Astrology Puzzle (Nowhere)

Location: Nowhere, Astrology Room

This is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game and requires an open and observational mind to even understand the basis of it, but it ultimately comes down to a very simple concept.

Firstly, you'll find two zodiac signs on the left wall and two more on the right, each with a number underneath it. Additionally there are three more zodiac signs with keypads instead of numbers under them on the center pillar at the back of the room. Your task is to find the pattern between the four wall signs and their numbers and apply that same pattern to the signs above the keypads to determine the correct codes. With the keypad buttons resetting for every press, the resulting codes will be just one number.

Let's take a look at the symbols on the walls and numbers underneath:

Then there are three symbols on the pillar with keypads:

The use of astrology signs is ultimately a red herring and completely irrelevant to understanding the puzzle, but what do these numbers mean? That mystery is the entire key, so give the symbols each a good look and see if you can gather the correlation to the numbers.

The Libra scale may throw you off because it's an inanimate object while all the others are animal forms. But the fact that there's 2 sides to the scale and its number is 2 should begin to clue you in to something.

The 0 of Pisces may also be confusing so let's look at Aries and Cancer. Aries is a ram with the number 4 while Cancer is a crab with the number 10. The ram has 4 legs, doesn't it... And the crab? 8 legs plus 2 large arms for 10... And with that we've unlocked the key to the puzzle. The numbers correspond to the number of limbs each sign has.

But what about Pisces? Well, it seems a tail doesn't count as a limb, nor do gills or fins, and so Pisces remains 0. You may have your thoughts about it, but that's the logic here. And while the Libra is an inanimate object, it still has 2 arms.

With that, let's turn to the three signs on the pillar and apply the same pattern.

  • Centaur (Sagittarius): 4 horse legs plus 2 human arms = 6
  • Bull (Taurus): 4 legs = 4
  • Twins (Gemini): 2 legs and 2 arms for each twin = 8

Remember the fish tails of Pisces didn't count so the Taurus tail doesn't either. And with that:

  • Press 6 on the left Sagittarius keypad
  • Press 4 on the center Taurus keypad
  • Press 8 on the right Gemini keypad

Upon inputting the correct third key, the stone plate will fall to the floor.