Interview with Akira Yamaoka (Famitsu)

Date published: 2006.12.21
Source: Famitsu

Question: Our number one question is about Silent Hill 5. How far has the production come along, as it was announced a few years ago.

Answer: I cannot say much about the development of the game but I can say we are working on a new unique idea of fear in daylight and the game will play like Silent Hill 2’s psychological roots.

Question: As the famous Silent hill Composer, will you be doing the music for Silent Hill 5?

Answer: I will be composing the music which has started being made now, but I am a far from finished. I cannot say anything about the music or the type I’m making but i can say that fans of the previous soundtracks should be pleased with its outcome.

Question: A lot of speculation has been made about the platform the game will play on, which can we expect?

Answer: We cannot say yet but we are hoping to carry on the plans of the earlier Silent Hill platforms.

Question: You mentioned earlier the concept of “scary daytime” can you expand on that?

Answer: It’s a hard idea to explain, but you really have to look at the scene to understand. In a way like the Resident Evil 5 trailer where it was not the middle of the night and the vision was clear but the fear was still there. It will not be the same but that is an explanation of the idea of having fear in daylight. It is a concept that we are working on at the moment still.

Question: We have missed the Tokyo Game show chance to see a Silent Hill 5 trailer, where will we see any new information next?

Answer: I cannot say when or where we will make the idea public, but it is in production.

Question: Silent Hill for PSP is on the schedule for release in Q1 2007. Has Team Silent been taking up time working on the portable project, and is this is why we haven’t seen Silent Hill 5 in public?

Answer: Team Silent are working on the Japanese project and are not involved in Silent Hill: Origins. I have composed the 15 musical, 4 vocal tracks for the game which is now completed.