Full Puzzle Solutions

Here you will find the solutions for all puzzles in the game. Unlike later games in the series, all puzzles have the exact same solutions every time and there are no difficulty levels. These fixed solutions are all explained in full below, while the Quick Reference Solutions can be found in the next section if you wish just for the answers.

01. Piano Puzzle (School)
02. Turnstile Valve Puzzle (School)
03. Plate Puzzle (Hospital)
04. The Grim Reaper's List (Nowhere)
05. Astrology Puzzle (Nowhere)
06. Light Puzzle (Nowhere)

Quick Reference Solutions

In this section you'll find just the solutions for every main puzzle. Refer to the previous section for full explanations.

Piano Puzzle (School)

Press the broken keys in the following order:

Turnstile Valve Puzzle (School)

1. Turn the right valve twice left.
2. Turn the left valve once right.

Plate Puzzle (Hospital)


Astrology Puzzle (Nowhere)

Left Keypad - 6
Center Keypad - 4
Right Keypad - 8

The Grim Reaper's List (Nowhere)

Enter the code "ALERT" into the keypad.

Light Puzzle (Nowhere)