Turnstile Valve Puzzle (School)

Location: Nightmare School, Boiler Room BF

This isn't a very difficult puzzle although there's no riddle or clue to help you out. Instead you'll normally have to do a little trial and error, unless you use the solution below before touching anything.

Note that whenever you turn a valve, the turnstile on each side will spin at differing speeds. What you need to do is turn each valve in such a way so that both turnstiles open up and allow passage. Go ahead and give it a try on your own, sometimes turning left and sometimes right for both valves until you find the solution.

Otherwise, if you haven't touched anything the simplest solution is always:

1. Turn the right valve twice to the left
2. Turn the left valve once to the right

It doesn't matter which valve you turn first as long as those inputs are given, and you may find other solutions work but this one is the quickest. Even if you've messed it up you can easily find the correct solution by turning each valve in the opposite direction, one at a time back and forth. Eventually you will hit the solution with no bars blocking your way.