good endings at the end of the game. Note that the Receipt is not required on subsequent runs since it's the same code every time. In fact, the entire visit to Indian Runner is also optional within its own optional quest on subsequent runs since the code posted behind the counter will be the same as well.

Indian Runner Safe (Resort Area)

Requires: Safe Key: In the top shelf of the nearby cabinet.

Firstly, opening this safe is entirely optional and contains no items inside. Instead its only purpose is to fill in some of the story, along with the memos you'll find in Indian Runner and Norman's Motel.

To open the safe, find the Safe Key in the drawer a few feet away from it and use the Safe Key from your inventory. Inside are a bunch of white packets of drugs. So this is what the the mystery man in all the memos was running...

Motel Back Door Keypad (Resort Area)

Through normal progression you should be guided to this motel office backdoor already with the code, but if not not, return your attention to inside Indian Runner. Behind the counter you'll find a grocery list that reads like so:

3 loaves of bread.
3 cartons of milk.
2 dozen eggs.

Deliver to back door daily 8 a.m.
Rear entrance code 0886
                    Norman Young

What's this code for? Well, beside the grocery list is a photo of a man standing in front of a motel. The caption says:

Norman's Grand Opening.

Norman Young. Norman's Grand Opening. Motel. So it's Norman's Motel and he's instructing Indian Runner to provide these groceries to his back door daily, likely for guests' breakfast. So the code to the back door of the motel on Weaver Street is 0886 as stated.

Doing this is part of an optional quest that, if completed, will award the player with one of the Good endings at the end of the game.

Key Under Floorboard (Resort Area)

- Kaufmann Key: On the floor between the billiard tables in Annie's Bar.
- Magnet: On the couch inside the lounge of the motel office.

After opening motel room 3 with the Kaufmann Key, you'll find a shelf blocking a poster, which may draw your attention to it. Push the shelf aside to find a key under the floorboard that Harry cannot reach as is. If you check the description of the Magnet, Harry says it has a long string. Use the Magnet to reach the Motorcycle Key in the crack.

Doing this is part of an optional quest that, if completed, will award the player with one of the Good endings at the end of the game.

Motorcycle Gas Tank (Resort Area)

Requires: Motorcycle Key: Under the floorboard in motel room 3 after moving the shelf (use Magnet to reach).

Harry will find a motorcycle inside the motel office garage and notices dust wiped away from its gas tank. He doesn't say so but it's locked, so he cannot investigate further.

After finding the Motorcycle Key in motel room 3, use it to access the motorcycle's gas tank to find a small red glass vial that Harry doesn't get to keep very long. Doing this is not required but will award the player with one of the Good endings at the end of the game.

Key Stuck in Faucet (Nowhere)

Requires: Pliers: In the back room behind the Classroom on BF.

Right beside the elevator is a room with a key stuck in a faucet. All you must simply do is find the Pliers above and use them to pull out the Key of "Ophiel" stuck inside.

Grandfather Clock (Nowhere)

Requires: Stone of Time: Falls from the pillar in the astrology room after solving the Astrology Puzzle in the Ophiel corridor.

One of the rooms in the first Nowhere hall is identical to the Antique Shop in Central Silent Hill, complete with the same grandfather clock. Harry notices one of the hands behind the glass is actually a key and that the clock has a square depression underneath its clock face.

Once the Stone of Time is acquired, insert it into the depression to break the clock face glass. Now you can grab the Key of "Hagith".

Key Locked in Birdcage (Nowhere)

Requires: Bird Cage Key: On a chair in the left side room on the third floor (must solve the Light Puzzle first).

On the other side of the elevator from the faucet room is a room with a locked birdcage that contains a key inside it. To open it, find and use the Bird Cage Key to get the Key of "Phaleg".

Fridge Missing Chain Link (Nowhere)

Requires: Ring of Contract: In a smashed display case in the jewelry shop room on the second floor.

Inside the kitchen room in the Phaleg hall is a large fridge in the center of the room. Something about this just feels so strange, so take this one slowly and carefully.

Stabbed into the fridge is the Dagger of Melchior which you're free to take, but underneath it is a small chain with a missing link... So was the dagger placed to keep the fridge shut instead? Feeling creeped out by all this and not knowing what's inside, enter your inventory and see what you have.

Use the Ring of Contractto attach both sides of the chain. Now you can feel more comfortable leaving. As you do, you'll hear a banging from inside the fridge. That ring just saved your life...

If you don't use the ring, a tentacle monster will bang the fridge door open, grab Harry by the leg and pull him in to his death. Looks like those tentacles from earlier in the hospital didn't appreciate getting tricked that first time...

Electrified Key (Nowhere)

- Screwdriver: On the table in the back room behind the Classroom on BF.
- Key of "Phaleg": Inside the birdcage in the room by the first elevator.
- Key of "Bethor": Inside the jellybean bag in the storage room inside the Phaleg hall (pick up the key after tearing open the bag).

After finding the plate at the back of this room in the second hall on the second floor, use the Screwdriver to unscrew and remove it. Now you should see an electrified key that Harry cannot grab as is. First you must turn off the power, but you must also open up a new route to this room that doesn't require the elevator, which won't work without power.

To do this, exit the plate room and unlock the door on the right side of the hall just before the corner going back the other way. Nowhere doesn't follow normal logic, but unlocking this from here will allow you to return here from the door beside the antique shop room in the first hall. But now you must work on turning off the power.

After some normal progression, particularly finding the Key of "Phaleg", you'll use it to access a new hall identical to the hospital's 2nd floor basement, which has another door marked "Bethor". Find the Key of "Bethor" after ripping open the jellybean bag in the storage room in the Phaleg hall.

Use that key to enter the "Bethor" room where the generator is. Turn off the generator and now return to that electrified key with the route mentioned above. With the key no longer glowing, grab the Key of "Aratron".

Door of Five Rites (Nowhere)

- Amulet of Solomon: On the back wall in the morgue room after entering the ALERT code into the keypad in the Ophiel hall.
- Crest of Mercury: In a smashed display case in the jewelry shop room in the first 2nd floor hall.
- Ankh: On the wall in the graffiti-filled room in the Phaleg hall.
- Dagger of Melchior: Stabbed into the fridge in the kitchen room in the Phaleg hall (use Ring of Contract when taking).
- Disk of Ouroboros: On the life support control panel in Alessa's hospital room in the Phaleg hall.

Inside Alessa's bedroom in the Phaleg hall is another locked door with the following inscription:

thou posses them
to guard thy spirit
evoke five rites
unveil thy fate

As it says, all you have to do is insert the five rites which are all listed above. Once found, insert the Amulet of Solomon, Crest of Mercury, Ankh, Dagger of Melchior and Disk of Ouroboros and the door will unlock, allowing you to face the final boss.

Quick Reference Solutions

In this section you'll find just the solutions for every main puzzle. Refer to the previous section for full explanations.

Piano Puzzle

Press the broken keys in the following order:

Turnstile Valve Puzzle

1. Turn the right valve twice left.
2. Turn the left valve once right.

Plate Puzzle

Astrology Puzzle

Left Keypad - 6
Center Keypad - 4
Right Keypad - 8

The Grim Reaper's List

Enter the code "ALERT" into the keypad.

Light Puzzle