E3 2006: Interview with William Oertel (Meristation)

Date published: 2006.05.12
Source: Meristation
Translation: ifirit

During the current E3, we were given the opportunity to interview William Oertel, producer for Silent Hill 0rigins, who has given us the initial information referring to the premiere [title] in the saga on the Sony portable.

Meristation: Is Team Silent behind this Silent Hill 0rigins?

William Oertel: The game is not directly being developed by Team Silent, since it is being developed in Los Angeles, but I can assure you Akira Yamaoka's team is supervising the evolution of the game.

Meristation: And how is the music? Is Akira Yamaoka the composer for the soundtrack?

William Oertel: Yes, in fact, Akira has actually already composed themes for the game.

Meristation: The first rumors aimed at Silent Hill for the PSP were of a remake of the first game, for the PSone. Why did you finally opt for a prequel for the series?

William Oertel: While the intention was to transfer the first game to the PSP, we saw that we had to change many things: controls, cameras, graphics... the result that we wanted barely seemed anything like what we left with. Besides, it made no sense to tell a history that the whole world already knew, so this motivated our decision to create a prequel to the series, to understand more details that happened in Silent Hill.

Meristation: Does it have any relationship to the film?

William Oertel: Not directly. The game will be a prequel to "Silent Hill [1]," so a large part of the winks* will be from the first title. Nevertheless, we will also include references to the other three titles in the series.

Meristation: How is the playability? What changes were made to make the gameplay separate from the previous games?

William Oertel: Silent Hill 0rigins will be quite different from the other games, although always respecting the basic pilliars [of gameplay] from the series. The control, that has been obsolete from the previous titles, has experienced a complete make-over, being a lot more intuitive and simple. The camera is placed just behind the person, in a way very similar to Resident Evil 4. Otherwise, as the player will see, despite the changes it will be an authentic Silent Hill.

Meristation: Will we visit familiar places in Silent Hill?

William Oertel: Yes, in fact we have sufficiently advanced the designs for the hospital and other sites that have already appeared in the previous Silent Hill [games].

Meristation: When will the game arrive?

William Oertel: At the beginning of the next year, if no last minute delays arise.

Meristation: Is there a possibility that we will see the game converted for the PS2 or another platform in the furture?

Wiliiam Oertel: Hmmm... the truth is that I had not planned it, but if the game succeeds well financially, it's not a possibility to rule out. Anything's possible.

Meristation: Finally, can you tell us anything about Silent Hill 5?

William Oertel: Haha, would you believe that you are the first one to ask me that? I'm very sorry, I'm not permitted to say anything at the moment, although I can confirm that this Silent Hill 0rigins is the first of many other news that have been prepared for the future. (*laughs*)

Meristation: I understand... Well, that is all for the moment, thank you very much for assisting us, and [good] luck with the development of the game!

William Oertel: Many thanks to you, and I hope to see you again soon!