Light Puzzle (Nowhere)

Location: Nowhere, Third Floor
Requires: Camera: On the table in the first room on the right side in the second 2F corridor (not required if you already know the codes).

On either side of the short hall you will find locked doors, each with three sets of very peculiar keypads. As many buttons can be pressed as you choose, so we must first uncover the key to the puzzle. With no hint at how to operate these, let's instead turn to the paintings on either side of the altar which together provide the only clues in solving this puzzle. They each come with different captions although they seem to share a theme:

"The light to the future." (left painting)

"The light illuminating the darkness." (right painting)

So what do they have in common? They both have the word "light" in their captions. Do you have anything that you can use here? How about the Camera with its description, "Camera with flash"? Use it in front of each painting for its flash to expose hidden shapes within them like so:

So now what? Well, let's take a look at those weird keypads again. Notice anything? The three shapes line up in the same way as the three keypads on each door, don't they? The idea of this puzzle is to input the three shapes from the painting on each side into the keypads on the same side door. To do that, push the keypads like so:

As you can see we've drawn the same shapes from the paintings into the corresponding keypads. Each door will unlock once you push the correct buttons as shown above.