Plate Puzzle (Hospital)

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Nurse Center 2F

  • Plate of "Cat": On the far wall in room 306 on 3F.
  • Plate of "Turtle": On the back ledge in the men's washroom on 3F.
  • Plate of "Hatter": On the back wall of room 204 on 2F (use the Blood Pack to distract the tentacles).
  • Plate of "Queen": On the desk in the Director's Office on 1F.

The other door in the room is locked, containing four square depressions along with four other coloured squares. You must insert your four plates into the empty slots to unlock it, but first you must decipher the riddle on the wall to determine the order:

Clouds flowing over a hill.
Sky on a sunny day.
Tangerines that are bitter.
Lucky four-leaf-clover.
Violets in the garden.
Dandelions along a path.
Unavoidable sleeping time.
Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist.

With four colours or shades already shown on the door plus the four coloured plates you have, it should be rather clear that each sentence here describes a colour. Therefore it's simply a matter of deciphering which sentence describes which colour, at least to start things off.

"Clouds flowing over a hill." Despite possibly appearing as grey before or during rain, the natural colour of a cloud is white, flowing over a hill or not. You'll notice the plate at the top of the door is white, so that appears to be the starting point and doesn't refer to one of the plates you hold.

"Sky on a sunny day" may possibly make you think of yellow or orange, which may be somewhat true during morning sunrise or evening sunset, but on a sunny day it will always appear clear blue. With no blue on the door yet, it does match the colour of the "Turtle" plate. But where does it go? Let's keep reading.

"Tangerines that are bitter." Well, tangerines are orange regardless of being bitter or not. With no orange plate, the right square on the door is orange, indicating that we must be moving in a clockwise fashion starting from the white at the top with the blue "Turtle" plate between them. Let's keep going.

"Lucky four-leaf-clover" clearly refers to a clover which is green in colour, lucky or unlucky, four-leaf or three-leaf. There's no green on the door so it looks like our green "Hatter" plate goes in the bottom right slot if we continue clockwise.

"Violets in the garden" would be... violet, matching the square already at the bottom of the door. If you're not familiar with violet, while it's actually a separate colour from purple (with more blue than red), they're both in the same ballpark of colour. But it hardly matters here.

"Dandelions along a path" refers to yellow, the main colour of a dandelion on any path. While their stems are green and their flowers do eventually close and in grow white fluffs instead, dandelions are more known by their initial yellow, which matches with the Cat plate, putting it in the bottom left slot.

"Unavoidable sleeping time" finally provides us with a tricky one, so let's think about it. What colour would best represent sleep? Close your eyes and tell me what you see. It's black, or at least darkness, which is effectively what we see while sleeping. You can argue semantics whether we're seeing anything at all, but it's the colour that most identifies with sleeping and matches with the black square already at the left of the door.

"Liquid flowing from a slashed wrist" finishes the riddle off, clearly referring to red blood, which is what would flow from a slashed wrist. This matches up with the final remaining plate of "Queen", which may actually look a little pink instead but it's close enough.

And with that we're left with the following colours for each slot, including the plates already in the door:

Colors going clockwise starting from white at the top are:

  • White
  • Blue (Plate of "Turtle")
  • Orange
  • Green (Plate of "Hatter")
  • Violet
  • Yellow (Plate of "Cat")
  • Black
  • Red (Plate of "Queen")

So to solve the puzzle, place the Plate of "Turtle" in the top right slot, the Plate of "Hatter" in the bottom right slot, the Plate of "Cat" in the bottom left slot and the Plate of "Queen" in the top left slot. Once all plates have been correctly placed, the door will unlock.